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  • Wine Buying Tips - Enjoy Spanish And Toro Wine By : Gen Wright
    Enjoying good wine used to be for the rich only. However, times are different now. Wine drinking is not just for the rich, it is also for the mainstream.
  • How To Make up Home-produced Organic Wine Without Using Chemicals By : Patrick McLachlan
    If you want to make a purely organic wine, then this explains some natural ingredients you can use as substitutes for the common additives.
  • Two Errors Customers Make While Purchasing an Electric Wine Chiller By : Perry C Talvitz
    When shopping for an electric wine beverage chiller there's 2 mistakes which consumers make when deciding on one. After you've checked out this posting, you are going to have enough savvy to prevent these kinds of mistakes, and decide on the one which will be best suited for you, both in dimensions, and operation.
  • Things To Contemplate Before Making Homemade Wine By : Peter Rix
    Things you should be aware of before starting your first gallon of wine
  • Have You Ever Tried Any Aged Wine? By : Rob Dehko
    The article is about how great a bottle of Aged wine can be.
  • What are the Characteristics of German Wine? By : nareshshah2008
    German wines have some lower quality wines produced for their low cost to consumers. Unfortunately, many of these wines have become what many people associate with German wine. It is necessary to dig a little deeper into your pocket to find the better quality German wines.
  • Serving Italian Creations at Catered Events By : Karen Rockfeller
    While some people don’t think twice about serving Italian food for a catered event, there are those people who have never considered it. Serving Italian creations when an occasion like a wedding, birthday, or retirement is catered can be a good choice. Many people have come to truly favor Italian food and they will love the choice. However, there
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner and Italian Food By : Karen Rockfeller
    Dinner for two by candlelight, complete with wine, is very romantic. This is especially true when a romantic dinner is on Valentine's Day and Italian food I served. Valentine’s Day is well known for being a day of romance, but not everyone is familiar with Valentine's Day's origins.
  • German Beers By : kalebla
    Some types of German lagers include Bock, Pilsener, Dunkel, Helles, and Maerzen. Keep in mind that the taste, aroma, and color can vary, although all can be identified as being true German beers.
  • A Quick Discussion Of Malbec Clones Throughout Southern Oregon By : Gus Janeway
    Malbec wines have recently been very much in the public's eyes. Southern Oregon multiple award winning winemaker Gus Janeway discusses how Malbec clones can be helpful or detrimental to a good wine crop.
  • Italian Wine Varietals are Popular in Temecula Wine Country, Part II, The Montepulciano Grape By : dgcarticle
    When you ponder Italian wine the varietals that most likely come to mind initially could be Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Super Tuscan Sangiovese as well as basket wines (Chianti). With above 2,000 Italian grape varietals identified, there are numerous other Italian varietals that are becoming attainable in the United States and the Temecula Wine Country is beginning to take notice and harvest them.
  • Brewing Kits: Just An Assortment From Your Kitchen By : Jacob Sikais
    Brewing kits are like micro versions of the large scale manufacturing of commercial breweries. Brewed beverages may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The common characteristic of these drinks is that they all went through a fermentation process.
  • Ingredients Make Something Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts By : Jacob Sikais
    Sourcing home brew supplies is not all that difficult when you know where to look. One of the best ideas for anyone looking to brew their own beer is to look on the Internet and find the right supplier for your ingredients and utensils.
  • The Right Recipe Makes the Best Beer By : Jacob Sikais
    Paying for your own beer brewing supplies may not seem to make sense at first, as you will think to yourself that you could have a few nights' worth of drinking for the same price and not have to go to the effort of ensuring that your brew tastes like it is supposed to. However, the more you think about it, the better an idea it becomes.
  • Homebrew Recipes - The Door to a World of Possibilities By : Jacob Sikais
    Homebrew recipes are as interesting as water color is to children. You mix ingredients in different ways and different shares to achieve a multitude of effects. Home brewing is really like mixing a palette of colors.
