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  • IVR Inevitable for Banking By : ericphilander
    The Interactive Voice Response system has leveraged the banking industry exceptionally. It has boosted the customer relation with its advanced features and auto-attendant nature which resolve the customer queries within seconds.
  • How to Bring a Foreign Bank Account Into Compliance By : JamaicaLenon
    Do you have a foreign bank account that may have international tax implications? If so, it is absolutely critical that you fully understand that US tax law states all US persons (that is citizens, resident aliens and anyone who meets the substantial presence test) file an FBAR to make the IRS aware of any foreign bank accounts that you have interes
  • Survey Says, Build A Savings Account to Protect Finances By : Holly Petherbridge
    How much money do you have in your savings account? Are you able to help support an emergency cost with it or would you continue to use credit cards or safe cash advance online loans in order to make your budget work? completed a survey that showed only 51% of all Americans have enough money in their savings account to be able to clear credit card debt.
  • No Checking Account? What Options Do I Have? By : Holly Petherbridge
    Turned down when trying to open a new checking account? Having a checking account is often taken for granted by those who have never had money problems. Money management is much easier when you have a checking account to work with.
  • The Bitcoin Emerging Trend In 2013 By : Kim Kline
    Bitcoin is a digital currency that was first proposed in Oct 2008. Curiously, the proposer had a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and started dissociating himself from any of the developments related to the currency from 2010. Nobody knows who he was. The currency came into existence starting with the genesis block created by Satoshi. The operation was s
  • Cloud Computing Finally Moves the Banking Sector's Heart By : Jennifer Lewis
    Finally, banking institutions have started liking cloud computing after passing almost a decade in uncertainty and inkling about it.
  • The Difference Between KDV Hesaplama and MTV Hesaplama By : Hazar Umutayy
    Nаtiоnаl Adviсе Sеrviсе саn аnѕwеr your gеnеrаl questions rеgаrding саlсulаting VAT dеfiсitѕ оr оvеrрауmеntѕ, rulеѕ, рrосеdurеѕ, diѕсlоѕurе оf confidential VAT information, VAT rates and рubliсаtiоnѕ.
  • What To Look For And Out For In A Checking Account By : Emmanuel DeFreitas
    The FDIC Consumer News offers the following tips and information about what to look for... and what to look out for... when choosing and using a checking account.The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act. which took effect on October 28, 2004, allows financial institutions to process "substitute checks," high-quality paper reproductions of both
  • Banking Is Not Number Crunching! By : vicky
    A lot of people assume that programs like MBA in Banking Management or other finance related courses are more about number crunching. But this isn’t true. MBA in Banking Management, finance courses, and other banking related programs can be very interesting.
  • What You Need to Know About Bitcoin! By : Chris Lanchech
    Bitcoin is the world's first open source, peer to peer unregulated decentralized digital currency that allows people to send "money" or bitcoins to others with no intermediary or clearing house such as a bank or credit union. It is completely encrypted which means it sends money totally anonymous by using secret codes.
  • Buy LItecoins Canada for Safe Transactions By : Shirley Black
    Various instances of money related thefts have been reported lately. This enhanced the necessity for a safer financial transaction method. More and more people are using peer-to-peer digital currencies today.
  • Buy and Sell Litecoins Canada By : Shirley Black
    Before you head to buy Litecoins Canada, you need to have some basic knowledge about cryptocurrency. This is a type of digital currency created on the concept of cryptography. It is highly secure, as it uses encrypted methods for financial transactions.
  • Buy Bitcoins Canada - To Be a Part of the Trading Revolution By : White Harry
    The advent of Bitcoin has given a new transaction currency to the online world. It is widely considered as a revolutionary product of this century which will probably change the way transactions are done online.
  • Retirement Abroad - Obtaining Credit By : Les Johns
    This article considers the difficulties immigrants can face when applying for credit in a new country. The reasons for the problems are discussed and the parties involved in the decision making processes are identified. Practices in the U.S.A. are used as examples of the situations that may be faced by new residents. The solutions mentioned can only mitigate the difficulties not cure them. As always life can continue normally given pre-planning for the situations that may arise.
