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  • Sunburn Reload Tickets Selling Like Hot Cakes ! By : PreetiJ
    Sunburners in Bengaluru gear up for an exciting festival of EDM with Sunburn Reload tickets happening soon in the city. Adding to the fun is the fact that Cedric Gervais ticket is performing making it a not to be missed event.
  • Searching for Sugar Man: The Amazing Story of Sixto Rodriguez By : Laura Moore
    Searching for Sugar Man is such a wonderful documentary and at the same time it is awful!
    Searching for Sugar Man tells the bizarre story of the superb artist Sixto Rodriguez. Sixto Rodriguez (frequently called just merely "Rodriguez") was a musician that released two cds in the early 70s.
  • Basic Things to Know About Rap Beats By : Obinna Heche
    Discovering your own rap beats is as tough as composing a song. You are required to have ability, imagination, and a creative streak to be able to make a good rap beat. Creating is challenging in a way that you will also encounter some hurdles along the way. There's more to creating beats and instrumentals than you might think. If you're an aspiring beat maker, you have to know that there are certain pointers you have to follow to be able to produce the perfect rap beat and this article has got you covered on that. Here are a few of the basic elements in creating rap beats.
  • The soul of Reggae rests in Jamaica By : Steve Thomas
    Marley, a song-writer and a musician blessed this world with his invention of Reggae. It is great to learn how this simple and ordinary young man kept his passion for music alive in worst of the miseries and left an Undying memory in the hearts of the people.
  • Learn To Sing With Confidence In a Group By : voxsinging
    The lovers of music or the upcoming singers can feel elated with Vox singing Academy. Their group singing lessons follow a different curriculum to the private one-on-one classes. They are run in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from the classmates.
  • How To Start Bass Guitar Lessons By : Timmy Fantin
    Music-loving people often use bass guitar to make their songs more appealing, interesting, and pleasing to the ears. For professional and seasoned players who are teaching bass guitar lessons, they are aware that the basic approach in learning how to play bass guitar is by knowing the instrument itself first.
  • How To Play Kick Ass Guitar Licks Quickly And Easily – Part 1 By : Tom Hess
    Wish you could play killer guitar licks every time you pick up your guitar? The truth is many guitar players think that great guitar licks are made by playing specific notes or scales. However, this usually not the case...
  • Some Theory Helps The Players To Understand And Apply All That They Have Learnt By : Laura Lee
    There are various ways in which music can be studied along with theguitarists study mostly notation, technique, rhythms, scales, chord, construction of whichscales, chords and progression are the subjects on which one should have complete knowledge.
  • How To Become A Guitar Player By : Timmy Fantin
    Other than being a soloist in a musical band, the guitarist attracts most attention from the fans. If you want to become a guitar player, and perform live with a band, read on below.
  • The History Of The Present Day Piano By : Margaret Driscoll
    Music is significant nowadays and over the years it has actually developed. The musical instruments that had been once used, to the music which had been once played, each have developed tremendously. The single thing that continues to be constant is that music continues to be selected today to speak to one another. It can be used to successfully work on getting your information out and influence others.
  • Indie Musician in Today's Music Scene By : Samantha Frost
    Social networks on the Internet are major platforms for artists like an indie musician. This is particularly true if the artist has not signed up with a record label. Artists and bands depend so much on the pages of their social networks to inform followers about what is happening with their music or album releases, shows, among others. It allows people from any part of the world to connect with the artist or band and they also get to hear the artists' music being played.
  • Why Choose FRC All Music By : Samantha Frost
    It appears there is more music networking sites such as FRC All Music that come out on a daily basis. In the perspective of a music company, some social networking sites wherein people can share music, opinions, photos, videos, and other files may be worth checking out. These social networking sites for musicians use the site to endorse their music. Several musicians have become successful because of these sites.
  • How Can I Teach Myself To Sing? -- It Is Easier Than You Think By : Frank I
    It is not surprising that many people ask themselves "how can I teach myself to sing? Because the cost of paying for a good singing and voice lessons are so exorbitant not to mention the strict examination condition you will pass through
  • Selecting The Right Music For The Very Special Occasion By : Laura Lee
    Musicians that are in the company since long not only sound awesome nevertheless they also know how to read the mood of the crowd and will play accordingly and provide excellent music to drench everyone present with their melodious strains.