  • Home Brewed Beer - is it Actually Any Good? By : Jacob Sikais
    There is, without question, a real benefit to home brewing. You will find that the taste of home-brewed beer has a real quality when it is done right. Of course, if you make mistakes in the brewing process it may end up tasting very nasty - but sometimes you will have a happy accident that will result in a new slant on the old taste.
  • The Vin02 -Acclaimed Design-Wine Aerator: A Wine Lovers Delight By : Kelly Annely
    Do you like wine?

    Are you the kind of individual that they assert "lives on the vine"? If you're a wine lover then you know that the best means to enjoy wine is when it's presented as it is intended.
  • Great Drinks to Have With a Cigar By : Jafree Gurner
    There are many different ways to enhance the flavors of a good cigar. The best way to enhance the flavors is to enjoy a nice drink. There are different types of drinks, and they all complement different cigars. Here are a few good combinations to get you started.
  • Begin A Wine Tasting Organization By : Armando Pena A
    A wine tasting organization is some thing which you could coordinate on your own especially if you're the sort of person who loves speaking about and spreading the goodness of wine.
  • It takes Quality Grapes to Make Quality Wines By : Wayne C. Weeks
    This article is basic vineyard procedures that you probably already are familiar with, but sometimes reminders get us on the right track. Let's start with an understanding that quality wine starts in the vineyard. To make quality wine you MUST start with quality fruit.
  • Spanish Rioja Wine Makes A Perfect Complement To Your Meal By : Gen Wright
    For the average wine drinker many choices are made when making a purchase. What is the price range? What is the age of the wine? What food types can it be paired with?
  • Wine and Umbria, Italy By : Karen Rockfeller
    Getting to know Italy means not only getting to know the well-known and common cities, towns, popular places, and attractions, but also some of the lesser known ones. One of these places is Umbria. It is a somewhat isolated area that lies directly in the middle of Italy. This makes it the only area in Italy that is not a seacoast and does not have
  • Beer Drinking Personality Analysis By : Karen Rockfeller
    Are you a gourmet beer drinker or do you like basic domestic beers? Did you ever wonder what the type of beer you drink says about you? Just like with a horoscope, handwriting analysis, and other personality type tests, there are always exceptions, it is the same with determining personalities based on type of beer that is chosen. Often beer personalities spill over into food choices, you will find the gourmet beer drinker often enjoys gourmet burgers. Of course not every beer drinker will fit into each personality category. Adding beer or any type of alcohol removes predictability, because with alcohol, its affect can vary person to person and day to day in the same person.
  • The Best Way to Get Red Wine By : k00lit
    We provide tips and guide on the best Red Wine to drink and the finest red wines every month.
  • Wine Tasting Tours, the Best Leisure Pursuit for Wine Lovers By : Erick Giguere
    For the real Wine Loverswhy not make some Wine tasting for the best leisure

    Wine tasting can be a luxury but you really want to understand the rudiment of the wine tasting
  • Aged Old Wine Story in a 21st Century New Age Bottle By : PETER BRIGHTY
    Wine, like woman, has a tag or intrigue and mystique associated with it. Wine has the power to seduce and engage wine drinkers by permitting you to peer within, yet keeping itself aloof and a little out of reach.
  • Good Wine: Beaded Bubbles Winking at the Brim By : PETER BRIGHTY
    Wine, when it was only French, was a luxurious drink of the rich and the classy. Wine, in its democratized forms, is now a luxury made available at every supermarket and has come a far way from its tradition of being produced in France and Germany.
  • Steps to Carry Out Home Beer Brewing. By : Whitley Keith
    Beer is the most widely served and enjoyed beverage in the celebrations. It suits all occasions, but it should be taken within the limits. Home beer brewing or in other words making beer at home is a very popular pastime. It is a simple task that is also affordable.
