Your Essential Guide to a Successful Wedding Rehearsal

     You've probably witnessed weddings that didn't go that well or you've watched wedding videos that featured some bloopers on the wedding day itself. Minor mishaps are forgivable but if the mistake/s mess up the whole celebration, then it's definitely not something you can laugh about.

Now you're perhaps a bit anxious for your wedding because you're afraid that the occasion may not be as organized as you expect it to be, or your wedding videographer may not be able to cover all the important scenes on this most special day.

Hey, it's your big day, so don't worry too much! You can prevent major blunders through a wedding rehearsal. Just make sure that you won't miss this important aspect.

There are so many couples that decide on an impromptu wedding ceremony but that often leads to some mistakes. To avoid regrets, here are some guidelines that would help you plan your wedding rehearsal:

1. Set the exact date, time and venue to be able to inform all the entourage and other important people in advance. Usually, the rehearsal is done the night before the wedding but if that's inconvenient for you, you can have it two days before the big day.

2. Aside from the bride and groom, the entourage and all important people should also be present so they'll be acquainted with the flow of the program. Aside from your entourage, invite your family, officiating ministers and musicians so that everything will fall right into place. You can ask your wedding videographers and photographers to attend too, for them to familiarize your guests and know the cues to take shots.

3. Pick a theme to add excitement to the dry run. If your wedding is going to be formal, then you can have fun during the rehearsal and choose a more laidback setting. You can have a barbecue party, cowboy theme or a potluck party. By having a more relaxed atmosphere, your guests will feel more comfortable and they can get to know each other more.

4. For the run-through, make certain that all the important parts will be included--processional, rites, recessional. Through the rehearsal, everyone will know where to position themselves, minimizing the risk of mistakes on the wedding day itself and avoid wedding video faux pas.

5. Include a great menu for the guests. The dinner part provides everyone a chance to loosen up and socialize so that on your wedding, your guests are more at ease with each other.

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