Wedding Photographers in Toronto – Know Their Style before Hiring One

     Every photographer is unique in his or her style of photography, just like each wedding couple is different from the others. However, the various styles can be categorized into four main heads – traditional form, contemporary form, reportage form and freestyle form. Read on below for an elucidation on each of these styles.

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional photography is the classic style that you find in the wedding photography of olden days. The classic poses that are made to look "posed" are the characteristic feature of this style of photography. A traditional photographer is like the conductor of an orchestra. He assigns different poses to people, gets them to stand in particular ways, arranges settings for group pictures and takes umpteen shots in typical poses. Usually, traditional photographers work on preset notions. They come prepared with a list of poses in mind and capture those very images.

The good thing about this style is that it looks very classic. Chances of errors are minimal because everything is preplanned. Traditional photography does not have to look old fashioned. The photographer can make classic poses look modern, depending on his sense of aesthetics and creativity. On the flip side, the uniqueness quotient of these pictures is lower. You find similar poses in numerous other wedding albums.

Contemporary wedding photography

Contemporary photographs are the opposite of traditional photographs. They are more informal and casual. You don't find typical poses in this kind of wedding photography. The photographer captures images on impulse and makes them look very natural.

The benefit of this style of photography is that you get some very unique shots. Secondly, the photographer works mostly in the background and does not assume the role of an event director. The photographer has to be very spontaneous and needs to have a very strong sense of backgrounds, lighting and other important elements.

On the flip side, you could end up disappointed with your wedding album if your sense of style does not match the photographer's style. So, you need to hire a professional after thorough research and after ensuring that your styles match.

Reportage wedding photography

Reportage photography is also called documentary wedding photography because the photographer makes the entire wedding album look like a documentary film. The photographer works in the background and is almost invisible as he works. There are no poses and fixed images in this kind of photography. It is more casual than the contemporary style.

This style of photography has gained a lot of prominence in the present day because the photos create a beautiful chronology of the entire wedding ceremony. Additionally, since there are no poses involved, you get some very candid pictures. The "wow" factor is huge in these kinds of images. However, in order to make the most of it, you need a very talented photographer. Otherwise, you might end up being very disappointed with your wedding album.

Freestyle wedding photography

Freestyle images are artistic. The style always turns up something unique. Also included in this style is Fashion Magazine style of photography in which the photographer makes your pictures look like the ones you see in fashion magazines.

Decide which one you like and hire a skilled professional.

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