What Might Make It Easier To Wake Up And Start Chanting

     So, for example when we are absorbed in something, particularly at right before we go to sleep that very subject matter is processed during the night and affects our consciousness when we wake up in the morning. It is said that that half hour before sleep is critical and that whatever we are conscious of during that half hour will enter into our subconscious mind. I will give you one experience I had many years ago when I was a teenager.

My father had bought me a manual shift car, but I did not know how to drive this type of car. Every attempt I made was unsuccessful. So I studied the movements and theory behind shifting the car, meditated on it, dreamed of it, and the next morning I was able to drive a manual shift perfectly.

Srila Prabhupada understood this principle very well. That is why he advocated an evening program, and especially reading the Krishna Book before resting at night. In other words if you absorb yourself in Krishna Katha before you take rest at night during the night your mind and brain will be processing Krishna Katha, you will likely wake up thinking about Krishna, and your subtle body will be purified! Wow! What a nice way to become Kcon.

Sometimes when I read Krishna Katha at night I become so excited that I start bouncing off the walls and can't sleep! That I guess is an occupational hazard! So, one should pick a type of Krishna Katha that is more meditative-like that contained in Krishna Book! Another point is how one should wake up the next morning. Generally people wake up in a groggy state (although it will be less likely if you are hearing Krishna Katha the previous night). But, whatever state you wake up in, you should immediately start to chant the Mahamantra out loud.

I sing when I am going through the bathroom procedures. I often take this opportunity to learn new kirtan tunes. Sometimes the kirtan gets so ecstatic that I have to remind myself that I have other things to do in the morning than chanting in my house to myself! An alternative is to listen to a class or kirtan by a pure devotee.

It is very important that the class or kirtan be one by a pure devotee such as Srila Prabhupada. We should be very very discriminating as to what Kirtans or classes we listen too. If someone is chanting or speaking and they are not strictly following, our consciousness can even get covered by the modes of nature by our listening to them.

avaisnava-mukhodgirnam, putam hari-kathamrtam sravanam naiva kartavyam, sarpocchistam yatha payah Padma Purana.

So, the above two suggestions (what to do before resting and what to do when waking) prepare the mind for chanting proper japa. One final suggestion is that when you sit down to chant japa, and relax the body, you tell the mind in a very positive way to focus on the sound vibration. If you repeat this several times to the mind and feel positive about it, the mind will be obedient.

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