  • Exploring Microbrews By : WebsiteDesignPA
    Not at all different from the effect gourmet blends had on the coffee business, microbrews today hold a special place in the heart of the most serious of beer drinkers. Today you can find tons of microbrews out there. Even a “non beer drinker� is sure to come across a flavor that they would enjoy amid the many choices offered to us today by microbrews.
  • Camping in Italy By : Karen Rockfeller
    Eating in an Italian Restaurant can easily spark an interest in visiting Italy. When you go to an Italian restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the people working there, you can start to wonder what Italy is like. For the outdoors person, Italy usually isn't the first place that is thought of whenever European
  • Make Your Own Wine And Have Fun! By : Robertcook
    How to make wine? has always been an appealing and favorite question for the wine lovers. Wine lovers either purchase wine from the market or prepare their favorite wine at home. In either case, wine making can be great fun and money saving activity when you know; how to make wine. Moreover, you can make wine to earn some money in a simple way.
  • Wine Making Kit Makes Your Life Easy By : Robertcook
    To save the expense of purchasing wine from store, you can plan to make wine at home. This would not only provide you an ease at home, but also will add some more fun to your experience of drinking wine of your own taste. Wine making kits are the best option for making wine at home because of the variety in their sizes and availability of all the n
  • Steps to Carry Out Home Beer Brewing By : Keith Whitley
    Beer is the most widely served and enjoyed beverage in the celebrations. It suits all occasions, but it should be taken within the limits. Home beer brewing or in other words making beer at home is a very popular pastime. It is a simple task that is also affordable.
  • Drinking with George: A Barstool Professional's Guide to Beer By : Ben Weissman
    Have you ever come across the book "Drinking with George: A Barstool Professional's Guide to Beer?" If you are a fan of George Wendt, you are indeed in luck as George Wendt himself discusses tips on lagers, stouts and ale. Read on as we discuss how to start shopping for the perfect swivel bar stools just like the set of the tavern style bar of Cheers.
  • Pairing Temecula Wine with Your Holiday Dinner By : dgcarticle
    Create the most for your holiday meal by selecting the perfect Temecula wine.
  • Wine Baskets in California By : Barry Crowther
    Wine baskets and Gift baskets in California are made with the best variety of chocolates, cheese and different wines available during a particular season. Choosing the right one can be a difficult decision.
  • The Glenlivet: A Savage Land's Legacy Article By : Mathew Tinkham
    The Glenlivet is one of Scotland's finest single malts, a whisky born in a remote and wild region with a history as tempestuous as the savage climate of the glen. A whisky that is the true epitome of a single malt, The Glenlivet is a perfect symphony of elegance and complexity. It has won numerous international awards and is considered by many to be the only single malt fit for a king.
  • The History of Bourbon Whisky Article By : Mathew Tinkham
    The history of Bourbon, that quintessential American whiskey, is a matter of some debate. In simple terms, we know settlers from the east brought well-known distilling practices to the western frontier of America in the mid-late 1700's.
  • Verdicchio di Matelica Goes to Holland By : Vincent Sandford
    Producers of unique Italian white wine Verdicchio di Matelica from the central region of Le Marche Italy will be conducting free wine tasting in Roosendaal and Utrecht on 12 and 14 November 2009. Due to its unquie territory Verdicchio di Matelica develops its own characteristics, subtleness and taste.
  • A Whisky Cocktail Primer Article By : Mathew Tinkham
    Cocktails represent something that no other drink quite musters. A sort of urbane chic. Cocktails are decadent, indulgent affairs, for social lubrication and general merriment. In this article we'll experience a few excellent whiskies from around the world, and create some classic cocktails. Whisky is, after all, the original cocktail spirit. All o
  • Chill-filtration Article By : Mathew Tinkham
    Chill-filtration has long been a divisive subject, the overriding consensus is often against it, and it is seen as an unnatural and untraditional part of whisky production. Does it reflect the public's preference of looks over real substance, or is it a necessary evil?
