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     Through dream decoding, a person can discover the infinite symbolic world that gives us information about our daily life, our psychic sphere, the past, the present and the future. This is a source we never imagined we could find—messages that are key to eternal wisdom and psychic health contained in our daily dreams!

The more you learn about dream decoding, the more you will see how important the dreams’ messages are, and as soon as you understand how to interpret them, you’ll discover a world that is much more fascinating and powerful than the Internet.

The psychotherapy carried out through dream interpretation is a real miracle! And it has really a holy character, which leads us to the conclusion that the unconscious, the organ that produces dreams in our psychic sphere, is directed by God, Who really exists and is as saintly as is described by all religions of our world.

All religions were certainly created by the same God in order to teach us several sides of reality we ignore and several attitudes we must have. The Chinese Tao and its complexity offer us a very good example of how extraordinary religion’s realm is and how much it can help the human being achieve.

All the religions teach us that we must eliminate our ego and help others. The unconscious that produces the dreams tells us exactly the same thing because craziness comes from selfishness. If we try to fulfil our ego’s desires, we will very easily get lost in the labyrinth of craziness because the ego is connected with the wild side of our conscience, which is evil and violent. So, the human being has both God and Satan living within his psychic sphere!

The battle between these opposite sides is taking place all the time in our psychic sphere. This means that the religious content and the psychological reality are the same. Psychic health is equal goodness and equilibrium through sensitivity, while craziness means absurd evil and violence.

The most important dream symbols according to the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung are the archetypes. These symbols are found in all the dreams and all the artistic and religious manifestations of humanity in all historical times and all the civilizations that ever existed. They reflect the wisdom of the unconscious, which orients us through these images.

When, for example, we see a snake in a dream, it means “the bad event that will cure the psychic sphere.” The snake is one of the most important dream symbols and it has many meanings besides the one already described, but most of them are associated with different cultures. Its general meaning is that a bad event will result in something good for the dreamer. It’s like surgery; a painful operation that has to be done in order to save the hero’s life.

For instance, the snake’s meaning in Christianity is quite similar, since it induced Eve to eat the apple with the forbidden knowledge, because this knowledge caused the human being to suffer. After learning what was evil, humans started to have an evil interpretation of reality that made them see bad meanings everywhere. Evil doesn’t exist on reality, but only inside the human being, that distorts the perception of reality with the harmful interpretation.

This notion didn’t help the human being at all because he started having many problems after his different conception of reality. However, this fact saved him from ignorance. He needed to learn what was evil, so that he could see how much of it exists in his own psychic sphere. As a matter of fact, if the human being was not evil, he would never agree to disobey God’s will, since God is saintly and wise. Evil already existed within Eve; otherwise, she would never have known to disobey God.

Nevertheless, she had to learn what evil was so that she would be able to recognize her own evil and work hard in order to eliminate it. Her sin in eating the apple was something very bad that could have good results only in the future, after God’s punishment.

A snake in your dream means that something as terrible is going to happen, similar to what happened with the disobedient sinners who dared to try and become as wise as their God by eating the fruit with the prohibited knowledge. But in the end, this terrible event will teach you how you can acquire real wisdom, which cannot be acquired overnight as you had imagined!

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