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  • "10 Actions To Take *NOW* To Triple CD $ales Overnight! By : Kenny Love
    Musicians learn ten actions that can triple their music sales.
  • 'Dukes of September Rhythm Revue' Tour By : Ryan Hogan
    The Dukes of September play jazz-rock and blue-eyed soul while covering artists like Little Anthony, David Ruffin and Curtis Mayfield. The Dukes of Stratosphear were the alter egos of the British rock band XTC. And they are on tour this year...
  • 10 Aspects of Successfully Mastering Piano Lessons By : Carolyn Butler
    Learning piano lessons and playing it like an exponent is the secret wish of every student. Mentioned below are 10 points which every student taking piano lessons should keep in mind in order to excel.
  • 10 Concepts On Creating Thrilling Occasion Themes By : Jeff Martin
    Ten Great ideas that can assist you create an impressive theme to your next occasion!
  • 10 Of The Best Skills Required To Play The Guitar Correctly By : Rick
    During the first stages of learning, the primary goal is to build technical ability and to create a foundation of useful fundamental musical skills, both physical and conceptual.
  • 10 Romantic Songs From You To Your Partner's Heart By : Jane Saeman
    Songs to warm up your honey! There's nothing to beat a romantic song when you're in love. Here's a top 10 of songs that will touch your partner's heart and keep you very much in their thoughts.
  • 10 Tips To Find A Legal Music Download Site By : Alex Miller
    This article gives you 10 tips to help you find a legal music download site, and therefore reduce the risk of downloading illegal music.
  • 10 Top Tips for Surviving Leeds and Reading Festivals 2010 By : Stella Manson
    If you are lucky enough to have got your hands on a weekend ticket for the Leeds and Reading festivals the next step is to start preparing for the bank holiday weekend in August. Here are 10 survival tips that will make sure you have a weekend to remember - for the right reasons.
  • 10 Ways To Practice Piano With Less Pain By : Brian Shelton
    Let's face it, learning to play the piano well requires practice, practice, practice! But who wants to practice more than they have to? Here are the top 10 ways to get the most out of your piano practice...
  • 100,000 Dollars In Money And Prizes... Precisely What Does This New Singing Competition Have to Offer? By : Lisa Crampton
    What is all the excitement concerning? There are actually dozens of song contests per year. And actually, $100,000 in cash and prizes is nothing to be worked up about. So What makes this Contest truly worth discussing?
  • 11 Damaging Mistakes Guitar Players Make and How To Avoid Them By : Tom Hess
    There are specific reasons why guitar players go through massive periods of frustration and disappointment. Here are 11 key mistakes guitar players make and repeat over and over again that you should definitely avoid.
  • 12 Guitar Practice Tips: The Best kept Secret of Professional Guitarists By : John S. Mackinnon
    Learn the best kept guitar practice secrets of the professionals. If you would like to play guitar like a master then you’ll absolutely need to read these 12 Essential Guitar Practice Tips.
  • 12 Madonna Quotes To Celebrate the Birth of a Music Icon By : Noel Jameson
    Unless you live in a cave with no access to television, the radio or any print media whatsoever, you have some idea of who Madonna is. But did you know it's her birthday soon? That makes it the perfect time to celebrate with these twelve Madonna quotes!
  • 12 Music Quotes to Celebrate Guitar Month By : Noel Jameson
    Nothing can quite lift our spirits, help us over a heartache or get our point across like a great song, and the greatest songs leave us with music quotes that are hard to forget. This month (April), we're celebrating Guitar Month with some of the best music quotes ever written.
  • 12 Worst Hip Hop/Rap Lyrics Ever By : Jessica Moorhill
    In another article, How to Make a Rap Beat, we have learned that it is not easy to make a beat and that it takes a lot of time and effort to take a rap beat and combine with some hip hop instrumentals. However, those are not the only things that need time, energy and effort. While the beats may be the soul of any hip hop/rap song, the lyric is the
  • 14 Music Quotes for Black History Month By : Noel Jameson
    Music is an important part of our heritage, and African American musicians have, of course, played a significant role. Here are 14 of my favorite music quotes to celebrate Black History Month.