  • A brief guide to Bourbon Article By : Mathew Tinkham
    Bourbon is a spirit deeply set in American culture. The drink evolved and developed with the history of the country, becoming the popular libation it is today. In this article we will look at a few delightful bourbons including Knob Creek, Maker's Mark, Van Winkle and Four Roses, all of which can be purchased from the online whisky store Master of Malt.
  • Top Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers By : Joseph Stratza
    Browse the many sites dedicated to wine gift baskets to find a personalized wine gift basket perfect for the wine lover on your list.
  • Winery Marketing - Reach Your Target Market By : B Hopkins
    How should wineries approach their marketing in tough economic times?
  • How To Make Wine at Home By : Jeff Terry
    Being a wine maker, I am occasionally asked how to make wine. I usually give people the story about how I came about this hobby. When my older brother and I were going to the same university, he would make his own mead in his basement.
  • Beer Mugs Versus Beer Glasses By : vikram kumar
    Beer drinkers have been known to debate the advantages of mugs over glasses from time to time.
  • Barbecue Receptions Call For Wedding Shot Glasses or Beer Glasses By : vikram kumar
    If you’re a bride whose favorite song is “Honky Tonk Woman” and if your bridal toast is more likely to be Jack Daniels than champagne, wedding shot glasses may be just the right wedding favors for your celebration.
  • Tuscan Wine Harvest - The Much Anticipated Grape Harvest By : Tuscany Rent Direct
    Chianti, the Tuscan area that produces Chianti Classico wine for centuries and is recognized as the best wine growing region internationally, remains Tuscany’s most prided territory. One can sense the ancient traditions and history that fills the Chi
  • Top Ten Whiskies of All Time By : Mathew Tinkham
    1. Ardbeg Uigeadail - An absolute must for Ardbeg aficionados, Uigeadail is a thrillingly complex expression that is smooth, long and intensely smoky. Packs a strong peaty punch which is balanced by delicious, velvety sweetness. An exceptional whisky
  • What are Catalunya Wines? By : Jhoana.Cooper
    Wine, be it red or white, is appreciated by many people around the world. The sparkling liquor can brighten up any occasion. The wineries of the Catalunya province of Spain is produce about 38 million liter of the liquor annually. About 200 vineyards
  • Getting To Know Pinot Noir By : Louise Truswell
    Pinot Noir is a fiddly little grape to grow but when it’s at it best it produces some of the most esteemed and expensive wines in the world. Read on learn more about this exciting little grape.
  • Bring Your Own Bottle - A New Dining Experience By : Alan M. Kassirer
    Are you fed up with the price of a glass of wine when you go out for dinner? Do you feel like you're being robbed when the check comes and that average bottle of wine cost you over $50.00? Yyou should go to a bring your own bottle restaurant soon.
  • Irish Coffee Liquor - Loved by Coffee Lovers By : Carl da Costa
    Whether you are a huge coffee fan or not, there is a very good chance that you can find an Irish coffee liquor infused beverage that you not only like, but actually love. This is due to the fact that while Irish coffee liquor is created with coffee,
  • How Champagne is Actually Made By : haxanzak
    A short writng on how champagne is actually made.
  • Wine Blending Event at Wiens Cellars Winery By : dgcarticle
    The Wiens Family Wine Blending seminar was directed by Doug The Palate Wiens, a winemaker, viticulturist, and one of the many Wiens family members in attendance. This family oriented Temecula winery is a reminder of an earlier day when the family and community took care of one another. The attendees enjoyed having the family there.
  • Petit Verdot Comes of Age In a Far Better Way In Temecula California Valley Wineries By : dgcarticle
    Petit Verdot grown in Temecula California Valley Vineyards offers unique characteristics for a Meritage wine. When Petit Verdot grapes are allowed to ripen in hot climates such as Temecula, the vinous tastes are less pronounced so higher amounts of the grape can be used in a blended wine. Fully mature fruit offers the best of a Big Red Temecula wine with spice, leather, and floral notes while still keeping the right level of acidity.
