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  • I Like You, I Like You Not - The Price Women Pay For Being Successful By : Gen Wright
    Amongst the many obstacles women face when they aspire to leadership positions is their loss of likeability as they become more successful.
  • The Top Home Based Business Opportunities For Women By : Jeff Schuman
    When it comes to a business online the playing field is even. There are just as many home based business opportunities for women as there are for men. The online business world is not gender discriminate and women can find some great ways to make money from home.
  • Semicolon - Punctuation Nemesis Tamed By : Samuel Taylor
    One of the few concepts taught after fourth grade about writing is the semicolon, that mysterious mis-matched mark of mangled sentences. Some
  • Are You Playing Superwoman in Your Business? By : Desiree Stafford
    If you're like most women business owners you work tirelessly to improve, innovate, and accelerate the growth of your company. You might even feel frustrated and overwhelmed from working in your business instead of on your business. Does that sound like you? This type of selfless superwoman act can actually do more harm than good. I'd like to share with you some reasons why you may want to work less to actually get more for your time and effort.
  • Trials & Tribulations Of A Female Solopreneur By : Sally Anderson
    I turn 10 years of age on the 22nd of July 2012. 10 years ago on the 22nd of July 2002 I embarked on going out on my own and had I have known the journey was going to be what it has been, would I do it all again? - WITHOUT A DOUBT! Such a milestone achievement!
  • Business Tips For Older Women By : Marilyn Katz
    These days, a lot of older women are starting their own business. If this idea appeals to you, get some motivation and tips here.
  • Business Opportunities and Quick Tips for Women Entrepreneurs By : Giuseppe Mathis
    Are you one of the women who happened to be yourself, a mom, a wife and a businesswoman altogether? Well, American women seem to have morphed into super ladies who
  • Good Leadership Skills & Women Entrepreneurship By :
    Business ideas for women that help them gain a better leash on life are available in a huge volume online. Business loans for women can be obtained from many government and non-profit organizations that assist women in starting a business. There are a lot of opportunities available for women and one needs to direct them on the right path.
  • Pretty by Nature Brazilian Jewelry Designer Daniela Zagnolli By : Daniela Zagnolli
    Here the designer Daniela Zagnolli shares her views on new fashion jewelry and her latest designs.And also shares present and past designs.
  • Women - Are Your Emotions Helping Or Hindering Your Business Success? By : Susan L Reid
    As a woman entrepreneur, knowing what your emotions are telling you from an energetic perspective is key to your decision-making success. By asking yourself the above two questions, you'll learn how to observe the emotional current running through you at the moment and know how to correctly decipher its meaning. This puts you, not your emotions, in control of your actions.
  • Female Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Investment By : Rose Brazil
    The world has changed. Women are getting more absorbingly occupied in the world of entrepreneurship today. This is because many women tend to invest more conservatively than most men when talking about financial matters whether within the four walls of their home or in the real world outside.
  • Men - Characteristics That Drive Women Away: 5 Unpleasant Traits Men Should Not Practice By : Roy Orion
    The problem with most men is that they believe so much in what they can do that they oftentimes wonder why they still drive women away. Some unconsciously do things that turn out to be complete turn-offs for women. But it is also not a good idea that women should keep men on wondering what they did wrong. So if you want to stop playing guessing games, now is the time to know men-characteristics that drive women away:
  • A Quick Look on the Changing Patterns of Junior Clothing By : Melissa Buckley
    In today’s competitive times, even young children are not spared from being on comparison and criticism all the time. We take a quick look on the changing patterns on children wear on junior clothing.
  • Women In The Business World By : Roberto Sedycias
    Are you a woman in the business world? Read these bestsellers for tips on how to get a leg up in your professional career!
  • Junior Tops Enhancing the Cuteness of the Little Darling By : Melissa Buckley
    Now fashion has created such a buzz that even the little ones have grown conscious about decking themselves up by the best of dresses and accessories. Thus junior tops with variety of style are the best way for them to look the cutest and the funkiest.
  • Get Well Aware of the WOSB Grants By : Steven Brown1
    Prospective Women Owned Small Business companies are entitled to win the federal grants. Read this article to get some essential information about the program.
  • Conventional Wisdom Versus Modern Life - Christmas Gifts Shopping By : Jo Bailey
    Waiting until the last minute to do your Christmas gifts shopping can be just downright stressful. Additionally, it can make it incredibly hard to find the perfect gift for each person on your shopping list.
  • Why We Must Support Entrepreneurship in Women By : Susan L Reid
    While the news on the economy may sound bleak, it's important for women entrepreneurs not to flounder in the passive state of hoping for things to turn around. What is needed the most is creation of new jobs. And that's where entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurial initiatives come in. If you are a woman entrepreneur, your time has come to create the new jobs that will be so important in reviving our economy.
  • What You Should Know About Army Surplus By : John surplus
    Army surplus goods often give you good value for money. Distributors of army goods not only collect these items from the military, but also from various other branches and stores. You can now buy military clothing and camping equipment at online stores, brick and mortar shops and even auction sites.