  • 16 Music Quotes to Celebrate Stevie Wonder's Birthday By : Noel Jameson
    Stevie Wonder's life is quite an inspiring story and his musical gift is something to be admired. On May 13th we'll celebrate his birthday. Let's kick the party off with these 12 famous music quotes.
  • 1964: Seven Must Hear Albums By : Marvin J Markus
    Seven albums from 1964 that you should hear. You can't understand the sounds of today without understanding the sounds of yesterday.
  • 1966: Revolver By : Marvin J Markus
    An overview of The Beatles 1966 album, Revolver.
  • 3 Doors Down Away From The Sun Rock Music CD Review By : Clyde Lee Dennis
    One of the refreshingly nice things about this CD is the way all of the participating artists seem to be really enjoying themselves
  • 3 Efficient Tips To Learn Piano By Ear By : Cyrille Lerik
    If playing the piano by ear has been a longtime dream for you, you are going to be enthusiastic about the following techniques. There is a simple mindset and way of listening to music that will get you on the way to play be ear almost whatever song.
  • 3 First Steps to Become a Better DJ By : Shannon Mitchell
    Learning to DJ well is not as easy at it seems, but it is also not necessary to shell out a ton of money to become a DJ. Here are three initial steps to take and none of them will cost you anything.
  • 3 Keys to Maximizing Your Drum Skills By : Dan Brown
    There are many ways to increase the quality of your drumming and they can all be summarized into these 3 vital keys...
  • 3 Quick Techniques to Master Piano Easily By : ValPiano
    Learning how to play the piano is usually a childhood dream of so many individuals. Piano is a quite sought after instrument in the world, and it is played by millions of individuals all over the world. But how can you master the piano easily? This article will reveal 3 secrets.
  • 3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Big Results From Taking Guitar Lessons By : Tom Hess
    Have you ever tried taking guitar lessons and ended up quitting in frustration, because you felt you weren’t making enough progress?
  • 3 Tips for Transporting a Piano Correctly By : Steve Gisel
    A piano is a heavy and delicate object to transport. Some can even weigh as much as 800 pounds or more. Their heavy and fragile nature means they can be quite easily damaged when being moved. When transporting a piano proper handling must be applied. Read on for 3 tips in how to transport a piano in the correct way.
  • 3rd Force Force Field Smooth Jazz Music CD Review By : Clyde L Dennis
    Review of the 3rd Force CD - Force Field...Force Field is the latest Smooth Jazz CD put out by the very group 3rd Force and they have once again delivered a brilliant collection of tracks. I’m confident 3rd Force fans, and Smooth Jazz fans alike will be pleased with this one.
  • 4 Drum Tips to Keeping Peace With Your Neighbors By : Dan Brown
    There are some quick fixes to help keep your family, friends, and neighbors at peace while still allowing you to drum. Just follow these four solid drum tips...
  • 4 Important Tips in Buying a Guitar From a Music Store for a Best Guitar Buy By : Patricia Strasser
    Know what do when buying a guitar in a music store to have a guitar deal that will suite you best.
  • 4 Tips For Shredding On Your Electric Guitar By : James Hill
    Four crucial tips to making it easier and faster to learn how to shred on your guitar. These tips will help you master difficult leads, solos and phrases much faster.
  • 4 Tips on Beginner Guitar Lessons By : Rowley Wright
    To understand and play scales well, understand the keynote. The Keynote is the major note in the scale.
  • 4 Tips On How to Play the Guitar! By : Yasir Khan
    This guide provides valuable tips on how to play the guitar.
  • 4 Tips to Overcome Frustration With Your Drumming By : Dan Brown
    There are four main points to learning to play the drums. And, not only learning to play, but also getting better and
    developing new skills.
  • 5 Creative Tactics That Will Transform Your 7 String Guitar Playing By : Ryan Buckner
    Do you feel like your 7 string guitar playing is not as creative as you would like it to be? Chances are, you have not fully explored the instrument’s creative possibilities and limited your approach to simply trying make your 6 string ideas work with the low B string.
  • 5 Different Voice Types For Singing By : Rick
    There are many different physical features that determine the type of voice you are working with as you sing. For example, the pitch is partially determined by the physical attributes of the vocal cords including the length and width.