  • Big Bank Adjust RulesTo Fight Against Cash Advance Predatory Lenders By : Holly Petherbridge
    Watch out predatory cash advance and payday loan lenders! The banks are listening to customers and are observing bad practices. The largest U.S. bank, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., has now made it easier for their customers to fight against abusive lender practices.
  • Mobile Banking Apps By : Susan Smith
    Mobile banking has become really popular owing to the convenience that it gives its customers. These apps enable you to access your bank accounts from your phone and conveniently perform a number of actions, such as transfer money between accounts, make payments and check balances using your mobile device. The increasing popularity of applications,
  • Are Banks Supporting Predatory Cash Advance Lenders? By : Holly Petherbridge
    How many bad apples does it take to spoil the bunch? Let's ask the responsible cash advance lenders how many predatory lenders it takes to ruin their reputation. All it takes is one bad lender and there are plenty.
  • Equities, Speculators And Private Banking - International Experts Explain Their Differences By : Rina Davis
    Private Banking Dubai is one of the most reliable gurus for financial menagement. They have all the knowledge to share for investors for the best investment decision.
  • The Relationship Between A Cash Advance and A Bank Account By : Holly Petherbridge
    In order to be approved for a cash advance online, a bank account needs to be in good working order. Since cash advance lenders do not do credit checks to determine approval status, they look for a well-functioning bank account. Get some insight as to what is noted when a lender checks out your bank account.
  • Guidelines Of Gold Backed Individual Retirement Account Investing By : Unnah Mitchels
    Gold backed Individual Retirement Accounts are largely managed by the IRS and it's the decision of the investor to ascertain that guidelines are followed. It needs to be mentioned that the Internal Revenue Service prohibits proof bullion in gold backed Individual Retirement Accounts, aside from American minted coins.
  • Understanding Your Banking Options: Traditional Banks, Credit Unions, Online Banks By : WorkSaveLive
    Consumers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to their banking needs. It can be confusing to sort through the benefits and drawbacks of each. As our world has become more technology dependent, online banks have started becoming the norm and the future of traditional banks (as we know them today) are in jeopardy. Here, we take a look at the main options: Traditional banks, credit unions, and online banks.
  • Andorra Banks Ahead Of The Changes By : Andorra
    Leading figures in the banking world are focusing on how to improve their image, and many see customer relations as the key.

    If they take a look at what Andorra has always done they might see how best to achieve it in 2013.
  • ICT Development in Banking By : Morgan D
    The Article will Discuss the Impact of ICT Development on Banking.
  • The UK High Street Banks - Are Olympic Standards Possible? By : Ray Prince
    Wow! They were incredible events weren't they?! The Olympics & Paralympics proved to be absolutely outstanding, surpassing the expectations of even the most enthusiastic supporter of these events. Listening to people on TV & radio, and chatting to friends, all talk was about the bravery, sheer excellence and wonderful spirit amongst the athletes.
  • Is There An Alternative To Business Banking? By : Kevin Leon
    Is there an alternative to business banking?
  • Web Based Accounting And Online Banking Go Together Perfectly By : John V
    Online banking makes web-based accounting more effective and helps your business. Maximize online banking with web-based accounting and increase security while saving time.
  • Can Hawala Banking Be A Sensible Alternative To The Problematic Mainstream Banking Sector? By : Eddie Steadman
    Hawala banking is often viewed with suspicion, however it fulfils a massive need for a very large part of the population.
  • Bank Accounts: Choosing The Best Bank To Fit Your Needs By : Malinda Starner
    Opening a new bank account will give an opportunity to choose which type account will best fit your banking needs. Talk through your options with the banker so your accounts will be free.
