What Makes A Good Wedding Photographer?

     Wedding photographers are a dime a dozen but a good wedding photographer is trickier to come by. What with photography itself taking on the form of a trend, many are trying their hand at making a living out of it. This means the existing pool of photographers is growing larger and the good ones need to make their presence felt.

Technical skill

Creative photographers are those that manage to blend their style with the expectations and requirements of clients. Weddings are a huge deal and constitute one of the most important events in a person's life. Capturing it is, therefore, not an easy task and requires plenty of technical skill, creativity and reliability.

Unique style

Every professional photographer has a style which later becomes a trademark. It takes years to develop but once mastered, can enable them to visualize and create unique images. This puts them among a section of photographers noted for their style.

Emotiveness as the core

A good wedding photographer keeps projects close to heart. This means shooting scenes with an aim to bring emotions to the fore. Technical skill is naturally used but the subjects and their emotions largely decide whether a moment is precious enough to capture. It takes work to filter out photographers who work this way but clients can start with a look at their portfolios.

Hiring tips for clients

• To choose a good wedding photographer, clients must know what they want. As mentioned, photographers have their own style and what clients should do is find one who complements their taste. For instance, clients who prefer vintage styles may not appreciate contemporary photography. So, settling on a style both sides agree with will minimize unsatisfactory results.

• Since clients and photographers have to work closely, it's crucial that both parties find it easy to work with each other. Imagine hiring a photographer you just can't get along with. You don't need three guesses to know the outcome.

• Go for a test shoot before hiring. Ask the photographer to snap a few pictures after relaying what you'd like him to accomplish. If it turns out that he isn't in tune with the demands, politely decline him by letting him know you're looking for a different style.

• Enquire about equipment. You may not know the technical details of cameras but that shouldn't stop you from asking. Photographers use either digital or film and both have their pros and cons. For instance, digital images are easier to manipulate while films can be enlarged without breaking. A point to note is that shooting on film is generally more expensive but the result can be more 'forgiving' and flaws in skin tone, for example, don't show up as much.

• Discuss rates at the outset. A good photographer will lay it out with no hesitation. Enquire whether the rates are charged on an hourly basis or for the whole day, whether editing comes at an extra cost, how many pictures you get, whether you get a photo album, the proofs and everything else related to cost.

• It's best to get a written contract because it protects both parties from misunderstanding. Fine tune it, read the fine print, correct and clarify details so that you and the photographer aren't surprised post-wedding.

The tips mentioned here are guidelines and don't guarantee an ace photographer. But, they reduce the odds of being saddled with someone who doesn't meet expectations and isn't able to capture the essence of your special day.

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