  • Petit Verdot Ages Successfully In Temecula Wineries By : dgcarticle
    Petit Verdot grown in Temecula Wineries offers improved characteristics to a Meritage wine. When Petit Verdot grapes are allowed to ripen in warm weather such as Temecula, the vinous characters are less pronounced so higher amounts of the grape can be used in a blended wine. Fully mature fruit offers the best of a Big Red wine with spice, leather, and floral notes while still maintaining appropriate acidity.
  • Distinguishing Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses By : Gen Wright
    Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses – Is There Really a Difference? You bet there is a difference, and that difference is about function. The deeper you delve into wine tasting, the easier you will be able to tell how crystal red and white wine glasses can influence the flavor and aroma of the wine.
  • Ordering Drinks in Las Vegas By : Ben Hughes
    Everyone who enjoys an alcoholic beverage on occasion feels totally qualified to order drinks in Las Vegas without any special orientation, advice or training. Las Vegas bar servers will tell you that this is not always so. This article provides tips from the pros about holding your liquor in Las Vegas.
  • Tips for Ordering Wine in Las Vegas By : Ben Hughes
    Selecting a wine in Las Vegas can be tricky, as there are few local wines, but lots of options from all over the world. It is easy to get lost in a big wine list. Here are some tips on how to handle the challenge.
  • Homebrew Kits - Using A Hydrometer By : Ron King
    A hydrometer is an instrument for determining the density or "specific gravity" of a liquid. You use the hydrometer to see how heavy (the specific gravity) the brewed liquid is compared to plain water. You want to know what this reading is to tell when your homebrew is completely fermented.
  • A Tasting of Verdicchio di Matelica Reserve DOCQ By : Vincent Sandford
    This article describe the tasting evening of Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva DOCQ and the characteristics of the wine. It introduces expert advice from Claudio Modesti a well known Italian TV personality of central Italy on wine tasting and its characteristics.
  • You Deserve the Best Wine at all Times By : hillebrand.
    When you are in a famous wine region, to get the real feel of the place is best to go on wine tours. Niagara Falls Ontario wine tours are well known all over the globe.
  • Home Bar Ideas: New Southwestern Cocktails for Your Home Bar By : Ben Weissman
    When choosing home bar ideas, there are many different options for you to consider. You will need to think of everything from the decorating to the drinks that you will serve. New Southwestern cocktails for your home bar are one great idea that serves both purposes.
  • Why Homebrewing Your Own Homebrew Beer Is Always Fun! By : Michael D. Hayden
    Learning how to brew your own beer is a simple and fun and once you learn about homebrew recipes and homebrew supplies, it takes no time at all and produces results better than any mass produced commercial beer!
  • Beer Kits: Tastes Good, Less Work By : Ron King
    Home beer brewing is a fun pastime that requires patience, but very little real effort. That is if you start from one of the many online beer kits.

    With everything at your fingertips, you'll soon be sipping your very own home brew. A good beer kit is a virtual guarantee of a great start to a delicious life-time activity.
  • A Gift of Personalized Wine Bottles By : Gen Wright
    Here's a gift idea that will set you apart from the crowd and give you a reputation as a great gift-giver. Bestow on someone the present of a personalized bottle of wine or champagne for any special occasion.
  • Understanding French Wine Regions By : Louise Truswell
    Understanding French wine can be daunting, especially when you start to delve deeper into the mix of regions, grape varieties, complex laws and labels that make up the country’s wine industry. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a short guide to French wine so you can get an idea for the types of wine that you can expect from each region.
  • Italian Wine Regions By : Louise Truswell
    Italy is said to be the second largest wine producer in the world and boasts a myriad of winemaking regions, each producing a diverse array of wines. With reports of 900,000 registered vineyards (enough for one vineyard for every seven people) and more native grapes than any other wine country.