  • Invoice Discounting Maximises Cash Flow By : Claire Bowen
    An invoice discounting facility is ideal for large companies as well as medium-sized businesses who are looking to grow. They are able to access cash quickly that would otherwise be tied-up. This is why many companies view it as an option worthy of serious consideration.
  • Useful Information on No Chexsystems Banks By : Dave Hancu
    The title inquiry, what are Non ChexSystems Banks, might just seem at first to be one that can be answered in one simple sentence.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation with Profit and Loss Documents By : John V
    Profit and Loss Statements from Your Accounting Software Make Account Reconciliation Easier. Learn More about Account Reconciliation Tools.
  • Advantages of Mobile Banking Over Personal and Internet Banking By : Robin Mackenzie
    When you do phone banking using your cell phones, its all the more simple and easy because transactions can be recorded and it also has a very simple interface, so all you need to do is just follow the instructions that are given to you. They are usually in the form of voice commands. It is very easy to comprehend. So, there is nothing much that you can ask for.
  • Where to find Banking and Financial Services Software By : Alan Wulz
    Financial services software and collateral management software have also been and will continue to be developing alongside of that used for banking.
  • New Trends Developing in Mobile Banking By : John V
    It's not just big banks letting their clients access their financial information on a smartphone. More credit unions are also coming on board. as are many small business banking institutions.
  • Online Banking Services – The Need and Precautions that You Need To Follow By : Mark Bennett
    So from the part of the user, he or she has to make sure that they have a good firewall and strong password to protect themselves from financial scams and fraudsters. It is okay to forget the advantages of online banking in this scenario, but it is very much important to know that they are quite important in our daily life.
  • Internet Banking with Virtual Banks By : Buddy Mills
    There are two ways to do internet banking. Banking online through a website set up by a traditional bank does not seem to be too much of a stretch
  • Internet Banking and Privacy Policies By : Albert Garcia
    Privacy policy legislation affects internet banking just as it does any other type of banking establishment. You might want to keep your personal information private. If so,
  • Tips On Finding The Right Type Of Standard Bank Savings Deposit By : Michael Dierson
    Saving some cash is always a wise thing to do, because money can be really helpful in the event of an emergency. However, one should be truly disciplined in their spending routines, if they have just about any intentions of making some sizeable savings. Among the best ways to preserve is by opening a personal savings deposit bank account that will help you maintain your saving plans constantly.
  • Plat5 Consultancy Offer Banking on Better Service and Product Innovation By : Plat5
    The complexion of the banking sector has changed dramatically in terms of products and services in a market where the customer has more options than ever before and banks are compelled to review constantly their package of products and services.
  • Choose a Reliable Company to Send Money Overseas By : Hemanth Ravi
    While doing money transaction, make it sure that you are dealing with a good company. Because only this way, you can Send Money Overseas safely and immediately.
  • SBI Online Money Transfer – A Safe Choice By : Hemanth Ravi
    SBI Online monetary transfer is a safe way to send your money to anywhere within India or overseas. Transaction happens smoothly and your financial security is taken good care of.
  • Transfer Money Makes a Smart & Safer Choice By : Hemanth Ravi
    Gone are those days when standing in a queue to send money was a common sight. Nowadays everything is changing for a better tomorrow. Transfer Money is the new-age option to do it safely and in no time.
  • Your Consumer Rights in Internet Banking By : Andres Edwards
    There is much controversy over whose responsibility it is when something goes wrong in internet banking. Banks sometimes step up and hold themselves accountable for security measures as they
  • Big Retail Banks Make Little Effort To Correct Failings By : Tony Lord
    Walter Merricks, the former Financial Service Ombudsman, spoke recently about the dire state of retail banks and their customer relationships. He gave a six point plan for rapid improvement, read on here.
