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     If you read any of my past articles on Chaldean numerology, you already know that individual energies and meanings are connected to the symbols that people see as numbers and letters. Chaldean numerology allows you to peek into your 'self' from an unusual standpoint and also to 'see' the specific vibrations that reside within your name energy plus some are far more potent than others. For instance, the letters E, H and N (and X) are all ruled by the powerhouse number 5 -- so should you have of those energies inside your name(s) or date of birth, the following descriptions may possibly just ring a bell for you and aid you comprehend how we are all affected by the power essences that people carry around on the every day basis.

Anyone with one or far more As in their name(s) will, hopefully, take pleasure in the next revelations, for the An is really one-of-a-kind and is acknowledged by ancient script being an 'Original Force', making sense when one considers its position inside the 'alphabet' (1st letter) which the alphabet as a whole provides an entire realm of expression and communication. In addition, the An is ruled by the number 1, yet another starter energy, which intensifies this glorious force and helps to create a power which is potentially formidable, indeed. An individual with 2 or more An energies within their name is going to be an individual who won't quit; has excellent force of will and it is decidedly determined to make one thing of the lives, occasionally despite wonderful odds. One essential fact which i wish to establish certainly would be that the energy of both numbers and letters are scientifically recognized. All of us began with numbers (2 cells joined) and letters (Y and Z chromosomes) therefore the idea that people project our own energies or vibrations isn't any far more hogwash than Einstein's theory of relativity (E=mc2) is hogwash. In reality, it had been as soon as believed that to know someone's name ended up being to have power over them. This is true even just in today's world...we give our names out liberally to nearly everyone who asks and when our name is known, everyone can study it, a prospect produced so much less difficult by the web. Once this happens, whoever is researching our name does indeed have control of us...identity theft one thinks of. So, if we are prepared to provide the power in our names away so freely, why on earth would we not look closely into that personal power ourselves? It truly is ours, soon after all, and likely the most precious thing we have, although this really is frequently not realized until ownership is locked in potential question. There is certainly so far more to a name than is generally recognized and that's what Chaldean numerology is about: revealing the reality regarding the power in your name and offering tools with which to make use of that power.

Number 1 Original Force Once upon a time, a caveman wakes up in the midst from the forest. He has a bump on his head and hasn't an idea who he is. All he knows is the fact that he's alone. By himself. The only one (1). And the man is hungry and cold. He has no thoughts of looking for help for, so far as they know, you'll find no others. He's no memory and as a result no reason of reference. So, he follows his (natural)instinct to surviveand collects some berries to consume and some big, leafy branches which he uses to construct a temporary shelter of sorts. Somewhere inside the back of his mind is the notion that banging two stones together over a loose pile of twigs and brush brings heat. He flounders and hisses over his attempts for a few minutes, but perseveres until he achieves his goal. As he sits prior to the warmth of the fire and eats far more berries, he pats the large stick at his side, a comfort to him just in case he requirements to protect himself from unwelcome intruders. He feels strong, in charge and is busy generating plans for the following day. He promises to investigate his surroundings, collect more food, track one of those creatures whose eyes he sees reflected through the firelight and possibly fashion himself a coat...but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new presence he senses within the darkness beyond his circle of fire and that he rises to his feet. He is unprepared for firm and does not know the way to react.

One big differnce between Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology is the fact that although in Pythagorean numerology you use the name that's on your birth record, in Chaldean numerology you use the name that you simply are most identified by. This may be a nickname, a married name, or simply your regular name if which is what you are identified by.Now let's have a look at a softer energy -- the kind, gentle, peaceful and domestic vibration of the number 2. Just put, the 2 will be the second person (or factor) added to a current 1 which brings an additional element to the picture, the result of which is actually a require to share, compromise (and hopefully, care) for yet another (after all, it requires 2 to tango and 2 to possess sex). Maybe you might be the loving 2 energy or want to bring more of the to your name energy? When the following phrase appeals to you, then your 2 may become your number: 'Our king is friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced and calm...a very parental figure'. Are you able to really feel the softness of the energy? Just put, the words tango, sex, king, friendly, spiritual, tactful, balanced, calm, parental and softness are but a couple of words that every total to the number 2 and also the suggestion of duality (as within the Queen to the King, agnostic to spiritual, rude to tactful, father to mother as parents...and partners required in activities!) together with the gentle energy associated using the peacemaker. Anybody whose name totals to a number 2 will share some of these energies/qualities.

When i state the An is a force to become reckoned with, I'm not exaggerating! Consider the start of creation suggested in the name Adam or within the word atom...along with the start of the end suggested in the word atomic. (Of course, the power of the A, just like any letter energy, will be affected and altered by surrounding letter energies the complete picture is just revealed with a complete analysis. But as a separate ingredient within any name, the An is a 'force' unto itself.)

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