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  • The Connection Between Social Change and Creative Viewpoint By : Teresa Shantre
    Like all of times gone by, art history can be digested, analyzed, and thought about upon far more easily when broken up into periods. These time frames are usually established on clear crazes in multiple parts of the creative process, such as frequent subject matter, manners of expression, parts played by multiple different areas of representations
  • The Many Colors of Torosijn Vagarshak By : Alex Brawn
    Torosijn Vagarshak has had a multi faceted improvement as a person and as an artist. Having known the diverse cultures of three major states, he maintains a creative facet that's not only huge in imagination, but also encompasses diverse kaleidoscope of thoughts and art streams as a whole.
  • The Compelling Art of Clementina Cote and Her Spot in Art History By : Teresa Shantre
    As with any other area of history, the history of art is much more easily taken apart, analyzed, and thought about when divided into time frames. These periods are typically based on clear crazes in myriad areas of the artistic method, such as commonly occurring subjects, manners of expression, parts played by various types of symbolism.
  • How To Make The Painting Process More Bearable By : Joanne Perkins
    Berkshire-based landscape artist gives a few tips on making the painting process more bearable by making little changes here and there. Just a few simple changes can give you a fresh perspective on your work.
  • Artist Spotlight: Philip Naviasky (1894-1936) By : Olivia Nicholls
    Hailing from Leeds originally myself, my ears – or rather eyes, in this case, if such a thing were possible – always prick up on mention of a Leeds artist.
  • Francis Bacon, The Painter; John Edwards, My Friend By : Morgan McFinn
    A reminiscence regarding John Edwards; Francis Bacon's main model for 15 years and my friend.
  • How to Go About Putting a Picture on to Canvas Photo Prints By : andrew bourke
    Many people ask how does canvas printing work and how would you go about printing your most precious photos to canvas to be able to show them off to family and friends Well it's actually so much easier now than you first thought
  • Abstract Paintings on Canvas - A Very Unique Way of Expressing Yourself By : Pitor Mattew
    With the development taking place in almost every field in the world, painting or art is one of the few who were left behind. In the early 19th century a revolution took place in the field of art with the introduction of the abstract paintings canvas.
  • Canvas Wall Art Can Be the Best Option for Both Home Decoration and Gift By : Pitor Mattew
    Whenever people have to decide something they become nervous, why so? It is because people will come to know about their taste and the way they think about others and what is their prospective towards life.
  • Artist Spotlight: Lord Francis Leveson-Gower By : Olivia Nicholls
    Francis Leveson-Gower was born on 1 January 1800. The simple clarity of his birth date contrasts with the confusing web of names associated with the man: Leveson-Gower, Egerton, Sutherland, Bridgewater, Ellesmere, Brackley. Appropriately, the man with many names also had many facets to his life and character.
  • Common Steps Of Buying Affordable Framed Artwork In Your Locality By : Jenifer Whitmire
    Opting to buy handmade arts gives a better option for makeovers rather than expensive products. If you are wondering about how to get these arts, continue reading.
  • 3. How You Can Sketch Your Car - Several Helpful Tips For Better Auto Illustration By : ihya
    this is about how to draw a car step by step
  • Gemstone Paintings, Narrating the Lustrous Passage of Rajasthans Art By : Rohan Kumar
    One of the well-known art-forms of Rajasthan, the gemstone paintings are made with crushed gemstones, integrating the beautiful colors of Rajasthan’s cultural mores.The origination of gemstone paintings dates back in 18th century.
  • How To Choose Wall Art By : John Younger
    The days of having outlandish ostentatious furniture are long gone. These days the designs are sleek and trendy and tend to occupy as little space as possible in the room. Interior designers keep furniture to the bare minimum as they feel that plusher furniture makes the room look too full and chaotic.
