Wedding Planning- Summer Wedding Tips

     Summer Wedding Tips

If you're one of those few people planning a summer wedding in the sweltering heat, good luck to you. No seriously, while you're busy getting ready for your wedding, your guests will be busy trying to avoid the heatstroke. You won't guests to remember your wedding for all the fun times they had, not how close they were from passing out due to the heat.

But if you're seriously considering a summer wedding, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind while organizing the wedding.


In terms of color schemes, you need to go for cool colors like pinks, blues and oranges. Unlike winters, where you can play with dark and light colors, for summers you need to stick to neutral colors. Pick one neutral color as your theme throughout the wedding.


When you're picking a venue, keep the temperatures in mind. Try to pick a venue which is half indoors and half outdoors to help guests move around during the wedding. With the temperatures soaring, the indoor area will get claustrophobic pretty quickly, so an outdoor area will help guests get some fresh air. Precisely why an all indoor or all outdoor wedding will be a bad idea. If you're planning to erect tents, make sure the tent owners have enough portable fans to spare. If not, invest in good quality portable fans and place them around the seating area to keep the venue well ventilated.


Your mantra throughout planning the venue for the wedding should be: Working A/C's. You don't want people dropping like flies due to the heat. Make sure the venue is properly ventilated and has air conditioned vents at every corner. You also need to speak to the owners asking them about how prepared are they in terms of power backups. In Delhi, where the lights go out as often as it does, it's important to check out how swift they would act when faced with a power blackout.

Wedding Outfit

You will be wearing your wedding outfit for at least six to seven hours and you need to pick your outfit wisely. That breathtaking bright red 10 kg lehenga you had in mind? Not your best option. Earlier you were bound by tradition and had to wear wedding lehengas in dark shades of red, now with brides opting for other shades, you can try to steer away from dark colors and opt for light colors. Instead of picking fitting designs, go for flowy designs which will allow easy movement for you. Pick shoes that will help your feet breathe.


Complicated hairstyles that involve too many hair products are a very bad idea during summers. Since summers mean high humidity, such hairstyles won't last long. Go for simple hairstyles like a chignon or ponytails that can withstand humidity and won't need as many hair products. This is definitely not the season to imitate Snooki's hairstyle.


You wouldn't want kids running away with nightmares after watching your face melt during the wedding. Stay away from heavy makeup that make you look like Frankenstein. Go for light makeup without too much foundation and you'll do fine. Liquid based makeup is another no-no. Tell your stylist to avoid using liquid eyeliners or foundations. Even during the wedding, stay where the air vents are and you might just get away with heavy makeup, except when you spot a kid. That's when you run in the opposite directions lest he has nightmares about you for the rest of his life. Waterproof mascara will also go a long way.


Instead of heavy dishes like butter chickens and dal makhnis which are loaded with fat, go for light dishes that are easy on the stomach. Offering staple dishes like these in summers are a bad idea. They leave you prone to indigestion and you wouldn't want to be running around asking everyone where the bathroom is. Speak to your caterer and opt for finger foods or light salads and dals that are easy on the stomach. Another major issue during summers is that food tends to get spoiled easily. Make sure you pick dishes that can withstand heat. Bugs are another spoilsport during this season. Keep your food dishes covered and keep all your serving dishes to be covered with lids. Eating appetizers with mosquitoes as a side dish, not a good idea.


No party is complete without alcohol. But just like food, alcohol also tends to create havoc to your digestion system. Instead of picking something like whisky or rum, go for beer or vodka which is considerably easy on the stomach.

Refreshing Drinks

Make sure you have people serving guests refreshing drinks like lemonade. Aerated drinks and sodas only leave you thirstier. When guests are irritable and cranky because of the heat, a chilled refreshing drink can work wonders. The last thing you need is to transport guests to hospitals.

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