  • Top Reasons to Hire a Music Production and Music Publishing Company as an Artist By : BKP Music
    Find out what the top reasons are tiring music production or music publishing company as an artist.
  • African Musical Instruments Represent The Natural Rhythm And Beauty of Africa By : Buwens
    Just like Africa, African musical instruments have a long history. Each region of Africa has its own typical musical instrument and has been influenced by different cultures like Caribbean, Latin American and others. Many musical instruments have their own symbolic meaning.
  • 3 Quick Techniques to Master Piano Easily By : ValPiano
    Learning how to play the piano is usually a childhood dream of so many individuals. Piano is a quite sought after instrument in the world, and it is played by millions of individuals all over the world. But how can you master the piano easily? This article will reveal 3 secrets.
  • What Exactly Do You Mean By A Mobile DJ? By : Laura Lee
    Most boring of the celebrations too will be transformed in a jiffy by a DJ who's professional in his discipline and is dedicated to his work.
  • Basic Skills In Piano - And How To Learn Them By : Doug Gordon
    Learning the basic skills in piano will give a student a fundamental understanding of all music. The basic piano skills offer a foundation of music that will literally translate to any instrumental and vocal music. For beginners, this involves practising to get the correct finger/hand position, plus executing smooth chord transitions.
  • Could We All Learn To Play The Guitar? - Find Out By : Maria Bennett
    The internet presents a number of alternatives with a view to discover ways to play a guitar. Many individuals are fairly focused on learning easy methods to play this attention-grabbing musical instrument. Through guitar enjoying, you can categorical your feelings and even your mood. One strategy to learn to play the guitar is thru information books.
  • Five Steps in Learning to Play the Piano By : Margaret Driscoll
    Learning how to play piano will likely turn out to be difficult. You need to go along with some sort of well thought out plan if you want to understand just how to play piano. Start from the basic principles and then work your way right up towards the more difficult musical pieces. Learning to play takes a certain amount of time, tolerance as well as training.
  • Important Tips To Learn Guitar By : Laura Lee
    The major scale is seen as the elementary scale western music is referenced against. Even minor scales are notated againstthe major scale's note positions. For example, a minor third is symbolised as "b3 (flat 3rd)" because the 3rd has beenflattened/lowered a half step from its first, major scale position.
  • Learn To Master Simple Guitar Songs Big Tips For Beginners By : Ampuan Yussof
    Do you want to impress your pals by your development on the guitar?
  • Adding Custom Songs To Your Favourite Games By : Louis IEA
    Apart from having fun in playing the games that you love, it is also worth listening to your favourite tunes play as the background music for your games. Do you know that you can add custom songs to your games without having to call for experts? Yes! This is easy. The only thing that you ought to confirm is whether the games support the custom songs to be played as the background music.
  • What To Look for When Choosing a Local Violin Shop By : Nathan Weiss
    The purchase of a violin at any price level is a critical moment. Whether a student or principal concert violinist, how and where you buy the instrument is important.
  • Taking Lessons For Guitar? Here’s 7 Unfortunate Truths About Your Guitar Teacher By : Ryan Buckner
    REALITY: Most guitar instructors have never taken the time to develop their teaching skills. Unfortunately, this means you must become their student ‘experiment’ as they learn through trial and error. Before you take another lesson, here are the seven things that your guitar teacher has never told you (that you need to know!)...
  • Benefits Of Music Lessons To Your Kids By : Louis IEA
    Have you ever wondered why most kindergarten schools use music in ensuring that the kids get what they are being taught? Well, music lessons have a way of entertaining the kids and as a result they develop interest in what is being delivered to them. This means that using music to pass life lessons to your kids is an idea that you should embrace. Take your time and study the behaviour of your kids.
  • Things To Know About Starting Your Child In Piano Lessons By : Tom Freeman
    Piano lessons for beginners are available for children as well as adults. Some of the finest pianists began at a very early age. Your child may have unrealized musical talent just waiting to be discovered. Even if they have not displayed any musical inclination, learning an instrument can have many positive side effects. Children will feel more confident in themselves and practice valuable learning skills that they will need later in life.
