What Defines the Ideal Reception Hall?

     There are many ways to gauge the quality of a reception hall, and when you're scouting the market for your own upcoming wedding, you'd best learn those tricks as soon as possible before diving in. You will not only need to know how to figure out if a place would be suitable for your wedding, but you'll also need good bargaining skills, and those usually come from understanding what you're looking to buy in the first place.

Thankfully, the Internet can come to your aid and help you out with plenty of information about the different wedding venues in your area, from their capacity and features, to their prices. That way you'll be able to build a list of potentially good options in no time, and from then it's only a matter of contacting each place and asking them about a quote for your specific day.

Don't let them know that you're aware of their prices just yet – see what they give you first. Sometimes a wedding venue will be having a period of lower activity, in which case they might be more willing to give you a better price than what's listed on their website. If you let them know that you've already seen the price that they've listed, they'll just go with that instead.

Always account for a few extra people! This should be counted as a percentage of your attending guests, because people would often bring along someone else with them, and there's really no way to stop that from happening without ruining everyone's fun. So just make sure that it won't cause any problems if a few more people show up, and prepare yourself on all fronts, including the service providers that will be tending to your guests.

On that note, even if the venue provides their own catering and similar services, you should still research the market on your own and see if you can get a better deal in the area. If you're not obliged to use the catering provided by the venue, you might be able to find a better deal on it, so just have a look around. Of course, it can add an extra layer of complexity when you're working with an additional company for the services provided at your wedding, but hey – you're only doing this once (hopefully), so you might as well make sure you get it right!

Last but not least, try to be early with your reservations. This can work in your favor with regards to the price, and although it won't affect it every time, you might still be able to get a better deal if you contact the venue during a time when they don't have too many bookings already in place. This just goes along with the other tip we gave you above about not revealing what you know about the prices of the venue, so just be careful and don't say more than you really need to in order to negotiate a good deal that works for both sides.

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