  • 5 FAQs about Playing Violin By : Jerold Siemering
    The same questions seem to pop up whenever people consider learning violin. Some of the answers will make you break your success. Learn the answers to five of the most common questions about learning violin.
  • 5 Great Tips For Promoting Your Band Online By : Samantha Pace
    Follow the 5 tips above and you'll get good results with promoting your band online. You'll create a good environment for your fans to follow you, engage and support you. And a happy fan usually ends up giving you money!
  • 5 Greatest Psychedelic Songs Of The Beatles By : Marvin J Markus
    The Beatles are known for all kinds of different music but it their 5 greatest psychedelic songs that are the topic of this article.
  • 5 Important Tips on Piano Lessons By : Jeff Parrish
    5 Important Tips for Piano Lessons

    Must-Have information before deciding on Piano Lessons!

    Music is a very important part of our lives. It does a lot more than just please our ears
  • 5 Key Tips To Become A Real Guitar Hero By : Antone Williams
    5 Key Tips To Become A Real Guitar Hero. Many aspiring musicians, young and old, are always looking for tips to help them out as they embark on their journey into guitar playing. Before you are able to really play "Freebird", you need to have these fundamentals securely in place.
  • 5 Reasons of Selecting Handmade Guitars over Factory-made Guitars By : Darrell Ashley
    Although guitars from different brands are available in the market, the handmade guitars have made a unique place in the hearts of music lovers. Musicians who look for specific preferences in their musical instruments often go for custom-made and hand-made designs.
  • 5 Reasons Why the Art of Recording in a Studio Will Never Die By : Parker Nielsen
    In this age of high-end technology, it is no wonder that we are able to do so many things on our own now. Likewise, many people who are into making music have resorted to recording at home instead of using a studio.
  • 5 Song Writing Guidelines That You Should Always Remember By : Louis IEA
    Have you ever wondered why there are some musicians who produce hits after hits? Well, song writing is the key to becoming the best in producing songs. Most experts would even make hits just by singing what they have in mind. You never know when you would wake up one morning with good luck charms on your side, hence it is always advisable to write anything that you think of.
  • 5 Step Guideline to Pick and Choose the Guitar of Your Choice By : cranbournemusic
    There are numerous varieties of musical instruments, including guitars on the market. This makes the act of choosing a guitar on your own quite difficult, particularly if you are a greenhorn. This article describes a five step guideline to pick and choose the guitar of your choice. Read on to know more about the same.
  • 5 Tips for Saving Money on iPod Downloads By : Ray La Foy
    This means members can get as many downloads as they want when ever they want.
  • 5 Tips On How To Play Piano By Ear By : John Musiconi
    You’ll be surprised that many professional musicians didn’t learn the piano by attending formal classes. They acquired the skill of learning how to play piano by ear; after listening to a tune, they’re capable of playing it on the piano instantly. You can learn this method too.
  • 5 Tips to Ensure Your Child Gets the Best Piano Lessons By : Stephen Gladden
    The main thing of focus should be the piano that your child learns on and the teacher who teaches them. While choosing piano lessons for your child, your focus on these two aspects is important.
  • 5 Tips To Learn Guitar Chords For Beginners By : Maggie Tay
    Are you having trouble with memorizing and changing chords smoothly? Find out what are the 5 tips to learn guitar chords for beginners?
  • 5 Ways An Online Video Guitar Lesson Can Make Mastering The Guitar Simple By : Nik Martin
    An Online video guitar lesson can help students at any stage. From total beginner to advanced players it's now possible to learn when you want, at the speed you want and visually follow every movement that a top professional can show you. Here are 5 benefits to learning guitar by taking an online video guitar lesson.
  • 5 Ways To Start Selling Your Music Online And Make More Moolah By : Gourab Nanda
    The music industry is extremely dynamic. If you are looking at ways of earning more money by selling music, look no further. Here are some simple steps of making quick money through selling beats on the internet.
  • 6 Points To Consider When Purchasing an Online Singing Program By : Rick
    On the internet, you can now get expert singing lessons from the comfort of your home simply by using a quality home study course. Many such programs are designed to help all singers no matter what level of skill or type of singing style is chosen. The best programs can help you to develop your vocal ability for a wide variety of singing genres.