  • New Zealand Wine – Getting To Know The Regions From Where It Is Made By : Louise Truswell
    New Zealand is somewhat of a newcomer to the world of wine, especially when you compare it to the likes of France and Spain. But that’s not to say that New Zealand wine can’t stand up to its old world rivals. The country exports a vast amount of its wine production, makes arguably the best Sauvignon Blanc on the planet and its Pinot Noir is beginning to create a stir. But with over 10 New Zealand wine making regions to choose from and each producing some very diverse styles of wine.
  • Is There More To Spanish Wines Than Just Rioja? By : Louise Truswell
    Any Spanish wine tour wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Rioja. It has been the epitome of Spanish wine for generations after all. However, Rioja is not the only wine coming out of this country. Here we take a look at how other Spanish wine regions stand up to their famous rival.
  • Burton’s Beer Brewing History By : 4Ps_Marketing
    Burton upon Trent can lay claim to many important culinary developments that have, during its recent history, helped shape the eating habits of millions of Britons.
  • Get Ready For Summer By : Fiona Muller
    Summer has arrived and the age old question of what to drink at summer parties is raising its head. This article gives an overview and a few ideas of wines that are good to drink at summer parties.
  • A Mediterranean Diet By : Fiona Muller
    This article extols the virtues of a Mediterranean diet. Eaten regularly and with moderation it can be something that makes you healthier and is really great to eat over summer with a good bottle of wine.
  • Barbecue Wines By : Fiona Muller
    Summer is upon us and barbecue is starting to fill the air. This article talks about some of the wines that work well with barbecued food
  • Italian Food And Wine By : Fiona Muller
    This article discusses Italian food and wine and gives an overview of Italy and its specialties.
  • The Health Benefits Of Wine By : Fiona Muller
    This article talks about the health benefits of drinking wine. It discusses why wine can be seen as healthy and what it is in wine that makes it healthy.
  • Personalized Engraved Liquor Hip Flasks By : Gen Wright
    Personalized gifts items make for the best gifts to absolutely anyone. There is nothing like having an item that has your name and a message from a loved one.
  • Choosing the Best Wine to Buy for the Summer Season By : James15 Mitchell15
    It’s not just the food we need to consider to make the perfect BBQ this summer. What we drink can have a huge impact on how well the food and the evening as a whole is received. The trouble we face is knowing the best wine to buy to compliment these occasions.
  • Innovative Wine Auction Websites Grow in Popularity as People Look to Grab a Boozy Bargain By : James7 Mitchell7
    As the economy makes us more price conscious the need to find the best bargains for our favourite evening tipple has never been so great. To help us in our quest many retailers are still holding out a life line, coming up with innovative ideas to help us keep the cost of our drinking habits down. Take for example the increasing popularity of wine auctions. Building on the power of the internet wine retailers are now offering customers the chance to buy their favourite bottles of plonk at exa
  • Absinthe In The US - Is It For Real? By : Robert Thomson
    For years and years, absinthe was illegal in the US. It was banned from American drinkers way back in 1912, partly over fears it carried effects worse than your average alcohol, and partly because its popularity made it a prime target for temperance-minded reformers.
  • Can Red Wine Help Lower Blood Pressure? It All Depends By : Bill Lewis
    Will drinking red wine lower high blood pressure? If so, what is the right amount? Leading researchers discuss the pros and cons of drinking red wine to reduce hypertension.