  • Personal Bankruptcy - A Guide To The Typical Process By : Michelle Hopkins
    Information about filing for bankruptcy the different types, how to do it and the cost involved
  • How to Increase Your Internet Banking Security By : Quintin Whitfield
    Internet banking companies are working hard to make their servers as secure as possible. They work with experts in the field of security. They hire computer-hacking consultants to
  • Advantages of Internet Banking By : Jason Kentwoods
    Is the nature of business forcing customers to use internet banking? Or, is there something in it for the customers? Indeed there are many advantages to doing internet
  • Why Some People Fear Internet Banking By : king aseje
    Some people could not be happier with internet banking. Others fear it and want no part of it. Sometimes these people will give you reasons for their fears.
  • Capital One Credit Cards - A Great Choice For You And Your Business Platinum MasterCard By : Amanda Pelligra
    In today's world credit cards are very important. You never know when you may have an emergency with no cash in your pocket and credit card comes to your rescue. Also if you maintain the credit card transaction properly, it will infact also improve your credit history thus helping you to improve your fico scores.
  • Internet Banking Savings Accounts By : Rhett Downs
    Internet banking savings accounts are being used more every year by people across the country and around the globe. They offer a better alternative to traditional savings accounts.
  • Collateral Management Solution in the Banking Sector By : Francesca Knap
    Collateral management is something that is used in banking to help secure against the chances of somebody defaulting on a payment. It has been used for hundreds of years but has only been common and regularized since the 1980s.
  • Lump Sum Payouts And Their Advantages By : Daniel Jacobs
    Lump-sum distribution refers to a method of payment that includes the payout of the entire amount of money owed, at once, as opposed to receiving the money on a monthly or any other basis.
  • Why You Need A Certified Mortgage Securitization Audit By : Matt Brockman
    A Certified Mortgage Securitization Audit provides you with the powerful, and critical evidence you'll need to expose the bank for attempting to commit a fraudulent foreclosure to steal your home.
  • Information About HSBC Offshore Consumer Banking By : Karri Owens
    HSBC, also called "the world's local bank" offers an extensive collection of services to expatriates which help it live up to its marketed reputation. They market themselves consequently because of affiliations and connections with banks all over the world, allowing them to have a strong global presence along with the ability to provide near local intend to international customers. You can bank online or over the telephone, allowing you access to your cash and account information at any time, all over the world. This is made possible by their flexible account structures and has targeted towards the needs with the customer. They make it a point to travel above and beyond to provide their customers, irrespective of where they live, with top quality banking services.
  • The Ever Increasing Bin Lists And Computer Assistance By : Gen Wright
    As online banking and computer verification techniques are becoming common, the lists of entries these online bin numbers databases have are increasing in length. More services are being added in these networks and as a result, data about more people can be found using online packages. You can use a bin list to verify any card for a business transaction using a huge list which is a compilation of thousands of credit/ debit cards and their issuers.
  • How to Find the Best Interest Rates in Savings? By : Tyler Evan
    There are numerous options to investing. Be it in stocks, shares, bonds or simple savings, your money can grow if you invest with a sound knowledge of the market.
  • Bank Identification Number By : Gen Wright
    Recent times have seen the improvement in technology in the banking sector. One of the technologies that has been developed is the use of the bank identification number. It contains 4 to 9 digits found on the credit cards or debit cards. The use of this banking identification number is to identify the institution issuing institution of the card. The use of this bank identification number is not limited to bank use only as some of t6he companies such as the American express are also using this technology. The BIN network in recent times has gained a lot of popularity from many issuers.
  • A Bookkeeper or an Accountant? By : Bill Weston
    Most businesses at some stage will need to appoint someone to help them with their finances.
  • Bank Charges that are a Crime By : Isaac Small
    If you did a survey of the top ten most distrusted professions, right up there next to lawyers and politicians would be bankers. Its amazing that we have such
  • Enterprise Risk Management in the Banking Industry By : Daxen Stewart 1
    After the financial collapse in 2008 that was marked by the demise of some of the oldest financial firms in the banking industry, enterprise risk management has become a regulatory concern as well as a business concern.