  • 6 Simple Steps To Becoming A HOT Guitar Player! By : John Pawlett
    Learning how to play guitar well is not easy. There are so many methods and so many conflicting opinions, it makes it difficult to know what to do.
  • 6 Tips to Help You When You are Starting to Learning Piano By : Billlly Jones
    Learning piano can be tough, but here are six great pieces of advice to help you when you start learning piano which should help you make great progress.
  • 60 female House songs for cabaret and Musicals singers By : Jeremy Fisher
    You're looking for songs for women that you can use to communicate directly with an audience in your cabaret, theatre show or even karaoke night. What you need is a "House song". This article describes 60 songs from Musicals for women that you can use to connect with your listeners.
  • 7 Benefits Of Learning Guitar By : Amuro Wes
    Loving and learning guitar are 2 different matters entirely. Instead of just envying your guitar idols like most raving fans, you can develop your style and brand. And what better way than learning to play? Here are 7 benefits of learning guitar that can help you be a guitar pro in no time.
  • 7 Great & Fun Ways To Earn Your Living In The World of Music By : Duane Shinn
    There are lots of ways to make a living in the music industry, and very few of them have anything to do with getting on stage and performing, or trying to crack the lineup on American Idol.
  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Read Music By : Bill Kernodle
    The process of learning to read music is a wonderful journey into the discovery of new musical horizons. Try it, you will not be sorry. Learn to read music today.
  • 7 Tips for Effective Musical Practice By : deep panchal
    The quality of your practice is much more important than the quantity. The old saying "practice makes perfect" is only true if the practice itself is perfect. Here are 7 tips to help make your practice more effective and efficient.
  • 7 Truths and Tips On "How To Get Gigs" And Fill Up Your Touring Schedule By : Daniel Kohn
    It's the famous old question on every hungry band's mind – How To Get Gigs?

    I can hear your pain from this computer screen – "Everyone else can get gigs left right and centre but my band is still struggling to figure out how to get gigs….."

    The truth of the matter is that getting gigs and playing live shows isn't really that hard, you just need to understand the sensitivities of how the live music system actually works.
  • 7" Single Collectors Alive And Well By : Maiyghdliana Drosophilania
    According to a new dispatch from eBay, the online auction behemoth, they sell more than 3 million vinyl recordings every year.
  • 8 Easy Musical Instruments That You Can Learn To Play Quickly By : Duane Shinn
    Not all of us have the time, or want to invest the time in learning to play a complicated instrument such as the piano or guitar. There are easy musical instruments that you can learn to play quickly & easily.
  • 8 Music Career Tips By : S. Jones
    Do you want a career in music? Then musicians everywhere should read this article if you want to advance your career in music.
  • 8 Steps to Tune a Guitar By : Stephen Gladden
    Tuning a guitar is not a difficult job at all. It requires some sincere practice and dedication for you to perfect it. Get knowledge about all the strings and always start with the lower E string before moving to A, D, G, B and the higher E.
  • 80's Pop Music The Beginning of Modern Rock By : John Corner
    Modern Rock or Alternative Rock as we all know it now started in the 80s with many bands that have been thought of one-hit wonders or had very quick careers. After the implosion of disco music within the late Seventies, music fans had been confused and had no one music model that they could name their own. Straight rock music was in a interval of big hair bands that performed arenas like AC/DC and Judas Priest. This music didn't appeal to many people who wanted more melodic pop and rock versus heavy metal music.
  • A Basic Tutorial For Heavy Metal Guitar By : Aline Heller
    The article provides instructions on playing heavy metal guitar chords. It describes the finger positions for power chords and inverted power chords.
  • A Beginner's Guide To Learning Guitar By : Peter Finlay
    As an absolute beginner looking to learn the guitar, getting on the right track can be quite confusing. More likely than not, you will be confronted with a variety of conflicting information about who to see and how to start learning guitar.
  • A Beginner's Guide To Studying Guitar Quickly By : Oland Sampson
    This post discusses various reminders for the aspiring guitarist who has taken to online guitar courses in his want to master the instrument. Numerous details and considerations, like finding the best guitar instruction programs and some guidelines on how to stay focused on the on the web lessons, are discussed in this write-up as well.