  • Exploring the Wine World! By : Robert Thomson
    Wine is one of the ancient things that people enjoy even up to now. It is served in many restaurants; it is available in many stores; it is found in almost every household,
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Getting The Most From It By : Louise Truswell
    Louise Truswell works in the wine industry. She has been writing about wine for couple of years and is particularly interesting in helping enthusiasts enjoy wine, including grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Chardonnay – A Versatile Little Grape By : Louise Truswell
    Chardonnay is an extremely versatile grape, taking on the characteristics of the soil and climate from where it is grown. But this often causes confusion amongst wine drinkers who think that there is only one style of Chardonnay and therefore that every bottle will taste the similar, if not the same. In this article, we look to clear up any misunderstandings surrounding the grape and describe the full variety of styles of Chardonnay available.
  • Alcohol, the grape of desire By : Laurie Noepel
    This article demonstrates the pros and cons of Alcohol and some health benefits and disadvantages as well.
  • Shiraz - Is It Worth Looking Outside Of Australia? By : Louise Truswell
    Shiraz is a well-liked little grape, often said to be one of the most popular in the wine world. It really started to make a name for itself when Australia started producing affordable versions a couple of decades ago. And with Shiraz production there going through the roof, many people consider the Aussies be masters of this grape. However, that’s not to say that any search for Shiraz should be focused just on Australia. This article will demonstrate that other winemaking countries have followe
  • Merlot – More Than A Just A Good Blending Partner? By : Louise Truswell
    Merlot is a very well known grape in the wine world and this is largely due to its role as a key blending buddy in wines from Bordeaux in France. However, the reputation that it has gained for producing some of the most prestigious and expensive wines on the planet (such as Margaux and Paulliac), arguably has overshadowed its use elsewhere. In this article, we demonstrate that Merlot is more than just a great blending partner and that it also has a really important role in its own right.
  • The Award Winning Temecula Valley Wine Story By : dgcarticle
    While grapes have been grown and wineries being fruitful since the early 70s in Temecula CA, much has changed of late. The Valley itself is with an ideal climate for yielding high quality wine grapes: hot, sunny days; cool evenings; long growing season; and limited rainfall during the growing season.
  • Wines For Dining By : Fiona Muller
    This article gives you some tips on wine and what to drink with certain types of food. It stresses the importance of wine being a social drink and therefore ideal to have at a dinner party.
  • Why Wine Makes A Great Gift By : Fiona Muller
    Wine makes a great gift. This article explains why wine is a fantastic gift for friends and loved ones alike
  • Wine For Spring Days By : Fiona Muller
    This article talks about spring and how the wine that you have been drinking over winter may not fit the season. Now is the time to change your tipple of choice and break into a new range of flavours
  • What to look for when buying wine By : Fiona Muller
    Buying wine can often be a bit of a challenge. A great way to buy wine is to go through an independent online retailer where there is immense choice and great deals available.
  • Buying Wine Online – Is It Easier Than Buying In The Supermarket By : Fiona Muller
    This article compares buying wine at a supermarket to buying wine online. It gives the advantages and disadvantages of both and compares and contrasts them
  • How To Select A Case Of Wine By : Fiona Muller
    This article discusses cases of wine and their availability both in the supermarkets and online.
  • Great Red Wines By : Fiona Muller
    This article gives an overview of red wine and talks about the imagery and emotions that are associated with this drink.
  • The Famed Champagne By : Patrick Carpen
    This articles gives an overview of the history and usage of champagne.
  • Why Should You Buy New Zealand Wine? By : Louise Truswell
    New Zealand has got an enormous amount to offer on the wine front. It is most well known for its Sauvignon Blanc coming out of the Marlborough region, but other regions and grapes are now becoming increasingly popular and important for New Zealand’s wine industry.
  • What To Look For When Buying German Wine By : Louise Truswell
    Over the last few decades, German wine has acquired a somewhat negative reputation of being cheap and sweet. However, German wine is much more than just Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch and Hock. The country boasts a range of good quality and great tasting wines - you just need to know what to look for and how to get the most from them.
  • The Effects of Absinthe - Fact or Fiction By : Robert Thomson
    Throughout its storied history, even absinthe connoisseurs have wondered at the mysteriously seductive powers of the "Green Fairy."

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