  • Disturbing Zombie Sketches --But Lively and Fun! By : Jon Saqarra
    drawing pencil sketches,zombie sketches,horror drawings,scary drawing,drawings of flowers,vampire drawings,werewolf sketches,easy to draw,step by step drawing,demon sketches
  • Buy Aboriginal Paintings and Aboriginal Art Online from Alice Springs. By : Bergen Reimer
    A lot is said about aboriginal art. Have you thought about buying aboriginal art. You can buy aboriginal paintings online. One look at these amazing paintings and you will instantly realize why they attract so much attention. ...
  • Fine Art Investment: Tips For Buying Masterpieces By : Rina Davis
    A good piece of art is a good investment.
  • Aboriginal Artists in Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewan, Alberta By : PT Smith
    Alberta is home to a wealth of indigenous art. Fort McMurray happens to boast some impressive art and artists, which are explored in this article.
  • A Guide to Packing Materials For Art Storage By : M Fraser
    A handy guide to packing your art collections to ensure they stay safe and in pristine condition.
  • Buy Art Online – Do Your Bit To Save The Planet By : evikram kumar
    Though there are numerous online art galleries that display various works of artists, many of them concentrate only on recycled art. It is possible to view these creations and buy art online from any of these art galleries
  • How to Choose a Suitable Ballroom Dance Lessons Long Island Studio? By : ElizabethJ
    When you are searching for a suitable dance lessons Long Island studio, you need not search more. There are so many avid ballroom dancers who spend thousands per year in just one lesson. There are so many dance studios too which can try to push expensive deals for the first time learners.
  • Purchasing Reproduction Oil Paintings By Popular Artists By : Matt Pham
    It's a fact of life that there can only be one original of an oil painting. Reproduction oil paintings are hand-painted duplications of the original. This enables art lovers to enjoy their favorite pieces of art without breaking into a museum and risk going to jail, where they most certainly would not be permitted to hang their ill-gotten masterpiece.
  • An Appreciation Of Van Gogh's Starry Night And His Famous Paintings By : Matt Pham
    Van Gogh Starry Night is an oil painting on canvas. It was painted in 1889 by the Dutch post-impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh shortly before he shot himself and died at the age of 37. While it is considered by many to be his 'opus magnum', or greatest work, this notion should not detract from the magnificence of his nearly 900 other fine efforts. The original painting of The Starry Night has been hanging in the Museum of Modern Art for more than sixty years.
  • Van Gogh Starry Night A Painting That Speaks With Passion And Bold Color By : Matt Pham
    Vincent van Gogh was a tortured soul who had little faith in his talent and sold only one painting in his lifetime. At the age of 37 he died of a gunshot wound possibly self-inflicted. He never lived to know the affect his paintings like the Van Gogh starry night would have on future generations. Today he is acknowledged as one of the greatest of his time and his artworks demand huge prices when they appear in auction houses.
  • Making An Oil Painting A Part Of Your Home By : Matt Pham
    An oil painting reproduction can add an elegant design element to your home. You may have a favorite artist whose works you want to display, or you may have found a new painting you want a reproduction of in your home. Art catalogs can be a good source for you to explore the world of art reproductions.
  • Getting Art Prints That Can Give Elegance To A Property By : Lenny Dalembert
    Several artists may have their well-loved arts reproduced onto smaller canvas sizes, different types of paper, and even postcards to sell to the people who wish to have their own copy of the piece at a far more affordable price.
  • Renoir Paintings Demonstrative Of Impressionism Era By : Matt Pham
    Pierre Auguste Renoir was a famous painter during the late 19th. Many people credit him with bringing forward the Impressionist movement that affected much of European culture of the time. People who have purchased or own Renoir paintings have quite an investment on their hands, as these paintings continue to sell at auctions for far into the millions.
  • Some Of The Valuable Vincent Van Gogh Artworks By : Matt Pham
    When it comes to art, there are fewer more recognizable pieces in this world than the collection of Vincent Van Gogh paintings which everyone knows about. They seem to be bred into our cultural consciousness at birth: people seem to pick up the ability to distinguish between this master painter and his lesser contemporaries without knowing that they are looking at a genuine masterpiece.