  • A Beginners Guide to Drums By : Ronald Pedactor
    Drumming can be a daunting talent to get good at. Learn the basics when it comes to drumming.
  • A Beginners Pick: Choosing the Best Guitar for Learning By : Octavio Valenzuela
    So you ask, what would be the most appropriate and best type of guitar to use and prove your skills on being an artist someday? Would that be the bass
  • A Brief History of Alvarez Guitars By : William McRea
    Alvarez Acoustic guitars are well made and possess a rich tone only possible when something is handmade. They have a variety of models of acoustic guitar that appeal to rock players, folk players, and even classic players. They also have a list of artists who love their guitars.
  • A Brief History of B.C. Rich Guitars By : William McRea
    Except for a brief stint with another manufacturer, B.C. Rich guitars are known for being well made and innovative. They have a loyal following of players and artists who enjoy the sound and quality.
  • A Brief History of Breedlove Guitars By : William McRea
    Kim Breedlove has been making guitars since the mid 70 s, but the company was founded in 1990. They craft high quality acoustic guitars and mandolins and have a variety of styles that appeal to a wide range of players.
  • A Brief History Of British Music By : Mike Shaw
    Music in Britain prior to the seventeenth century, or at any rate the latter part of the sixteenth, presents itself under very much the same aspects as on the Continent. On the one hand Church music, on the other Minstrelsy and latterly, the rise of a secular art, secular in spirit but hampered with Church traditions.
  • A Brief History of Dean Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Dean Guitars make both electric and acoustic guitars. Founded by Dean Zelinsky, he no longer owns the company but is involved with the creative design. Their line includes both traditional and more unique styles.
  • A Brief History of Dean Guitars By : William McRea
    Dean guitars are a favorite amongst professionals and new players alike. People play these guitars for their durability, the sound, and the unique body structure. When you play a Dean, you are serious about playing the electrical guitar.
  • A Brief History of Epiphone Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Epiphone was created by Epi Stathopoulos, a member of a family of people who developed and made musical instruments. After his death, ownership fell to his brothers. Later, Gibson s parent company purchased it.
  • A Brief History of Epiphone Guitars By : William McRea
    Epiphone instruments have their roots in Greece ever since the late 1800s. The guitars quickly became a main competitor for Gibson. Now, they are considered a division of Gibson, though they still maintain their own original line.
  • A Brief History of ESP Guitars By : William McRea
    ESP guitars had their beginnings in Japan in 1975. Now they are a dynamic and expanding company with an impressive list of artists playing their guitars. Their list of guitar models is also extensive.
  • A Brief History of Fender Guitars By : William McRea
    Fender® pretty much had its beginnings in 1938 when Leo Fender opened a repair shop. In 1946, he started manufacturing instruments. Now, Fender is one of the premier manufacturing companies out there.
  • A Brief History of G & L Guitars By : William McRea
    G & L Guitars are handmade and are in a limited production. Originally started by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Dale Hyatt, G & L has a reputation for delivering electric guitars that are high quality and innovative.
  • A Brief History of Gibson Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Gibson is a premier manufacturer of guitars and other instruments. Their acoustic line offers different series and styles and serves a variety of playing needs. In general, the company is innovative and has had this reputation since its beginning.
  • A Brief History of Gibson Guitars By : William McRea
    Orville Gibson first started making instruments in the late 1800s with his innovative mandolin. Even after his death in 1918, the Gibson Guitar Corporation has been dedicated to making excellent and innovative electric guitars that sound great.
  • A Brief History of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Ibanez is a premier manufacturer of both acoustic guitars and electric guitars and they have an impressive list of artists who play them. It is a Japanese company but has achieved widespread success throughout the world. They started by created replicas of popular guitar models, but now they have their own individual line.
  • A Brief History of Ibanez Guitars By : William McRea
    Ibanez, originally called the Hoshino Gakki Company, began manufacturing guitars in 1935. Original guitars were copies of classic styles put out by companies such as Gibson and Fender. Now, they have a style all their own and are endorsed by some of todays hottest guitar players.
  • A Brief History of Jackson Guitars By : William McRea
    Jackson Guitars started off as Charvel Guitar Repair, until Wayne Charvel sold Grover Jackson his rights to the company. One of the best known guitars that Jackson made was the Randy Rhoads model. Now, Fender owns the rights to the label.