  • Simple Ideas To Make Money Any Woman Can Easily Use To Start A Business By : Jeff Schuman0
    Women all over the world are looking for simple ideas to make money because they are tired of working a job that they hate. If you are one of these wo
  • Women As Travel Agents By : Kelly Monaghan
    Why are women so successful as home-based travel agents? The LA Times asked the experts. And they got it wrong. Here are the real reasons women succeed as travel agents.
  • Woman Entrepreneurs on the Internet By : John Eide
    Woman entrepreneurs handles both time-consuming Internet Marketing and running succesful businesses, by using Internet consultants. home page tells in details how this amazing idea works. At only £50.00 or US $75.00 their ten points marketing program make it an incrediable value.
  • Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Missing From Hi Tech Start-Ups? By : Cynthia Kocialski
    While the number of women small business owners is more than 50 percent, the number of women founders of hi-tech start-ups is in the low single digits. What makes the hi-tech industry different? Why do women entrepreneurs think they are underrepresented in technology start-ups?
  • Why More Women Are Opting For A Direct Sales Career By : Wayne Kirwan
    Ladies, here is a direct sales career that has no glass ceiling and gives you a chance to earn money with flexible working hours and ample time to raise your kids!
  • The Green Businesswoman By : Charlotte Mooney
    Internet technology can help you do your bit for the environment and save you money at the same time. Software as a Service makes working from home as productive as working from your office.
  • Can a Woman Leader Be Successful and Happy? By : John Hersey
    There are 3 practices that women leaders follow to achieve success and happiness that, when combined, become a winning formula, and are all aspects that we can control.
  • Balancing Work and Life: 8 Tips to Help Women Entrepreneurs Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle By : Karel Murray
    Define how far are we willing to push ourselves before we damage the positive aspects of our lives that give us true satisfaction and joy...
  • Sales for the Professional Businesswoman - Inner Samurai Business Style By : Susan L Reid
    As a business professional, you know sales are important to the success of your business. However, you can't have an aversion to sales and expect to sell anything. Therefore, you must learn to approach sales in a new way. You must be perceived, first, as a professional businesswoman and, second, as someone who has a product or service to sell. Here's how.
  • 7 Factors Fueling the Rise and Revolution of the Female Entrepreneur By : Lani and Allen Voivod
    The time to rule - and rescue! - Planet Earth has come, and Female Entrepreneurs are at the heart of the mission. Discover the seven feminine-laced virtues that are leading the charge, lighting the path, and changing the way we all live, work and pla
  • Online Education Enables Moms to Get a Second Chance at School By : Amelia Turner
    Working moms' schedule is tight and they hardly find a time to fulfill their career dream if they need to pursue a college degree in traditional way, where they need to travel to campus for classes. Fortunately, online education eliminates the road block that stops most working moms from earning a college degree.
  • Ten Reasons For Women To Start An Internet Business By : Greg Sheldon
    Starting an internet business is in my opinion, one of the fastest and smartest ways women today can make money. Here are 10 reasons for starting an internet business, and one reason why you shouldn't!

    1. Money. Pure and simple, we all could use a more of it. Whether it's to get out of debt, build a retirement, or just simply make ends meet. With the right guidance, an internet business can start generating income almost immediately.

    2. Family. Let's face it Moms, a lot...
  • Work at Home Mums By : Lisa Nash
    Becoming a WAHM could be the ticket to your dreams!
  • What Women Should Know When Starting A Homebased Business By : Kelly Walker
    Starting your own homebased business is becoming increasingly popular and these days the amount of women that are becoming business owners equals that of men.

    Starting your own business can be fraught with danger and before you take the plunge there are many things that you must know,
  • Women's Leadership in a Bad Economy By : Fawn Germer
    When it comes to women's leadership, we've come a long way -- but we sure aren't there yet. What one of the nation's premier experts on women's leadership has to say about gaining ground and leading in the downturn.
  • Take Charge of Your Success, Regardless of the Economy By : Fawn Germer
    When everyone else is giving up, there is a huge opportunity to succeed for those who don't. Spend a minute getting your mindset in check so you can end the negativity and start winning again.
  • Women Entrepreneurs: Are You Acting Your Age? By : Pamela Bruner
    New research is showing that when something upsetting happens to us (a trauma), we store that event emotionally and energetically in our bodies. Now, this is no surprise when you're talking about a natural disaster, crime, or auto accident. Of course those are traumatic!
  • Spiritually Conscious Women: Has Financial Freedom Become Your Holy Grail? By : Susan L Reid
    The problem with talking about financial freedom is that many people believe having lots of money is the answer to all problems. For the spiritually conscious woman starting up a business, this can spell disaster. To prevent that from happening, follow these five steps to take the focus off the quest for financial freedom and put it where it belongs: onto the passionate cause that needs to be at the center of your business.
  • The Three Ps of Lasting Business Success for Women By : Susan L Reid
    Persistence, patience, and practice are the three Ps of lasting business success. It's what made Oprah, Indra, and Marissa successful. It's what will make you successful, too. Find out about the three-part key to long-term, sustainable business success and get your success momentum going now.