  • A General Overview Of Music Promotion - What New Musicians Should Strive To Do! By : Louis IEA
    Generating or coming up with music is not a very hard thing to some people but the trickiest part is with the audience--will they accept or reject it? Sometimes, we have to rely on luck because some musicians have tried making to the top but they haven't managed that. New musicians are always advised to do their research first before releasing their new music into the markets
  • Shopping For Rap Music Albums Over The Internet By : Louis IEA
    For the past few years, the internet has become the best store that you can shop for anything at any time. The use of online shopping is quite advantageous as compared to conventional means of shopping over the regular stores. One thing that makes the online stores to stand out is the price tags that they have on their products. The prices are affordable and some would even be half the price of goods in the local stores.
  • Top Reasons To Take Up Music Lessons By : Louis IEA
    Music is significantin getting attention from a large group of people. Music sooths the soul in ways that even the experts cannot explain.This is the main reason why you would find people opting for music lessons simply to ease their life stresses. Music is a course that is offered in almost all the universities all over the world. The good thing about this course is that it is not demanding. Certainly, you would not compare medicine to music.
  • Finalizing Your Tracks Through Audio Editing & Mastering By : Louis IEA
    Have you recorded your latest music that you want to release? What next? Once you have recorded your tracks the main thing that you ought to focus on is audio editing & mastering. This is where many upcoming musicians fail as they neglect this crucial step. In most cases they tend to think that this would cost them a lot than they can afford. Well, have they considered the chances of their records selling after a good finalization on them?
  • Never Disagree With A Student By : zotzinmusic
    As such I am training new guitar instructors to adopt the same teaching sytle, teaching approach, and techniques that I have, The soon to become licensed Zot Zin Music teachers are also working very effortlessly to get up to speed with my extensive guitar curriculum.
  • Be Taught How to Play the Guitar Even If You're Left Handed By : Maria Bennett
    Most people are proper handed however it doesn't actually matter should you're a left handed individual. There are things that some right handed folks can do that lefties can't do but in the case of enjoying a guitar, even left handed individuals can do it too so long as their determined and motivated. Learn to play the guitar even when you're left handed especially if you happen to love this musical instrument.
  • 5 Song Writing Guidelines That You Should Always Remember By : Louis IEA
    Have you ever wondered why there are some musicians who produce hits after hits? Well, song writing is the key to becoming the best in producing songs. Most experts would even make hits just by singing what they have in mind. You never know when you would wake up one morning with good luck charms on your side, hence it is always advisable to write anything that you think of.
  • Factors To Keep In Mind When Adding Custom Songs To Videos & Games By : Louis IEA
    Those that have been watching movies for a long time or rather playing games for some time now, can attest to the fact that having custom songs gives the videos and games a true feeling that they are valuable. Imagine playing the game that you always cherish and at the same time listen to your favourite tracks play as the background music. This is a unique of customizing your game to suit your demands.
  • Tips In Choosing The Right Music & Audio Formats For Your Device By : Louis IEA
    With the latest innovations in terms of devices used to play music & audio it is important to learn about the formats that you use in these devices. This is because there are some formats that would not play in some devices. Thus, choosing the right format for music and audio should not be neglected. This article will help you in choosing the formats that would play in your device
  • Handy Tips To Remember In Hip-Hop Music Production By : Louis IEA
    It is worth admitting that hip-hop music stands as the best music to listen to in the entire world. This can be attributed to the excellence that is normally used in producing these songs the videos stand out as the best you can find. This popularity makes the musicians to be easily noted by the entire world. This is the main reason why you would find a small kid mentioning popular names such as Beyonce, Jay Z, Lil Wayne etc.
  • Why Should You Watch Hip Hop Music Awards Every Year? By : Louis IEA
    Sitting down to watch hip hop music awards live is something that happens once in a life time.It is not every Tom, Dick and Harry that can afford the cash to go and look at their favourite artists perform. Well, does this mean that you cannot watch the awards completely? Certainly not! There are other ways that you can employ and ensure that you watch your favourite stars being given the awards that they worked for during the year.
  • Factors To Consider In Taking Distance Music Lessons By : Louis IEA
    Distance learning is the in thing these days considering the fact that the internet is here with us. Well, if you are wondering what distance learning is; it is the learning from a distant location with the help of the internet.Students have opted for distance learning due to the convenience and other advantages that it offers. Well, this however does not make the search for the best college or university to be easy.