  • The Kiss Painting Of Gustav Klimt Is A Great Addition To Your Art Collection By : Matt Pham
    Klimt the Kiss is a wonderful picture and it is now possible to buy a quality reproduction of the kiss painting online. It can be hand painted in oil on canvas and will grace a room in spectacular fashion. However, the cost of such a reproduction will be a tiny fraction of what an original would cost though painted on quality canvas and retaining much of the texture of the original.
  • Studying The Significance Of Edward Hopper Paintings By : Matt Pham
    The paintings of Edward Hopper depict American life in the twentieth century. They show urban scenes populated by a few figures that are sometimes interacting in a rather detached way. In Edward Hopper paintings people and scenes are painted in a realistic way but without much detail.
  • Degas Paintings Are Perfect Examples Using Vibrant Color And Broken Brush Strokes By : Matt Pham
    Edgar Degas is a French artist famous for his paintings, printmaking, sculptures and drawings. He is classified as an impressionist although he considered himself a realist. The best known Degas paintings are those of ballet dancers. More than half his life's work is made up of scenes of dance and movement. His female nudes and portraits are remarkable and give the viewer an overwhelming feeling of complex emotions.
  • Your Band's Logo Design With Spicy Ingredients On It By : Claude Epstein
    If you have are a lawyer, a doctor, band, or somebody that doesn't work with a company, getting your image out in the marketplace could be as easy as 1 2 3.
  • Art Reproductions Of Paintings Is A Great Choice For Modern Home Decor By : Matt Pham
    When couples have children they bring to each child the same combination of genes each time. The procedures that they go through to conceive each time may be excitingly different or tediously the same. Whatever the case it is likely that they will breed a different individual each time though probably with a family resemblance. It is the same with art reproductions.
  • A Gorgeous Landscape Can Be Like Drifting On A Cloud! By : Serena Harris
    For hundreds of years, males and females have found great comfort in building outside sanctuaries for themselves, family and friends. Exactly what inspires individuals to put so much thought and work into their outdoor area? Well, on...
  • Have A Closer Look At The Following Guidelines To Sell Art Online By : Harley Jamile
    Selling art online is not easy, there are certain tips and points you should know to sell art online. This article will help you through the points.
  • The Best Wassily Kandinsky Paintings By : Matt Pham
    Wassily Kandinsky paintings are highly regarded across the art world by fans of painting and artwork and those who are not massively interested in the sector at all. Luckily, the size of a following around this painter means that there is an immense popularity for people who want to follow him. He is not a false prophet to follow, however. His skills at painting are second to none, with all of his pieces being known by those who love art and those who are indifferent towards it.
  • About Oil Painting By : collieart
    Art wonderful aspect of life that comes in many forms. Of all the beautiful art forms in the world, oil painting is considered a relatively new and beautiful form of art. The actual value of oil painting with oils and pigments. Prior to the beginning of the fifteenth century, artists used to have a mythological and decorative perspective to art
  • Bring Charm And Elegance To Your Home With Painting Reproductions By : Matt Pham
    When decorating the room, there must be enough attention focused on the walls, which often there is not. It is not uncommon for homeowners to neglect these areas for a variety of reasons, usually because they have run out of funding. That said, you can easily bring elegance to your home with paintings reproductions in a very cost-effective manner.
  • Advice On How To Discover Quality Abstract Art By : Matt Pham
    Somehow the art world has a reputation as a snobbish establishment and that art is an expensive hobby, meant only for the very rich. This is not true, however, since many ordinary people have made excellent investments by buying abstract art for sale. Such investors do not always necessarily like the particular piece that they purchased, but they recognize the possibility of huge returns on initial investment.
  • This Is Why People Always Want To Buy Art Products At More Significant Artistic Exhibitions By : Ryan Andrews
    Many people who purchase art products normally do so during the major artistic exhibitions. This article explores that phenomenon further.