  • Download Credit Card Bin Numbers List By : Gen Wright
    The credit card bin is a number formed by the first six digits on any credit or debit card. While the codifications of the thousands of banks in the world might be a little complicated, you will not need to know them in order to check the security of the transactions issued by your customers. Al you need is a credit card bin numbers database offered by a specialized site, and once you introduce the data in the system, you will find out important details about your potential clients.
  • Any Reasons For A Bin Checker Database? By : Gen Wright
    BIN stands for Bank Identification Number. It refers specifically to the first six digits that appear at the beginning of every bankcard. While the final string of digits are assigned by the bank itself, the first six are codified according to an international standard and used to identify the bank that issued the card, as well as information about what kind of card it is. In simple terms, a BIN checker database is a large compilation of these numbers.
  • Download Bin Lookup Database By : Gen Wright
    Any business that sells goods and services wants to provide them to the widest possible marketplace. Selling online gives merchants that visibility, but it also carries greater risk due to potential credit card fraud. Businesses large and small are now using special sites to unlock the valuable information contained in a credit, debit and prepaid card's first six digits. Existing business owners or anyone contemplating starting a business which sells products or services directly needs to know how a BIN lookup online can benefit their business and grow profits.
  • Find A Remedy For Chargebacks With A Bin Checker List By : Gen Wright
    Merchants who accept credit cards in payment of goods are all too familiar with the chargeback. It appears on their monthly accounts as a reversal of charges from a credit card company because the charge itself was made illegally or fraudulently. Chargebacks protect the consumer from being responsible for illegal use of a stolen credit card number, and they protect the credit card company from suffering the loss themselves, but they do nothing to protect the merchant who ends up being the hapless victim of a thief.
  • Business Idea With The Bank Bin Database By : Gen Wright
    Even if you are not the owner of a retail store or a virtual online store, you could initiate a successful business using the bank bin database system. With a little determination and with a smart management strategy, you could offer bin database services to potential customers. Let us see a simple business plan for a bin database listing business.
  • Governmental Usage Of The Bank Bin Lookup Programs By : Gen Wright
    Only individuals and companies used the services of the bank bin lookup sites in the past, but it seems like the governmental institutions realized the effectiveness of those programs for preventing frauds and cybernetic attacks. Now, the bin lookup is active for all the institutions with responsibilities in fraud and card prevention. However, as we are talking about some customized services that are a little different from the bank bin number services offered for individuals and private company, the officials responsible to implement those programs in the governmental informational structures must be able to find the most reliable services of this kind.
  • Searching for the Right High Interest Checking Account By : Samantha Frost
    There are plenty of high interest checking accounts right there. Banks often portray pictures of account holders of these accounts with a luxurious lifestyle. These accounts not only give you greater return for your money, but also offer you checking services. Compare that to many regular checking accounts that do not pay interest for deposits. Thus, this type of account is great for those who not only want a sound investment for the immediate cash in hand, but also for those who purchase often such that checking services becomes an added convenience. That may well get you to open a checking account with a high interest rate for yourself.
  • Bank Identification Numbers - Check It Now By : Gen Wright
    Save yourself from being scammed and getting into a fraud case by running a check on the bank identification number, which is being used to purchase anything, you are selling online right now. I cannot stress how important it is to keep yourself safe from criminals, who are trying their best to cheat you out of your product and money. The internet used to be safer, when there was more trust and fewer criminals online. That has changed over the years and even the ways, they are scamming people has improved.
  • Bank Bin Checker Makes Your Life Safer By : Gen Wright
    Have you ever heard of a BIN checker? If you are running an online business, this will be something that you will need to read about right now. BIN is the short form of (Bank Identification Number) this is something that banks around the world, use to check the cards that are being used.
  • Bank Identification Number Database Must Be Big By : Gen Wright
    Bank identification numbers are commonly referred to as BIN numbers; they are the first six digits that appear on the front of the card. Using these six numbers you will be able to obtain a big amount of information that you can use to judge, the level of risk that you are taking, when you are trying to close this deal.
