Why Offsite Data Backup Is the Most Secure Way to Protect Your Data

     Almost everyone at some point in their lives has gone through the experience of losing most if not all of their valuable data. Whether it was due to a computer crash, hard drive failure, virus or just from spilling a drink on your laptop, no matter what the case – losing your data can be a painful process to go through. In most cases if you do not have a regular and reliable data backup system your chances of recovering any amount of data depending on the situation can be incredibly slim. Even if you seek out a data recovery company to attempt getting back some of your data, nothing can ever be guaranteed when it comes to data recovery. The best way to keep your data protected from the inevitable computer disaster is to backup your data through an offsite system on a regular basis.

Why Backup Your Data Offsite?
There are many reasons why backing up your data through an offsite server is more advantageous to typical means of data storage. The main reason is that the amount of information that the average person intends to store each year increases. With the internet now booming with sites like YouTube and other sites that offer streaming video and other media downloads, the amount of raw data that the average person stores on their computer and other storage devices is always expanding.

Data storage is increasing at rate that is difficult or even impossible to keep up with typical data backup means. Backing up your information with means such as an external hard drive, CD's/DVD's, or flash cards is not a 100% fool proof method to keeping your data safe and secure. Most of these devices are typically limited in the amount of data storage that they provide and more importantly are subject to the same physical hardware or even software issues that can also affect your personal or business computer. Files can easily become corrupt, CD’s/DVD’s can easily be misplaced, scratched or damaged and external hard drives are only good for a certain number of years at best if you are able to keep your data storage under the capacity of the device.

Another reason that makes offsite data backup a better choice for your data storage needs is the fact that if your personal or business computer is ever damaged, lost or stolen, you still have access to your data from your last backup. In most cases you can just easily install the data backup software onto another computer and can immediately start downloading your files. What would you do if your home or business suffered a fire, water damage or another severe weather disaster and destroyed not only your computers but your external backup systems as well? This is another reason why keeping your files offsite can be major lifesaver and keeps your data as secure as possible.

In many cases, offsite data backup is the ultimate choice for safe, secure and easily accessible data storage. Whether you have a computer for personal use and want to keep your family photos, videos, personal financial data, downloaded music and other data safe. Also if you use a computer for business, keeping your data safely stored is even more important. Your valuable customer, financial, sales, marketing and other business related data is what keeps your business running on a daily basis and isn’t something you want to leave to chance. Offsite data backup storage solutions let you easily backup your data over the internet to secure servers that are constantly backed up as well and are accessible to you anytime you need to backup or download your data.

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