  • Chilean Architecture By : Morgan D
    The Article will dwell into Architecture in Chile.
  • Reasons As To Why Some Abstract Art Products End Up Being Extremely Expensive By : Leonie Luo
    Some abstract art products are sold at considerably hefty prices. This article examines some of the justifications for that.
  • It Is Not Magic When Your Prized Art Glass Sculpture Is Fully Restored By : Michael Bokrosh
    As an artisan, a glass restoration professional knows the natural beauty of glass. He also knows the very best way to evaluate and then restore a piece of glass art, assuming such a repair is possible. The fact is, there are some glass art repair jobs that will not be undertaken, as the repair cannot be completed in such a way that it would reflect positively on the owner and the artisan.
  • Pop Art, Wearable Art For All Ages By : Stacey Hammel
    Whether it is a purse, shoes, top, pants, skirt, scarf, jewelry or any other fashion item, Pop Art has a certain quality to it that allows it to brighten up any outfit. Pop Art has so many different design elements that as long as they are utilized in the right way, they can be worked into any fashion garment for a person of any age.
  • Add Beauty And Life To Your Home Through Abstract Art Decor By : Leonie Luo
    If you have a canvas wall in your home or like using wallpaper, then you have a bounty of option within your grasp that you can use to make the place sparkle in terms of decor. Ever thought of using Abstract art to achieve this new look?
  • Putting Your Art Online By : Thomas Donovan
    As an artist one of the easiest ways to get your art in front of a myriad of new customers is to put your artwork online, either in the form of your own personal website or as a simple submission to online galleries. If you aren't technically inclined this can be an overwhelming task. Below we offer some initial steps that will help you enter your art into the digital world.
  • How To Draw Animals And A Horse By : Amanda Fox
    Knowing How to draw animals can help you to add a special touch to any card that you may be filling out. A basic birthday card is likely something that will not garner very much attention. However, you can change this by adding to the presentation ...
  • North Carolina Artist Turns Focus To "Visual Time Out" By : Kim Weiss
    Fine artist Don Mertz wants to counter the visual and digitial clutter with which we're assaulted every day with paintings that provide a place to rest our eyes.
  • Tips For Good Portrait Editing By : Cara Jin
    With the right software, portrait editing can be a relatively simple process. However, even with the very best photo editing program, it takes a lot of time and attention to detail to get it just right. Images that have been overworked or ...
  • Buying Art Prints For Sale Online By : Ben Goldstein
    Displaying any work of art in your home or office is a way to beautify and enhance any room's ambiance. Buying art prints and canvas prints online as gifts is also a good gesture no matter the occasion.
  • Great Known Works Of Art In The World By : David Tatham
    The term art is a general term that is used to refer to the image creations in many fields such as paintings, photography and even in architecture. Paintings require great skill in order to be able to develop a piece of work that is attractive and also one that carries in itself rich message content.
  • A Rebellious New Age Music Artist Inside The System By : Suzy Miller
    Silentaria is an Electronic New Age musical project founded in 2010 by Rixa White, a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, composer and poet.
    The project's music combines elements of Electronic, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Ambient and Progressive Rock genres. It is the reminiscence of New Age and Electronic music projects such as Enigma, Yanni, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis and Era.
  • Investing In The Volatile World Of Art By : David Tatham
    Investing in art can be a big commitment, depending on the budget you're working with. With no way to guarantee an appreciation in value of a piece, you may lose the money you put into it. It's important to make sure you know what you're getting in to before you get too far into it.
    Before you decide to invest in it, ensure it's something you know about. Ask yourself whether you just like art, or you merely want to make some money from it.
  • Compose Elegance And Create A Livelihood With Mosaic Art By : Mack Goodwin
    Some great benefits of establishing a fine art business.