  • Bank Bin Numbers Search To Safeguard Your Business By : Gen Wright
    Running on online business is something is should be easy and if you do it the right way, you will be able to earn a decent living off it.
  • Bank Bin Database - A Must Have For Online Merchants By : Gen Wright
    Do you know that millions of dollars are being lost every year to scam artists and frauds? Using the internet is a great way to earn money, but over the years, it has also become a hunting place for criminals.
  • Bank Bin Database Is Easy To Find By : Gen Wright
    Doing business on the internet is a great way to earn money, until there comes a time when you see the money that you thought was safe, taken away by the banks by charge backs. It is sad to say that this is actually, a very common thing that has been happening.
  • An Overview of High Interest Checking Accounts By : Samantha Frost
    What can we say about the different high interest checking accounts that emerge here and there? For one, these special checking accounts can provide depositors with ready cash to grow their money at an extraordinary rate. Ordinary savings accounts offer a 2% interest rate at best; their common rates of interest do not rise above 1%. Checking accounts that give high interest, however, can offer interest rates ranging from 3-6%. There are also the checking services. Regular checking accounts generally do not offer interest. The high interest checking accounts, therefore, can be a great convenience for depositors who do frequent big purchases or online shopping more often. The interest gives them plenty of money ready, and the checking possibility gives them the ability to pay bills at just one sign of a check.
  • Changing Banks? Proceed Wisely By : Sherry Tingley
    Since the call went out recently from people involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement and other efforts to rein in the country's big banks, thousands have shifted their funds into alternative financial mangers, including credit unions, community banks, saving and loans and others.
  • The Increase In Popularity Of Internet Banking By : Adrianna Noton
    There is no doubt that internet banking has really increased in popularity in recent years as people do find it to be far more convenient than the alternative method. We all seem to live busy lives so anything that can cut down the time wasted standing in a queue is always going to be taken on by the majority of the population.
  • The Benefits Of Using Online Banking By : Adrianna Noton
    Using some type of bank account for daily transactions and personal financial management is actually quite common among consumers today. Bank accounts are now some of the most successful and effective tools used in being able to keep all funds as safe and secure as possible at times while also making sure that various tools and technologies are made available for the continual use of personal needs.
  • Garnishing A California Bank Account By : Mark Shapiro
    Some California banks mandate that one to levy the branch where the judgment debtor maintains or opened an account. Every California bank has their own policies on the way levies can be served on them. Outside of California, usually, any bank branch in the state, is ok to levy. (To determine where to serve subpoenas, see
  • A Quick Look At Mobile Banking For Smartphones By : Adriana Noton
    Mobile banking for smartphones is a modern option of transferring and depositing the cash in an easier and convenient method. The telecommunication industries, in partnership with the financial institutions, have made it possible to perform various tasks as reviewed in this piece of writing.
  • Explanation How To Use Credit Card Online And Its Convenience By : Adriana Noton
    People often query how to use credit card online and its convenience above all over forms of payment.
  • Offshore Banking Centres By : Illision Media
    Since more and more companies and individuals are setting up offshore banking accounts, this guide to the features of some of these off shore centres will come in handy for those thinking about making the plunge.
  • Asset Protection Through Off Shore Banking By : Illision Media
    While off shore banking may seem like something only those who seek to evade taxes and launder money might be interested in, the fact is, having a bank offshore can be a very real way to protect assets, get a bigger return on investments, and yes, legally save money on taxes.
  • Advantages of Offshore Banking By : Illision Media
    Some experts believe that more than half the world’s capital flows through offshore banking. Since one of the advantages of an offshore bank account is the complete
    anonymity and privacy of the depositor’s assets, this has to be an educated guess. Although many countries require that the income from interest from off shore bank accounts be dec
  • Are Your Savings Safe? By : leeroger
    The Federal Government set up an independent government agency to insure all bank deposits in the USA. All registered and licensed banks in the US are required to have specific accounts covered by FDIC insurance and to post the FDIC logo.
