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  • ClipArt or Quality Images For Your WordPress Blog? Try These Options By : Alex HD
    On your website if you use images which are copyright protected or for which you do not have an appropriate license for, may lead you into some trouble or maybe even a legal mess. This article helps you with sourcing some clipart and images which you can use in your WordPress blog or website for free, even for commercial or business use.
  • Copyright Violation By : Alan Scott
    Copyright is important to any writer. It's a statement of ownership of property. And despite opinions to the contrary, writing is no less property
  • Website Legal Compliance Alert - Why It's Risky To Copy Stuff Off The Web By : Chip Cooper
    It's tempting and so easy to use your right click to download stuff off the Web - to copy or save images, text, even videos. And this content is often great material for your website copy, squeeze page, sales page or banner ad. Fair warning - in most cases this content will be protected by copyright and you'll face a possible copyright infringement claim that could result in massive liability. Learn why and what to do about it.
  • Intellectual Property Dumbed Down - Is LegalZoom Authorized to Register Trademarks for You? By : Gene Bolmarcich
    A discussion of whether LegalZoom is authorized to represent you in the filing of trademark applications with the US Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Microsoft's Piracy Complication Resulting in Problems for Google: By : Samantha Frost
    New information from Google reveals Microsoft is suffering from persistent copyright frustrations. Google has actually logged beyond 2.5 ton demands in the last 11 seasons to extract hyperlinks know to be violating Microsoft's copyrights. That placed well earlier second-place NBC Universal, the agent of several TV networks as well as a movie studio
  • Why Copyright Your Work? By : Randy Morgan
    Let me tell you a story about copyright. Last week, I had a woman and we’ll call her Jennifer, give me a call and she said, "Kevin, I think I've
  • Who Owns The Copyright of Work Created By A Contractor? A Trap For The Unwary By : William Galkin
    Often businesses hire independent contractors to perform work. These businesses usually assume that they own the copyright in the works that they commissioned. However, unless the proper documents are entered into, then the independent contractor will own the copyright in the works. This is an important topic that both businesses and independent contractors need to be aware of.
  • Copyright: A Quick Guide on the Subsistence of Copyright By : Van Casey
    An introduction to establishing and understanding subsistence of copyright in copyright law.
  • Do You Know Your Copyright Law? By : BTLewis
    Copyright law is becoming easier and easier to violate - this article will help you protect your copyrights, and avoid getting into trouble over others'.
  • Essential Copyright Facts One Should Know By : John Lilly
    If you would like to make use of a third party's brand as AdWord with Google, the trademark owner need to stop such use
  • Copyright Lawyer - Consult To the Copyright Laws By : John Lilly
    Copyright laws are extremely much prevalent and are also strongly followed.
  • ten Items You Must Know Prior to Purchasing Authentic Estate in Murrieta and Temecula By : Daryl Carney
    At present, seventy percent of custody conditions are awarded to the mother, with 20 % granted to each father and mother as joint custody, and much less than ten percent of custody situations are awarded to the father. While this legal trend has not been officially reexamined to issue in the far more different lifestyles of nowadays, some parts, which include california, are recognizing a father's rights and in some situations are granting extra time or even custodial rights to the fat...
  • AA Route Planner - Your Key to a Terrific Holiday By : Joel Serrano
    If you are one of several people who maybe are not so excellent with directions, possibly you are one of the those who gets lost when going out a good deal, well the AA has created a very easy to use, ordinarily developed route planner, which will enable users to plan their journey before taking it, and thus eliminating the danger of arriving at the wrong destination. The Aa route planner has helped millions, which is helping more millions each and every week, arrive at their destinati...
  • AA Route Planner - Your Key to a Perfect Holiday By : Joel Serrano
    In case you are one of many individuals who maybe usually are not so great with directions, perhaps you are one of several individuals who gets lost when going out a good deal, nicely the AA has generated an extremely simple to use, generally designed route planner, which will enable users to program their journey before you take it, and thus eliminating the danger of coming to a bad destination. The Aa route planner has helped millions, which is helping far more millions each week, re...
  • Publishing Copyrights And Plagiarism In Modern Day America By : Craig Evans
    Readers may hear about the concept copy rights, with the sign @, before a publisher's name or an author, followed by the year of publication. Readers also, hear about the concept plagiarism, which is related to copy right theme,
  • Step by step patenting your invention. By : Law Marketing
    Once you are through with filing and your patent approved, the USTPO will publish your patent in the official gazette to make sure it protected from future piracy if any. Publication is usually a fast process and does not take lot of time.
  • World Wide Web to revolutionise Copyright By : Jennifer Robinson
    The copyright war online has split many people in opinion. The world wide web has increased popularity of a copyright free society, but does that have a potential impact on a open society.
  • Copyright Infringement In Germany By : Christiankotz
    We are capable of guiding you clearly and bringing you nearer to our side.
  • Importance of Registering a Copyright on a Web Site By : Kevin S. Taylor, MBA
    It is always important for all online business entrepreneurs and webmasters to know in detail about copyright norms and applications. This article provides in detail information regarding copyright website.
  • Copyright — How Does It Affect My Business? By : Maddox Solicitors
    Copyright is relevant to more than authors, artists, musicians and other creative people. The commercial world relies on material which is protected by copyright.