  • Female Real Estate Investors By : Robert Thomson
    Today women are just as likely to be real estate investors as men. This piece looks at the differences.
  • Successful Woman: Are You Ready to Start Your Business? By : Aunice Reed
    While you may be absolutely eager and ecstatic about your decision to start a business, that cannot be the indicator you use in determining the success factor. Do you know what the "success factor" really is?
  • Professional Women: Paying it Forward By : Chris Robertson
    We have the responsibility to take whatever steps we can to pave the way for our daughters and granddaughters to take their rightful place in the world of professionals.
  • Women...You Need a Mentor! By : Kerrie Halmi
    For women to succeed in Corporate America, you must have multiple mentors. Learn the advantages you will gain from a mentor and specifics on how to get one.
  • Three Key Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Women By : Suzanne Doyle Morris
    Characteristics of entrepreneurial women.
  • Mom Entrepreneurs: 7 Ways to Find More Time By : Kelly Sims
    As a mom and an entrepreneur you know the value of time because you simply have too little of it. Learning some simple strategies that can add minutes and maybe even hours to your day could be the means to attain that perfect balance that all moms strive to achieve.
  • UAE's Lady Achievers And Newsmakers By : Pankaj Mohan
    Many young and confident ladies are taking up professions in the UAE. Learn more about how this subtle transformation might be taking place there.
  • Online florist By :
    Online florist for delivery of fresh flowers all over the world.
  • Women's Good Points By : Jo Anne Morris
    Women in the workforce have some challenges that men don’t have! ( Like that is news to you working women!) Now, that we are past that, may we take a look at some of the blessing we DO have?
  • Avoiding Business Loan and Credit Card Processing Problems By : Stephen A. Bush
    Credit card processing and business loan strategies are closely connected in many ways. Business owners should not overlook the substantial working capital benefits which will accrue to their business by effectively coordinating credit card factoring and credit card processing. These benefits will increase measurably if a number of common business cash advance and credit card processing problems can be successfully avoided.
  • Women’s Secrets To A Successful Home Business By : Mari Taylor
    Women are the strongest influence in the network marketing industry and to even question the influence women have in this industry would be totally ridiculous. Women make up 87% of all persons in the industry. Women bring so much more to network marketing and direct marketing than just numbers tho
  • Perception & Truth on Prosperity By : Ellie Drake
    Have we become too crazy over a distorted definition of Prosperity?
    Have we paid so much attention to building the structure above the ground that we forgot about the foundation on which this structure stands?
    Are we looking at getting more transactions by wanting to skip transitions?
  • Ladies, After Clawing Your Way To The Top, Put Your Claws Away… Please! By : Diane Dutton
    Women in today’s business environment face more obstacles than ever before. Surprised to read these words? I know, you think “We’ve come a long way baby!” That works well for a commercial, but not for real life. Talented women in business are required to blend that talent with daily life issues, such as balancing family life, financial concerns, and of course, all those vying for the same business future. Here's how to put away your claws!
  • Some Facts About Women in Business By : Ann Williamson
    If you think you can get special treatment today, because you are a woman in business, think again. The notion that because you are a woman gives you an edge is false. Below are some interesting facts about women in business that you may not know.
  • Mothers in the Work Place Are on the Rise By : Christopher Anderson
    Day Care is becoming a increasing need in today's society.
  • Dress for Wealth & Success By : Marion Chamberlain
    Today’s woman can easily assert her femininity and unique sense of personal style in a business setting and by doing so enhance her power. However, how do you tie this into helping create success and wealth for yourself?
  • Traffic Gets Businesswoman In A Jam By : Johnny Jenkins
    He just stared forward and kept driving. Finally he told her to shut up. At that moment she heard the electronic locks on the cab click. Panic set in.
  • Women Helping Women: Mentoring is Better Than The Yellow Pages By : Nancy D. O'Reilly
    Women are natural mentors yet they often complain they can't find a mentor themselves. This article distinguishes between coaching and mentoring and suggests stretegies for finding a perfect mentor.
  • Every Women Entrepreneur Should Watch American Idol! By : Mary Foley
    I almost can’t believe I’m recommending this! But, the “America Idol” TV show is great learning about what it takes to stand out in the marketplace.
  • How to Easily Start a Women Owned Business from Home By : Alvin Toh
    The boom in home based businesses for women could be due to the fact that more women want to be able to stay at home with their children without sacrificing a career. Many want more flexibility, independence and control, instead of being told what to do. It is a way to escape the glass ceiling of the corporate world.
  • Gift Basket Work At Home Moms Business! By : karl glantschnig
    If you are creative and like to make gifts for others, then a work at home gift basket business might be right for you. Making gift baskets to sell is rewarding and fun. Many people like the idea of giving personalized baskets for holidays, birthdays and special events but dont have the time to put them together.
  • Wise Women Make Millions on the Internet, Too By : Steve Dahl
    Busy women can become millionaires or just make some fun money once they know how to prepare for prosperity. See the 10 Steps to Prepare for Prosperity by business strategist, Eileen Piersa. Internet marketing strategies are not just for men. You don’t have to be a man to make millions on the Internet once you know the secrets.

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