  • The Rock Solid Foundation of Your Recording Studio Business By : Jim Siwek
    Is your recording studio built on a solid foundation? Don't compete on price alone! By using proven marketing techniques, find more clients who will pay you more than the going rate. This means more profits and a better business for you.
  • Online Singing Lessons For Beginners By : Tom Freeman
    If you have been searching for a vocal coach to help you learn how to sing, why not consider taking singing lessons online? Through technological advances, you now don't have to leave the comforting environment of your home to travel great distances through hectic traffic or pay ridiculous childcare fees in order to take singing lessons.
  • With Piano Chords Songs You Can Play All The Hits By : Doug Gordon
    There are many reasons why people may make the decision to take up playing an instrument, but one of these is surely to play a few of their favourite hits. If you learn piano chords songs, you will find that this is within your grasp. Yes, if you've ever felt the need to play along while listening to popular songs or, furthermore, wow friends and family with renditions of their favourite tracks, then you'll probably be interested in this article, so read on…
  • The Many Styles Of Jazz Music By : Maria Bennett
    Bebop-The dance elements progressively pale away into a real artwork of real music by the musicians Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Clifford Brown, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Stitt, and Ray Brown who needed to steer away from the business sort music. These musicians sought to use examples of the Jazz musicians of the past corresponding to Lester younger, Coleman Hawkins, Earl Hines and Artwork Tatum to expand Jazz music to another level.
  • Learning How To Play Piano By Ear By : Margaret Driscoll
    Studying to play piano is often a lifetime goal for quite a few men and women. Nowadays with the new generation of the computer individuals can certainly take an online piano lesson to check out if they even now want to stick to their dream. Some lessons online will show the different keyboard keys and different lessons will teach you on how you can play by ear. They both have one popular factor though, you actually really need to actually practice.
  • Easy Tips To Become A Good Rap Music Artist By : Louis IEA
    Rap music is something that is not new to us. This is something that we have been listening to for close to 40 years now. Many musicians have emerged as being the best in this field and they normally leave a mark that they once were part of the rap music. Take for example, 2Pac his songs are still being listened to by the youth of this age. So, what makes up a unique rapper?
  • The Music Not Loud Enough By : zotzinmusic
    It is imperative that the teachers understand the negative effects of inaudible sound and give their students a chance to learn by increasing the volume of the music.
  • The Main Advantages Of Trying To Find Written Music On The Internet By : Obinna Heche
    The web is definitely crammed with web-sites supplying sheet music. Absolutely not all offered music sheets tend to be of high quality. Furthermore, these are accessible in diverse formats. This article shows the primary secrets to picking out written music on the net.
  • Creating A Unique Hip Hop Music Playlist By : Louis IEA
    There is more to hip hop music than just what you think. If you started listening to hip hop music yesterday then there is a lot that you should learn about this genre of music. First and foremost this is the genre that is loved by the entire world. This is the real music that you should be listening to. So, where do you start in creating a unique hip hop music playlist? Do you just pick the hits that are currently in the market?
  • Things To Consider When Selecting A Piano By : Margaret Driscoll
    Purchasing your very first piano may well end up being a true challenge. They definitely are a large investment. Don't forget to test out any piano thoroughly before purchasing. Having the right piano will help make your piano lessons pleasurable.
  • Perfecting Your Song Writing Skills By : Louis IEA
    Are you a song writer? What do you do in order to perfect your song writing skills? Well, there are many ways in being the best song writer. The main thing that you ought to focus on is perfecting your skills through simple means that can be easily attained. For example, knowing what to do at the right time would help a lot in making sure that you never waste time in achieving your set goals.
  • The Ultimate Guide In Cleaning Your Drum Kit By : Timmy Fantin
    If you want to be a good drummer, buying your own set of drums is definitely a wise move for you can practice whenever you want and improve your drum skills at a faster pace. However, you should observe proper care and maintenance routines of your instrument to be able to enjoy it for many years.
  • Music Videos And Their Many Benefits By : SkyTip Media
    Music Videos And Their Many Benefits was written by Chase McMullen of SkyTip Media, which is a creative design group out of Reno, NV.