  • Artwork, A Saving For The Future Or Pleasure For The Present By : C A Mc Craw
    Can a work of art be seen purely as an ornamental work or as an investment. Certainly an old master painting hanging in the National Gallery has long passed its original point of being a visual representation, and has transformed into being an investment purely for its own sake. Alternatively, a piece in oils of a local scene might by no means atta
  • Get To Understand The Importance Of Art By : David Tatham
    What is art, really in our modern day society? An illustration of what influences have particular importance and an emmotional feel in the register of time.
    The term art can be used to imply so many forms of work which may not be related in any way. A very common type of art refers to a skill whereby people express their desires or feelings through drawings and paintings. The paintings are normally a way through which they use to pass a message.
  • Paintings the Artistic Objects Everyone Loves By : Brian Neil
    One of the many kinds of activities that a lot of people enjoy doing is painting. This is the process of applying paint onto a surface in order to create amazing images. If you look at the history of painting, you will find that this art form has been practiced for many years.
  • How To Perceive The Importance Of Art By : David Tatham
    The word art can be used to imply so many types of work or practices a lot of which may not be associated in any way. A very common sort of artwork refers to a skill whereby individuals express their needs or emotions through drawings and paintings. The works are usually a approach by means of which they use to give a message.
  • Contemporary Indian Art By :
    Sanchit Art : A glimpse of the variety in Indian Contemporary Art Paintings. An opportunity to Buy Indian Art Online.
  • Strategies On How To Effectively Take Better Photos By : Savaj
    You have an appreciation for photography but you have no idea how to work a camera. This article will break down some of the basics steps of how to use a camera and how to get great looking images, no matter if you have a point and shoot camera or a DSLR.
  • Twist Your Gifts And Home Spaces From Drab To Great With Mosaics Art By : Mon Bennigton
    Being artistic, is being realistic and bold ion every art decision you make, like making a mosaic on your walls.
  • Which Paint Should You Use? By : Neadeen Masters
    As a beginning painter, the amount of paints available can become overwhelming if you're not sure what type of paint to use. Acrylic versus oil, water based versus oil based. The varieties available can not only be confusing, but could discourage someone just starting. Before you put down the brush and walk away, here are some good guidelines for picking the right paint for the job.
  • Having The Right Art Supplies Will Spell Profits For Your Business By : Axili Sonni
    If you have a business connected to art, getting the right art supplies will put you on the right track. But what art supplies should you buy?
  • Tips for Adding Art to Your Home By : Lawrence Reaves
    There are many rules and guidelines that designers learn about what a good display of artwork in a home should look like and once you understand all the rules, you can break them and create a wonderful home display. If you are just beginning and are hanging your first art on the walls of your home, you may want to stick with some of these rules, or not.
  • How To Make Money Through Art By : David Tatham
    Investing in art is a good way to renovate your home as well as adding money to your savings. The value of art can appreciate with the passage of time while hanging on the wall. Active participation will let you collect good information and knowledge about the world of art. In order to get started, follow a couple of smart tips.
  • How To Put Your Art Online By : darellbelen
    There are so many ways that can be employed to market the different art works. But you need to choose the best method.
  • How to Commission House Portraits By : Nitin Tyagi
    After the development of Portrait painting and the establishment of its uses which were established in times very different from the present.
  • Why You Want Your Kid to Paint the Cat By : Kristen Skouras
    It's not often that you would encourage your child to get creative with the family cat, or dog, or fish, for that matter.
  • Art: Wise Investments For All Incomes By : David Tatham
    Art is all around us. Many people collect artwork as an investment. There are many different kinds of art to collect; paintings, signed prints, limited editions, sculpture and mixed media are just a few of the many offerings for collectors. Some people only collect one type of art (for example, British artwork) while others prefer a broad range in their collections and remember, investing in the art world isn't just for the wealthy.
  • Tips For Buying Good Oil Paintings Online By : Nitin Tyagi
    If you are planning to buy a good oil painting for your home or office, you have to do a lot of research as this involves investing a huge sum of money.