  • A Brief History of Martin Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Martin Guitars had their beginnings in 1833 but the story begins in Germany with the birth of Christian Frederick Martin. When Martin was 15 he traveled to Austria to apprentice with a skilled guitar maker. He eventually moved to the United States and began his guitar company.
  • A Brief History of Ovation Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Ovation Guitars were developed by Charles Kaman. They are unique due to his background as an aeronautical engineer and boast unique design and material composite elements. Noted artists include Al DiMeola, Nikki Sixx, and the band, Godsmack.
  • A Brief History of Parker Guitars By : William McRea
    Parker Guitars is a fairly new company. It was started in the early 90s by Ken Parker, an experienced luthier. His first model, the Fly, was developed after speaking with multiple guitar players about what they liked and disliked about their instruments. Their guitar line has since expanded.
  • A Brief History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars By : William McRea
    Paul Reed Smith started building guitars while in college and for the months after college. He started off by convincing artists to try his guitars and critique them. Carlos Santana was one such artist and he was so impressed, he introduced Smith to the former president of Gibson, who went on to help him design guitars and become his mentor.
  • A Brief History of Schecter Guitars By : William McRea
    Schecter Guitar Research is a company that started in 1989. They manufacture guitars both in South Korea and in California and offer a custom guitar feature in addition to their regular line. They hold a favor with hard rock and metal artists but also feature models for Blues and Jazz artists.
  • A Brief History of Takamine Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Takamine is a Japanese company dedicated to creating quality instruments. They have a presence in the worldwide market and artists such as Jon Bon Jovi love playing their guitars. Takamine makes a series of acoustic, electric, and acoustic electric guitars.
  • A Brief History of Taylor Guitars By : William McRea
    Taylor Guitars officially began in 1974 with the purchase of a business by three friends. They had a rough beginning, but eventually persevered. Now the company boasts plenty of acoustic guitar models and has earned their place as one of the top acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world.
  • A Brief History of Washburn Acoustic Guitars By : William McRea
    Washburn Guitars started off being associated with the Delta Blues style of music. Now, they are simply known for their excellent quality. They have guitars that appeal to all styles of players and boast a complete line of acoustic guitars.
  • A Brief History of Washburn Guitars By : William McRea
    Washburn Guitars had their start in 1883 near Maxwell Street, which is the home of the Delta Blues. Now, they boast a diverse line of guitars and an impressive list of professional artists who play the guitars. They also made some important innovations to the field of guitar building.
  • A Brief History of Yamaha Guitars By : William McRea
    Yamaha is one of those companies that make a wide variety of products. Among these are their acoustic guitars, and they have different styles that appeal to different kinds of players. Yes, Yamaha does make a lot of different instruments and other things. But, this does not compromise the quality of the guitars.
  • A Brief Intro to Voice Lessons By : Pamelina Siow
    Not every aspiring singer is naturally gifted with a golden voice. But with regular singing lessons, the voice can be developed. Taking voice lessons will strengthen your vocal chords which will give the voice flexibility.
  • A Cheap Electric Guitar - Ways To Keep Them Looking and Sounding Great By : Oliver Clark
    Cheap electric guitars, or electro acoustic guitars - no matter what kind you might have, you still have to deliver some running maintenance every now and then.
  • A Classic Old Time Radio Show to Escape The Daily Grind By : Ned Norris
    Ned Norris takes a look at one of the old time radio series of the 1940s and 50s that is often overlooked in favor of more famous shows such as Suspense.
  • A Covers Band - For A Great Night By : Derrek Hugfriy
    Hiring the live covers band is important for your party to be a hit. The types of covers band will depend on the kind of party you are throwing or the kind of music you prefer. Ways to source and hire the right covers band for your party is what is discussed in this article.
  • A Essential Guideline On How To Understand Violin By : Mindy Reynolds
    With some hard work and apply, individuals who master violin will shortly commence to sense the joy of audio and the emotion that it evokes. Since the instrument is so flexible, it is fun to select from the extensive selection of sheet new music obtainable. Intermediate and superior pupils can consider the up coming action of changing into concerned with string quartets and symphonies.

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