  • Facts About Rap Music That You Should Know By : Louis IEA
    Rap music is part of hip hop music that was introduced ages ago before even some of you were born. Funny thing about this genre of music is that it was loved by many and is still being loved in the streets up to now. As a matter of fact other countries that were not its original introductory place are adopting this music genre up to now.Some say that this is the music that helps relax the mind and spread message.
  • Getting The Best From Music Creating Software By : Louis IEA
    Creating music & audiois not as easy as it sounds. There is more than just coming up with music and selling it out to the streets for people to listen. Before an audio recoding can be termed as music, there are several things here and there that should be added or removed from it. This is the purpose of music creation software as it would ensure that your final presentation is nothing short of the best.
  • Song Writing Tips To Keep In Mind By : Louis IEA
    Being the best songwriter does not come easy. It is also worth noting that it is not as hard as you might be thinking. If you asked the experts in song writing you would hear comments that you would not even imagine to be true.The main thing that is required from you in song writing is to have your mind, body and soul into what you do. This implies that you should do what you do best.
  • Learn to Play Guitar Anywhere, Any Time By : John Bernard
    Online guitar lessons are very precise, teaching you exactly what you need to learn without unwanted conversation.The best advantage is the price you pay.To learn to play online one has to pay a single fee which usually is less than two or three lessons by a teacher or tutor.
  • How To Promote Your Music Career And Build Your Music Fan Base By : Ryan Buckner
    Are you looking for effective ways to promote your music and develop a following of fans? Read this...
  • Guide To Getting Custom Songs For Your Movies By : Louis IEA
    Certainly the best movies have quality custom songs working for them. A movie without backgroundsongs would not be fun to watch. Can you imagine watching a love story movie without a lovely background song? It would be boring right? The main reason you ought to have background songs is to create the mood that the movie is seeking to get from the public.
  • More Information On Audio Editing & Mastering Your Audio Recordings By : Louis IEA
    Often you have heard people say; music is life. Is this true? To some extent this is very true. Listening to music takes you to heights that you have never imagined. If you had a stressful day, music would take all the stress away. But the question is; which type of music would do all these? Definitely music that is worth listening to would prove the essence of taking time to listen to music.
  • Why Mixing And Mastering Your Music Is Essential By : Yasmine Fontaine
    Mixing and mastering your songs or album are the final stages of production that will make your creation sound absolutely perfect. We've all seen the old videos of aspiring artists taking their mixtape to a studio in the hopes that the professionals will be able to do the job as soon as possible for them.
  • Traktor S2 By : James Watkins
    This is a review of the Traktor S2 controller from Native Instruments. I look at what the S2 has to offer and how powerful this DJ controller can be. With so many DJ digital controllers enterding the market it cna be difficult to choose the right one for your needs and I truly hope that this overview of the Traktor s2 can help you make the right decision.
  • Why Online Music PR Is So Important For Recording Artists And Record Labels By : Yasmine Fontaine
    With the music industry becoming as competitive as it has, getting the right publicity and marketing is absolutely key for artists these days to ensure that their work reaches as many people as possible. Likewise for record labels, making sure that the artist has gained maximum publicity is vital for sales and, of course, the future popularity of that artist.
  • How to Film a Music Video By : SkyTip Media
    How to Film a Music Video was written by Professional Videograher Chase McMullen.
  • How to Edit Music Videos By : SkyTip Media
    How to Edit Music Videos was written by Chase McMullen of SkyTip Media. He's currently has 40 music videos across all genres under his belt.
  • Get Yourself A Stunning Sound Within The Tiny Deal Using The Energy Take Classic 5.1 By : Ernie Hardee
    It was our primary goal to give you a short guide to Energy Take Classic 5.1, and allow you to see directly what can be achieved. There is related material in addition to more in-depth knowledge on this important subject. In a moment, we will talk about this much deeper kind of knowledge that we feel greatly builds upon the above. When you are reading more, keep your own circumstance in mind at all times.
  • Sonic Producer V2.0 Evaluations - Find The Right Beat Computer Software For Your Needs By : Michelle Vo
    Sonic Producer V2.0 is an awesome online beat producing software package that permits even a newcomer to very easily create her own music.
  • 5 Creative Tactics That Will Transform Your 7 String Guitar Playing By : Ryan Buckner
    Do you feel like your 7 string guitar playing is not as creative as you would like it to be? Chances are, you have not fully explored the instrument’s creative possibilities and limited your approach to simply trying make your 6 string ideas work with the low B string.