  • Every Art Collector Should Buy Oil Paintings By : Axili Sonni
    Everybody has to start somewhere and if you love art and want to start collecting them, buying oil paintings would be a good way to get the ball rolling.
  • New Canaan CT Historic Homes: Philip Johnson's Glass House By : Steven Penny
    Philip Johnson is one of the giants in the history of modern American architecture. His Glass House at 798-856 Ponus Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut that was his personal residence for 58 years is considered one of the great monuments of modern architecture. The Glass House built in 1949 is widely considered to be Johnson's most important work and a masterpiece in the innovative use of glass.
  • How To Market Your Art By : David Tatham
    Art takes many forms. It can be in forms of the way people decorate their houses, dress, express themselves, paint and how someone talks. All these factors help to create the whole concept. A keen eye will definitely notice something unique. People interpret it differently and this brings about beauty and uniqueness.
  • Find Out What Sets The Art Student Apart From All The Rest By : Mario Cora
    An art student is just like any other student working his way towards having a career. But, in a way, he is also different. In what ways is he different?
  • Wise Investments For British Art Creations By : David Tatham
    Every year, a Northern British art exhibition is held in commemoration to the wonderful artworks in the United Kingdom. Great Britain is indeed a great location for art investments because of the rich artistic culture it has. This country provides a good avenue for creators of paintings an sculptures.
  • Family Portraits Do’s and Don’ts By : Nitin Tyagi
    For any photographer skills are necessary and the requirements for upcoming photographers.
  • Eternal Paintings of Erte By : Amit k
    Romain de Tirtoff, better known as Erte, had a long and illustrious career that transformed both the art fashion industry in which he produced fine original artwork for as well as the broader culture of the time of his widespread popularity.
  • Peter Max- Magic of Vibrant Color Palette By : Amit k
    Peter Max’s famous pop art has become an iconic representation of Americana. His work has ranged widely in themes over the course of his long standing career. Throughout his career however, Peter Max’s artwork has remained identifiable by his signature use of vibrant color.
  • Art As A Form Of Investment And Online Limited Edition Offers By : David Tatham
    The idea that human beings can put onto paper, images depicting, the surroundings, animals and buildings has been in practice for many centuries. The only thing that has changed is the form in which this is done. Ancient tribes would use basic skills. Nowadays, the application of technology is widely acceptable in all types of art. No wonder, it is easy to find many paintings posted at internet sales points.
  • The Life of Salford's Favourite Son By : David Tatham
    Laurence Stephen Lowry was born in Rusholme, Manchester, in November 1887, the only baby of Irish-born R S Lowry and Elizabeth Lowry (born Hobson). He attended neighborhood schoolcollege in Victoria Park, but took private lessons from William Fitz, before beginning work as a clerk for a firm of chartered accountants in 1904.
  • Things You Need To Know About Art Investment By : David Tatham
    Cultured people would tell you that investments in art could provide them with more satisfaction than other types of investments. This is because artwork is appealing and tangible pieces can sometimes enhance the quality of their daily lives. Nevertheless, they would tell you that investing in paintings carries as many risks as investing in bonds, stocks, and properties, and they also feel a need to justify their purchases as part emmotional.
  • How To Profit From Art By : David Tatham
    With the economic outlook still very wobbly, investing in the stockmarket remains a challenging prospect. And with interest rates at rock bottom, earning a decent return on savings can be difficult. This has led to an increasing number of investors looking for alternative options for their money, such as art.
  • The Essential Guide To British Artwork By : David Tatham
    Judging by the level of interest expressed in recent years over art British investments paintings prints, it is safe to assume this is a thriving industry that will go on doing very well into the foreseeable future. This means that any investment that is being made now in the industry is projected to make good returns in the future. However, the world of art being what it is, you are well advised to be cautious.
