Zodiac Signs and Career Choices

     Which location is lucky for you career wise and which direction is most likely to enhance your fortune? Which career is most suited to you based on Astrology and your sun sign? Get your answers here! As per astrology, Aries will find luck and opportunities by heading east and Leo will do well by heading north east. Based on your astro sun sign, find out what works for you.

Aries: Arians are fire signs and people born under this sun sign are indicated to do well in the east. Aries natives are known for being competitive and like to take on leadership positions. A sub-ordinate position will simply not do for the Ram.

Taurus: Taureans are earth signs known for being reliable and loyal. Lucky job directions for Taurus are east and north-west. Financial luck is indicated for those who head towards the north-west. They will do well as bankers, artists and accountants.

Gemini: Gemini natives are known for their excellent communication skills. This air sign will do well by heading towards the east and north. They will do well as publicists and writers.

Cancer: Cancer natives are ruled by their element water and as a result, they may maintain a quiet front at work. Lucky directions for Cancer people are west and north-west. While at work, Cancer strives for harmony and peace. They maintain good relationships with their colleagues. Astrologically, they’ll do well as teachers, doctors and chefs.

Leo: Leo natives are known for being great leaders and their ruling element is fire. They strive for perfection at the work place and love the spotlight. East and northeast are considered lucky for Leo folks. They will do well as managers, architects and political leaders.

Virgo: Virgo natives are known for being perfectionists and will do well in a career that requires an eye for detail. The south-east will be lucky for you and will bring you good luck. Virgos are ideally suited for a career in medicine or management.

Libra: Librans will find the east and north to be their lucky directions for jobs and in terms of career and money. They will do well as lawyers, administrators and journalists.

Scorpio: Scorpio natives are driven by their ruling element fire and are known for being passionate about everything they do. North and the northeast are lucky directions for this sign.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are ruled by the element fire and they are known for being adventurous and risk takers. They are always ready with new ideas and are willing to experiment. North and west are lucky for Sagittarians.

Capricorn: Earth sign Capricorn will get lucky by heading towards the east and northwest. This hard working and down to earth sign will fit in and work in harmony. They will do well as generals, administrators and ministers.

Aquarius: Aquarius sign people are known for being wise and intelligent. This know it all sign belongs to the element water. Lucky directions for job and career for the Aquarians are east and the north. Best career options include politics, writing and art.

Pisces: Water sign Pisces are always brimming with energy and are enthusiastic about trying something new. South and east are lucky for these natives. Acting, painting and music are suitable career options for Pisces.

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