  • Factors to Consider When Purchasing Broadway Tickets By : David Stosh
    Broadway theatre is one of the most popular entertainment outing ideas in New York. Any theatre lover knows that Broadway is the epicenter of theatrical performances in the world.
  • Things to Remember When You Want to Buy Beats Online By : Travis Cole
    It takes a lot of courage and conviction to buy something from someone you never get to see. Sometimes, it requires a great deal of faith to develop such trust between the two of you. That rings true for people who intend to buy beats online.
  • A Powerful And Unique Approach To Writing Guitar Solo Phrases By : Tom Hess
    Many guitar players think that having great technical playing skills is crucial to writing incredible guitar solos. In reality, there exist tons of great guitarists who play truly inspiring guitar phrases without playing in a very ‘technical’ manner… and you can do this to when you follow the steps in this article.
  • Copywriting Songs - The Art Of Selling Through Music And Lyrics By : Wayne Scott
    Like how a copywriter is differentiated from the general sense of a writer, so is the lyricist to a jingle writer. Essentially, the copywriter and
  • Get Better Results In Your Guitar Teaching By Showing Students How To Practice By : Tom Hess
    One of the biggest challenges you can face when teaching guitar is teaching students who never seem to make any progress. Some guitar teachers would simply assume that the student is ‘slow’ or simply doesn’t ‘get it’. There are many reasons for why this occurs, however you can avoid this for YOUR guitar students by teaching them how to practice.
  • Great Electric Guitars - The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom By : John King
    The 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom is definitely among my favourite electric guitars. Here are 5 reasons why.
  • How To Learn Any New Skill On Guitar By : Eric Beaty
    Chances are you've heard the old saying "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The only problem is, when you want to learn a new skill on the guitar (Scales, Chords, Songs, etc.) it always seems difficult to know which step ...
  • Getting The Most From Piano Teaching By : James Jordan
    Teaching piano provides an opportunity for talented individuals to make money. Being talented in playing the piano implies you are an expert in playing the instrument which is a requirement for one to teach the instrument. Apart from knowing how to play the piano you need to enjoy it. There is nothing as boring as doing something that you are not passionate about. Even if you are an expert, you need to invest more in your skills development.
  • UK Amateur Radio Station By : demarcusstutler24
    So, you are intrigued in Ham Radio. Ham radio, officially named the Amateur Radio Provider by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, is a pastime, an avocation, a pastime, a contacting, a community provider option. It is ...
  • Subwoofers: Feel The Sound By : John Townsend
    Bass subwoofers allow music lovers everywhere to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of there favourite music and movies.
  • The Possibility Of Survival Of The Live Bands Lies Within The Hands Of Their Talent And Their Managers By : Jacee Parker
    Most bands fail to get good contracts despite their incredible talents. It is the managers of the bands that place the band for hire.
  • Online Piano Lessons - Piano Lessons For Your Child By : Margaret Driscoll
    Sometimes parents achieve their dreams by using their children. You may have one time dreamed about being able to play the piano and currently are in search of piano lessons for your own child.
  • Ways To Make Songs Using a PC, In Ten Easy Actions By : Torrey Mauricio
    Listed here is how to make music making use of a PC, in ten simple steps.
  • The Top 10 Things A Beat Creator Should Look For In An Online Beat Maker By : Rick Brye
    Ever had a beat stuck in your head, or lyrics that you're dying to put music to? Well, there's good news: with the advances in drum machines and other beat makers, absolutely anybody can make professional quality beats quickly, cheaply, and from the comfort ot their own home, using nothing but their computer and a software program. The bad news? Many of these beat makers are extremely low quality. Read the article to learn what to look for.
  • Tips For A Fantastic ABBA Tribute Band By : Anthony Ellis
    As mentioned earlier starting an ABBA tribute band is not easy; in fact it is a very big place to fill. Wearing the right costume is a must.
  • Playing Drums With Chuck Berry And Partying With Ronnie Wood By : Alice Wickham
    Interview with Joanne Ruocco, drummer and percussionist who worked with Paul Weller, Chuck Berry, Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Bobby Womck and many others. Joanne talks about her early days as a drummer in New York, and her move to England where she got involved in the pop scene during the lat 1980's and 1990's. A fascinating lady with a great story to tell.
