Zodiac Sign Compatibility

     On the basis of four primary elements, that is, earth, fire, air and water, all the sun zodiac sign compatibility are categorised into four groups, earth signs, fire signs, air signs, and water signs. The elements not only have different features, but also have a strong inspiration on our existence. In fact, they are like the principles of life, which give a broad perception about how a person would lead his life. When people have the same element, it considerably raises the likelihood of them possessing similar characteristics.Earth is the basis of civilisation, prosperity and success. Earth does not constitute of just one element. It is a match-up of several mineral compounds and other elements. Similarly, people born under Earth zodiac sign compatibility are reliable, durable, solid and multi faceted. Meek and humble, they don't aim for recognition. If anything has to be done, it has to be done by hook or by crook, they believe. So you would very rarely find an Earth Sign native not giving his best to windup a project.

If they make up their minds, it is next to impossible to convince them to alter their decision. While in the competitive world such persistence may work as a benefit, it may disrupt the peace in their personal lives. The Earth people do not like alterations. Given a chance, they would happily be satisfied with what they already possess. Earth Signs are not as sensitive as the Water Signs are; however, the latter has the ability to comfort the stress-prone Earth signs.

Fire is an unpredictable element which is not easy to control. Fire has its own rhythm and advantageous points, but if the required attention is not given, it can lead to massive destruction. They have good leadership quality, all praises to their confident, great personality and enthusiasm. They have faith in their instincts which normally leads them to the right way. They also have a strong sense of self-respect; hurt that and you'll definitely repent for your actions.They tend to be stubborn, rude and selfish. Unlike the Earth people, they demand recognition and compliments for their efforts and achievements. They are very vocal about their demands and opinions.

So when they require anything, they will convey it directly, to the appropriate person. Although they may try to comfort you and give a shoulder to cry on, they may soon lose their cool.Although they are compatible with the Air sings, Fire people sometimes get bored, frustrated, and stressed with their everyday intellectual observations. Water and fire, both have the capability to destroy others. Hence, the relationship between a Fire sign native and a Water sign native will require a lot of nurturing, and it should be handled with utmost care. An Earth sign native can offer the much required discipline and make the Fire sign native change in the appropriate direction.Air can soar to heights where no other element can. You can hold air in a container, but not for a long time. Similarly, it is not easy to restrict Air zodiac sign compatibility within a specific area. They are like free birds that will listen to their own voice, alter the directions on their will and enjoy their freedom. Talkative and creative, the Air people are thinkers who would ideate and ensure that their plans get materialised.

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