  • Three Important Things About Handling Vintage Pictures By : Patricia Strasser
    Here are three important things you should know about managing classic photographs. These include adjusting and dusting, selecting the right album, and keeping your photos in photo frames.
  • Investing In British Art By : David Tatham
    Investing in British art seems an exciting thing to do. You might think about reviewing catalogues from the many Galleries of British art, browse through museums or look for your own masterpiece in flea market hoping to find some secret art treasures. But is it a plan that will result in making you richer? We shall examine the pros and cons of art investment in today's highly volatile markets.
  • Getting Paintings On The Internet and Tips to Use By : Byron Dyson
    An overview on painting
  • Have It Your Way - Commissioning Art For Your Collection By : David Tatham
    In the past, the only real way to find a piece of artwork to add to your home or your investment collection was to work with art agents or dealers, trawling artist studios and searching through galleries and art shows until you find the perfect pieces for you. When collecting works of art, it isn't enough to find something that has monetary value, but, for most people be something they find pleasing and would enjoy having in their home.
  • The World of British Art By : David Tatham
    There are so many different styles of art to consider these days, from contemporary splashes of paint on a canvas to a meticulously painted watercolur from the victorian era. It is always wise to consider current fashions and how the market is evolving. The general idea would be to purchase a work of art before the artist has reached his or her maximum popularity.
  • Scrapbooking Retreats Offer Weekend Getaways For Serious Hobbyists By : Art Gib
    Serious hobbyists attend scrapbooking retreats in Michigan where they can share their talents and focus on projects during scrapbooking weekends. A large open crop room is accessible 24 hours and guests enjoy meals and beds as they are invited to participate in scrapbooking retreats.
  • Free Ways To Gain Exposure For Your Airbrush Art By : King Herring
    Getting known in any industry will take time but you have to get your work out there in front of people. It is only after you have people looking and
  • Lithographs Provide Pathway to the Masters By : Walter Gates
    Lithographs come into play because although everyone would love to own an original Picasso or a Van Gogh, the majority of people cannot afford to do so. However, they can have a lithograph which is an authorized copy.
  • How To Create Your Own Airbrush Art Stencils By : king aseje
    There are two forms of doing airbrush art. One way is that you can use stencils or masks to airbrush your artwork on to your project. The other way
  • A Look At The History Of Airbrush Art By : king aseje
    Airbrush art is a popular form of painting various designs on various types of surfaces. Everything from skin, clothing, canvas and automobiles are being used to show fantastic works of
  • Creative Art Tricks Encourage Maturity By : JOHN CRUSER
    Parents and teachers have many opportunities to help children develop mentally, socially and emotionally.
  • Baby Shower Clip Art By : Cletus Richards
    Hundreds of baby shower clip art drawings are widely available, with just one click to the Internet. Primarily, you should know what type of clip art you are looking for.
  • Printing Your Favourite Images Straight Onto Canvas Yourself By : mark alexander
    Imagine being able to print your favourite images onto canvas without having to pay a company to do it for you. Well these days with the right equipment and just a little bit of tuition you can print your digital photos directly onto canvas all by yourself.
  • Nancy Glazier's Animals Are at One with Nature By : Walter Gates
    Nancy Glazier began painting with oils at the tender age of eight thanks to a caring grandmother.
  • Rod Chase Is a Photorealist Extraordinaire By : Walter Gates
    Known as a photorealist, Rod Chase and his beautiful paintings are known for the way that they capture the subject matter so realistically that they could easily be mistaken for a very well taken photograph.
  • Andy Thomas Proves a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words By : Walter Gates
    At one time, artistry was something that Andy Thomas loved to do but it was not his profession. He earned a degree in Marketing Management and went on to work in advertising for most of two decades.
  • Art Therapy Schools: Is It For You? By : chee kin ho
    Families or an individual can submit himself to art therapy. There are several art therapy programs that are especially designed for families who need help while there are also other programs that are meant to be taken by individuals.

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