  • Effective Sound Healing To Bring Harmony In Life By : Amit Ranaat
    The universe is made up of matter, which in different forms, has individualistic resonant frequencies. Similarly, the human body, including all of it is various types of cells, tissues and organs, has matchless vibrational frequencies associated ...
  • How To Make Your Own Beats By : Adrian M Ryder
    Beat Making is a hobby many love and pursue. Here are few tips and suggestions to help you get started with making your own beats.
  • Effectively Hiring A Voice Over Coach NYC By : T. Narvaez
    Voice over coaching is provided by professionals that are trained in helping people harness their natural vocal talents. Consumers interested in this form of guidance are often attempting to ensure they find the most productive and successful levels of information in relation to what is needed for a lucrative and branded position in their field.
  • Thoroughly Researching An Opry Schedule By : T. Narvaez
    The Opry is a show that is based on country music and has long been in existence for artists and enthusiasts to come together.
  • Change Attitudes through Hip-Hop Music Videos By : Andre Jeffreys
    Artists often lead difficult lives. It is not easy succeeding in the entertainment business. Many entertainers have had to rise from the depths of extreme poverty to reach where they are today. Some have fought battles in places like Iraq. These experiences have opened their minds to the fact that they need to change their lives.
  • What Does a Wedding DJ Do? By : Dave Bernard.
    A good wedding DJ starts work way before the actual day of the event. This must always start with the DJ meeting the client to try and come up with the desired music list.
  • Tal Farlow - Thought To Be One Of The Most Unique Jazz Guitar Players Ever! By : Steven Herron
    Tal Farlow, now observed as one of the fabulous swing guitarists of all time, initially set out to be a commercial painter as well as musician. He did not appear playing the guitar expertly till he happened to be twenty-two. Farlow played the mandolin and the guitar as a hobby from the age of eight. His father played guitar, banjo, ukulele as well as violin, and Farlow taught himself to play guitar music on one of his father's instruments.
  • How To Write Songs That Sound The Way You Want Them To By : Ryan Buckner
    By understanding how to create a balance between unity and variety you will be able to make your music much more interesting and expressive.
  • Important Violin Lessons For The Beginners By : Williams Parrow
    Violin lessons are a must if you want to be an expert. To master your favorite song on violin during your singing lessons; you have to practice it repeatedly.
  • Garrick Theatre London Celebrating The Rock Music Of 80s By : jon Gloster
    Like most of the West End theatre in London, Garrick Theatre too has the City of Westminster written on its address. Opening on 24th April 1889, the house has an existence that goes beyond a century.
  • Options for Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons and Cello Lessons in London Today By : Arts Academy
    Choices for getting instruction in any type of music can be somewhat limited today. While some traditional schools still offer things such as piano lessons, you may be looking for a different type of musical instruction. Getting singing lessons in London might be one thing you are considering.
  • How To Make Your Child Excel In Piano Lessons By : Stephen Gladden
    If you wish your kid to come up as an excellent pianist, then it is essential for you to take great care to maintain his interest in the piano lessons and ensure that he practices it every day.
  • Personal Wealth Through Music Lessons By : Kory Livingstone
    In the pursuit of wealth, young people often take the word "success" and confuse it with the word "entitlement". Growing up, everything was handed to them on a platter, and when they enter the real world of survival, many are disappointed and depressed when they realize how ill-prepared they are for reality.
    If they had only taken music lesson growing up, they would have avoided this catastrophe all together.
  • Las Vegas Show By : jacktyler
    The capital city of entertainment is well known for its various shows. Las Vegas show Schedule is the most attractive thing for all the tourists that come to this magic place. The various shows that happen here get a great applause from the spectators.
  • Limpbizkit India and Anthrax India – Two Big Names in India By : PreetiJagwani
    LimpBizkit India and Anthrax India are the two biggest things that are happening in India. Watching these two bands is a dream come true for a lot of music lovers in the country.
  • Deep Purple India and Indus Creed India: Two Legendary Rock n' Roll Artists By : PreetiJagwani
    Indus Creed India and Deep Purple India are two acts the city of New Delhi are definitely looking forward to. After all, watching these bands live is something all music lovers of the country dream of.

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