  • How to Lose Your Intellectual Property By : Nina Kaufman
    Collaborating with another company give your business a powerful boost. But collaborations often create intellectual property, which needs proper protection. Find out where you need to be aware.
  • Tips to Choose Best Copyright Lawyer By : Amalendu Hajraa
    The article highlights different factors that one should keep in mind while selecting a copyright lawyer. The article also briefly discuss briefly about different aspects of copyright law.
  • How to Select the Best Copyright Lawyer? By : BradyBarr
    To apply for copyrights in most cases will need a powerful notary who can develop copyrights. One who can master the rules in writing official documents is always needed by people who operate upon the obscure official rules and certified methods.
  • Best Steps to Protecting Your Copywritten Material Once It's Posted Online By : Robert Thomson
    When artists create an article, book, poem, lyrics to a song, a Web site, logo or artwork, they may or may not copyright their work before posting it online. The purpose of...
  • A Summary of the 1976 Revision of Copyright Act By : Nathan Moore
    The revision of the Copyright Act in 1976 changed the way exclusive copyright existed and terminated. The 1976 act is now the primary basis of copyright law in the United States. Basic rights of copyright holders are codified, as well as the now oft employed "fair use" doctrine.
  • Protect Your Invention, Trademark or Copyright in America By : Groshan Fabiola
    Rapid immigration is believed to have contributed to the competitive advantages that the United States have gained in many technologies in the twentieth century
  • What Makes Your Invention Worth Anything? By : Dee Reavis
    Find the best way to protect your invention while you market it.
  • Protecting One’s Work Thru Copyright By : Darren Agaton
    Copyright is a legal concept, ratified by the government, that gives exclusive rights to the author or maker of an original work to access, reproduce, distribute, perform and present his work publicly.
  • Blog Sites Beware: Liability Lurks In Bloggers' Postings By : Chip Cooper
    Serious liability exposure lurks for bolg sites. Whether liability for copyright infringement for bloggers' infringing posts or defamation liability for bloggers' defanatory statements, the stakes are high... and most blog sites are unaware of the risks! This article explains the hidden danger and how to avoid it.
  • Maintaing ebook copyright - why encryption is not enough to protect your ebooks By : Pierce Alice
    Digital Rights Management is a method of protecting content so that only valid and licensed owners of the content can access the content. DRM (digital rights management) is one of the leading ways to protect music, video and documents on the internet. In fact the concept of digital rights management is very simple and has constantly evolved to protect content. To illustrate how digital rights management works lets take an example, lets say I have written an e-book and want to sell it online, the first thing I need to do is protect my hard work so that no one can copy and distribute it freely.
  • How to Protect Your Ideas Fast and Inexpensively By : Tatiana Escalada
    If you have a good idea, you are probably wondering how to protect it and if you really should. Worried about where to start and how. The thought of looking for and hiring an attorney with expertise on the field just makes you dizzy, it makes the process seem endless, complicated and expensive. So you decide to make the mistake that many artist, entrepreneurs and creative make. You dice you can trust your work to a couple of good friends, or maybe couple of serious investors and the most optimistic daring ones just put it online for the whole world to see. To be honest I have done this myself, I just don't like to expend my time on noncreative endeavors, plus I am impatient. It would be great if we didn't need to protect our ideas, then again you can always come up with new ones, right? Yes, but why would you let anyone else take credit and money for your ideas and the unique way you express them? Leaving your creative work unregistered is worse than leaving a signed checkbook in a crowded place. Specially now that there are so many easy, fast and inexpensive ways of protecting your work.
  • Legal Copyright Infringements Of Copyright By : Jim Brown
    There are some very creative people in this world and some of them may have a lapse in their creative process when infringements of copyright occur.
  • Legal Copyright Protection Of Copyright By Registration By : Jim Brown
    Many business owners have a lot of thoughts about their business. These thoughts can occur anywhere and they feel that since they thought of it first that they should be protected under the Copyright laws.
  • Life Imprisonment For Copyright Fraud Could Be Enforced Soon By : Chidi akomas
    The penalties for copyright fraud could soon be much severe. Chidi Rodney Akomas takes a look at what's going on. What would you think a reasonable punishment for pirating a copy of windows would be?
  • A Brief Understanding Of Copyright Law By : Adrian Adams
    The first key in understanding copyright law is defining what it is these laws protect.
  • Copyrights and Trademarks By : Sharon Housley
    Copyright is a type of intellectual property. A copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by the government for a limited time to protect the particular form, way or manner in which an idea or information is expressed. Copyright is the legal protection given to artists or producers of creative work which protects them against unauthorized copying of their work.
  • Royalty Free Music - Licensing & Copyright By : Gilles Arbour
    If you want to use music for your website, in multimedia or traditional media productions you need to know about music licensing. Website designers, video makers, TV show producers and all other creative artists are constantly looking for music for their productions.
  • What is Copyright and When Does a Work Fall into The Public Domain? By : Peter Woodhead
    Copyright law can be confusing. This article explains what is Copyright and when do works fall into the Public Domain.
  • Legal Problems The Newbie Should Know About By : Wycliffe Williams
    Legal problems can easily sink your internet business before you even begin to swim. Legal requirements abound in the internet arena. Its your responsibility to get yourself up to speed on these requirements. Ignorance of the law is not acceptable.

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