  • Online Retail Banking In Lebanon By : Mark Solis
    Revolutionary innovations in information technology systems continue to play a paramount role in the advancement of banking and financial industries.
  • Bank Identification Numbers (bin) Database- The Secret To A Safer Ecommerce World By : Gen Wright
    Bank identification number otherwise known more commonly by its abbreviations BIN is the new hyped way of protecting one's ecommerce business from the menace that credit card as well as other financial cards fraud has become. The term BIN simply refers to the beginning 6 digits of a credit, debit or gift card. This number is important in giving useful information regarding the card being used. It offers important information regarding the card such as the issuer of the card and the person to whom the card is registered. Recently, as the number of non-bank financial institutions offering financial cards rises, the term BIN has been used interchangeably with IIN (Issuer Identification Number).
  • Are United States Bank Accounts Insured Against Any Loss? By : Emmanuel DeFreitas
    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency of the United States government that protects the funds depositors place in banks and savings associations. FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.
  • Bank of America Denounces Fee Plan By : Jessica Harmon
    Caving under the pressures of customers and the backing out of other banks, Bank of America has finally announced that they will not be implementing their plan to impose debit card fees on consumers. This means happier consumers and more opportunities for building credit!
  • Canadian Business Banking Needs? The Edge On Bank Lines Of Credit ! Who's Best In Canada ? By : sprokop
    Information on Canadian bank lines of credit . How do you pick the best business banking facility in Canada . What Canadian business owners and financial mangers should consider in Bank financing .
  • Bank of America Fees Are Making Customers Mad By : Jessica Harmon
    Customers are getting mad at banks that are now imposing debit card fees. These new fees are unreasonable, and many customers are having a difficult time switching banks.
  • Collateral Management Systems for Financial Institutions By : Daxen Stewart 1
    Collateral has been used by bankers and other financial institutions to provide security against defaulting borrowers. This is so as to cover any loss that is incurred as a result of a borrower who was lend money but defaulted paying back and hence the banker or lender losing the money.
  • Should You Swap Your Own Bank? By : Nicholas Hunt
    Years ago people tended to stay with the same bank all through their lives. These days, you can get extra benefits by moving to a new bank.
  • Reasons Why Each Individual Are Advised To Maintain A Savings Bank Account By : Nicholas Hunt
    In these uncertain times, it makes sense to save up a financial buffer in case of emergency. A savings account is the perfect way to do this.
  • Tips To Find An Offshore Bank Account For Asset Protection Purposes By : Mike Smith
    This article will explain why offshore company formation in the Marshall Islands is a way to protect assets and save on taxes.
  • Web Based Consumer Banking And Security And Safety By : Nicholas Hunt
    Despite great advances in security, online banking is still viewed as risky by some. This isn't the case if a few simple rules are followed.
  • New Debit Card Fees Have Customers Looking For Better Options By : Jessica Harmon
    Bank of America and some other banks are starting to assess fees to their customers for using their debit cards to make purchases. This has many customers up in arms and looking for better ways to bank.
  • Scripture Checks Inspirational and Calming By : Mirjan
    If you are a devout man or woman, you have a choice to manifest it through your bank checks now!
  • The Things To Lookup In A Checking Account By : Nicholas Hunt
    Checking or current accounts are a mainstay of the banking industry and our personal finances. Is your account up to scratch?
  • Just Why Take A Look At Bank Accounts? By : Nicholas Hunt
    A checking or current account is at the centre of many people's financial lives, but often we stick to the same old account. What can you gain by shopping around for a new one?
  • How to Minimize Loss with Operational Risk Management By : Ned Brumby
    A lot of organizations in the world today especially in the financial sector are facing the big challenge of assessing and controlling the inherent risks in their everyday operations. There is a likelihood of deviation from the normal sequential occurrence of events at the point of business enactment.

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