What To Do When An Acer Laptop Won't Charge The Battery

     In the past 20 years, laptop computers have firmly cemented their place in society. Once considered a luxury, they are now present in over 25 million households in the United States alone. Acer, the second largest computer manufacturer in the world, accounts for a large portion of this number. The portability of these systems lends itself to their popularity. When an Acer laptop won't charge the battery, however, it becomes just another computer.

Fortunately, the problem is often a minor one. There are several things to check before dumping it in the trash or taking it to the repair shop. Most of these are simple steps the average user can confidently perform.

Make sure the electrical contacts - on both the battery and the laptop - are clean and properly positioned. If the computer has recently been transported in a vehicle, check to ensure the battery is seated correctly. Often, an unsecured computer bouncing around in the seat will loosen components necessary for operation of the charging system.

Failure of electrical outlets often occurs without warning. Confirming the presence of power is as simple as plugging another device into the one normally used for the laptop. If this is inconvenient, the laptop can be moved to an outlet in another room and tested there.

If the power source functions as it should, the problem may be a faulty cord or adapter. Unplug and re-insert the adapter into the computer while watching for any signs of power. An intermittent flash of any lights during this step indicates the need for a new cord.

A laptop that works only while plugged into an outlet could mean that it's time for a new battery, particularly if the computer is more than a year old. If possible, borrow one from a compatible system for testing purposes. Laptop batteries are expensive and buying one needlessly is a painful diagnostic measure.

If the battery is not charging completely or does not hold a charge for more than a few minutes, it may be due to a condition known as Voltage Depression, more commonly referred to as "memory effect". This occurs when the battery does not discharge all the way before it is charged again. If the battery is not permanently damaged, several cycles of charging and discharging often correct this problem.

An outdated BIOS, or Basic Input Output System, will also cause Voltage Depression in a laptop battery. Updating or "flashing" the BIOS can remedy this situation. Caution should be taken, however, to thoroughly familiarize oneself with the process. It is not reversible and can prevent the system from booting if done incorrectly. Although somewhat more complicated than testing a power outlet, the software and instructions available at the manufacturer's website make this a simple enough process to undertake.

If the Acer laptop won't charge the battery after following these troubleshooting steps, the trouble may lie with the motherboard. It may be something as minor as a loose power-jack or as complicated as a fried circuit. With literally thousands of soldered connections present on the main board, many of which could be the culprit, it is probably a good time to turn the problem over to a professional.

The advancement of technology has lowered the price of electronics to the extent that it may make more sense to replace and not repair the product.

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