Women Over Weight / Should You Do the Same Workout As Men?/ I Have the True Answer

     The one true reason women have such a hard time losing weight is because we all think we should be doing all the lifting and exercise that makes us so soar and hurt for days and who is looking forward to that.

Did you know that women should be doing a totally different fitness program than men. If you do the same program as the men do then believe me you will not lose a pound. Most likely you will gain weight, as a matter of fact I know you will. Women should be taking it a lot easier by leaving the weights to the men and you won't believe how easy women have it when they find the right way to take off fat and become lean and trim. Well, I have found some of the in site on how that can be done and it's truly not the same as men.

Men do their program to build muscle and as we all know muscle weighs more that fat. Most women want to be lean and shapely where as men want to build up and look muscular.

When men are working out they are pumping up energy that women do not have, we are trying to follow along and nothing on our body is changing if you could do a fitness for women program there would be no aches and pains to follow, and you would not be dreading do it again.

There is a diet plan that will help you take your access weight off in a matter of of only 2 months, and the greatest part is you will start seeing a difference in 1 week. I know that sounds extreme, but it is a fact and has been proven by many women how effective it is and how fast it works.

I was looking across the web one day and ran across this program that was absolutely amazing, I could not believe what I was learning about the differences between men and women. Once I finished, I decided to give it a try. I can't even tell you what knowing what I know now has done for me.

What if you could eat everything you wanted, or you were losing weight eating the foods you love? There are secrets that none of us know and it is incredible to realize that all you have to do is figure out when to eat certain foods and what times to eat them.

Women and men both have a master hormone that can cause us to be extremely overweight or we can be very slim depending on how we use it. Women have twice a much of this hormone than men and if we wanted to lose weight we could lose as much as we wanted and never ever gain it back.

I learned that you can take off belly fat, butt fat, thigh fat and that cottage cheese looking fat that we have. Not anymore, it truly will be gone. Believe me when I say it is absolutely amazing and life changing.

I know you must be thinking that this type of weight loss will never really all go away but you are so wrong, it can be done and the time frame is short and sweet. Within two weeks you will see drastic change and believe me it looks good.

Take a minute to yourself and think about how good you feel and how nice you would look.

This is your day to begin looking brand new .

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