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     “You got the job!” Waiting to hear those words? They can be unfortunately elusive, especially in a tough economic climate. How many of us can admit to waiting anxiously by the phone, or being nervous every time it rings? But sometimes it seems like the phone will never ring, or that you are instead told, “We're sorry, but we've decided to go in a different direction.” Hearing this all the time can be very disappointing, even discouraging. But there are ways to improve your chances of hearing those triumphant words, and it is easier than you think. A tarot card reading can really help your chances of being hired by changing the way you approach applying for jobs. It is easy, quick, and, more often than not, totally free.

A tarot card reading will do several things for you. First, you will be able to determine certain things about your life. The cards are laid out in a certain order, called a spread; different positions in a spread represent different things, such as future projects or obstacles that have presented themselves in your life. There are many different kinds of spreads, each with their own purpose. Several of these layouts are career-oriented. The results of these tarot spreads can give you a clear insight as to issues that you may face in your job search. And if you are aware of these issues, you may be able to avoid them before they become a huge problem. Next, a tarot reading can help you determine what kind of a job you should look for. Choosing the right field in which to look for a job is absolutely crucial. It can be, more than anything else, the biggest chance you have to find the right job. If you are artistic, it could be a big mistake to get a job with a technology company, as you will find yourself to be out of your league. The right job for you uses the skills you have acquired over the years, as well as being appropriate with your life plans—for example, if you want to move into management, the job you are looking for should have upward mobility. Even if you take these things into account, though, pinpointing what job is the right one can seem tough. Determining which field you should work in will help you to limit your search to the jobs you are likely to get. The different cards in your reading can help provide some clarity in an uncertain time.

If you're out of work, or at a low-paying job, you may worry that you can't afford a tarot card reading. Thankfully, many sites on the internet will offer you a free tarot card reading. They will even help explain to you the different spreads, as well as what the cards mean for your life. A free tarot card delivered to your inbox every day can be immensely helpful, as it provides a point of reflection and deep thought. With this kind of self-knowledge on your side, hearing “You got the job!” may be only a few applications away!

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