Wedding Photography Tips For Amateurs

     Wedding photography is a challenging field because much has already been done to shoot pictures that stand out from the rest. But, creativity has no limits and simple ideas can be transformed into unique concepts that give a fresh twist to ordinary pictures. Check out these tips amateur photographers can use for their first real project.

• Get the couple to make a list of shots they deem important. You may have your own ideas of what constitutes an important picture but everyone has their preference. Arm yourself with this list so that you don't miss out on shots. It'll prevent misunderstanding when you present the results.

• Find out who's who by asking the couple to nominate someone who knows almost everybody on the guest list. You could get your hands on the guest list itself but it'll serve no purpose unless you know the client and their family and friends. The nominated person will be with you on the wedding day to point out who's important enough to be photographed.

• Visit the wedding and reception venues before the wedding. This will give you an idea of where potentially good shots can be taken as well as ideas for backgrounds and environments to frame photographs. Look out for interesting locales, angles, how to incorporate the decorations into the frame, the decorated pews, the aisle, the church, the outdoor areas etc.

• If the wedding is large and expects to see several hundred guests, it's a good idea to have a secondary photographer in tow. Couples usually decide this at the outset but if they haven't mentioned it and you feel you won't be able to do the day justice, ask if a second photographer can be hired. It will give you the opportunity to focus on shots you want taken while leaving the rest to the second person.

• Plan shots. This means get the creative juices flowing before the event. Plan what types of photographs you want to take as well as the numbers, for example, five shots of a family portrait, five each of the bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls etc. You'll naturally have to shoot more but once the wedding is over and it's time to add a few touches, you'll find it easy to narrow down the good ones to a few numbers.

• Get extra equipment and accessories. This means lenses, an additional camera, flash diffuser, fill in flash, batteries and other tools of the trade. The worst nightmare is to have equipment fail during projects and since this is your first, you must tie up all loose ends.

• Be discreet but within distance. Some people aren't comfortable with a camera staring them in the face and either which way, you'll be intruding if you stay too close. Impromptu shots are best taken from vantage points like balconies, behind pillars, doorways, a table and any other spot that gives you privacy and takes you away from guests.

• Accept unexpected moments. You may have a plan of how the day will go by but unexpected occurrences are sure to crop up. Rather than bemoan them, accept them and see how you can use the situation to your advantage. These sudden moments can sometimes turn out the best photos so keep that in mind when you're faced with the unplanned.

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Jamieson Dean is one of the finest wedding photographer in Toronto . His mission is to bring his clients out of their everyday selves and highlight their candid personalities. Check out his website for more information.

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