Wedding Of Mr. And Mrs. Simmons In Bermuda

     Weddings are often events that bring out a myriad of emotions and create memories that linger on even after the grind of daily life take over. Every wedding and every couple is special and usually their wedding will be the event of a lifetime for them. But every once in a while, we come across a couple who make a statement and infuse unique and cultural elements into their wedding so much so that their wedding memories linger on even in the minds of the attendees and organizers of the wedding. The wedding of Mr & Mrs Simmons was one such event.

The wedding was on the 7th of July 2013 but even after months, the memory lingers on and brings a small smile to our lips as we remember the couple who put so much thought into every aspect of their wedding. An interview with the couple post their memorable wedding allowed us to know & understand their union better.

According to the couple, even the date for the wedding was chosen with great thought and belief that theirs was a union approved by God. "We chose July 7, 2013 because in our hearts and minds at the time was Gods perfect number 7, July being the 7th. Month and 2013 -- the three on the end is the "Trinity!" May God truly bless this union for this chosen date and analogy of this event, Amen! "

Even we believe that their union must have had divine intervention as Brant Simmons who never found love in all his fifty years of life finally found it in someone whom he has known since high school! He probably had his eyes on her since then. But he didn't say a word and Keithlyn was clueless of his interest. He pretty much waited for her to see the world and come back to square one where he was waiting with open arms! Fate might have taken them down different paths for years on end but their finally destination was with each other!

The time finally came on his 50th birthday in 2008 when they officially became a couple. From then on it was only a matter of time before the madly in love couple united in holy matrimony. An unconventional couple by nature, the proposal was every bit as unconventional and yet so simple and effective! "It was Christmas 2011 when Brant proposed to me in Kissimmee, Florida at Silver Lake Resort. I told him I wanted a different proposal then finding a ring in my glass, or kneeling on one knee. So he really switched it up....he bought the ring in front of me. Saying to the sales clerk "see that ring right there, ya that one, it's for my wife to be." I wanted white gold but Brant said no, you are Gold and you will wear Gold! So gold it was. So we're back at the resort and he says, "You want to marry me woman?" I said, "of course I do!"

The very mention of Bermuda conjures up images of absolute bliss and there could be no place better than their exotic hometown to tie the knot in the presence family and friends. The wish of Brant to have a simple register marriage was overruled by the other family members who wanted to celebrate this special wedding a bigger scale! There was no turning back after that to ensure that this was a wedding that everyone would remember for years to come.

The couple decided to have an African theme wedding in honor of their heritage but they had no idea how to bring their rich culture to sunny, exotic Bermuda! But a simple online search brought them into contact with ethnic wear designer in Houston. The ethnic wear provided a welcome relief to the eternal white wedding gown and infused the uniqueness that characterized the couple. An esthetic Mrs. Simmons could only gush! "Our Wedding is now the talk of the town here in Bermuda."

Though weddings in general are supposed to be all about the couple, there can be no denying that the center of attraction is always the bride and more importantly what she is wearing. And given the unique theme of the wedding, the wedding dress had to be befitting of the 'Golden Queen' that Keithlyn was for Brant! The dress and accessories like hat and purse were made from beautiful and luxurious golden colored Aso-Ake fabric that was hand woven in Nigeria and specially flown in for Keithlyn!

To add to the grandeur, the dress also had an elaborate Egyptian collar that was intricately designed with gold trimmings and cowrie shells which is a very important part of African traditional dressing. The front of the dress was further enhanced with flowing gold chains that were attached to a stunning gold brooch. The detailing on the exquisite bridal dress does not end there. As the bride twirled around, the beautiful detachable train came to increase the admiration level of the attendees! The train had intricate lace trimmings around the edge and symbols unique to the African culture. The Sankofa symbol is a West African symbol meaning "return and get it" or "learn from the past". The Gye Nyame symbol means "Supremacy of God". Along with these meaningful symbols, cowrie shells sealed the deal of a modern yet strongly traditional wedding dress! Given the intricate details of the dress, it was decided by the bride to keep the accessories and make up simple and yet effective.

The groom's, grooms man, flowergirl and ringbearer's attire were made in Ghana with super cotton brocade or jacquard from West Africa and gold embroidery. Needless to say the cute ringbearer and flower girl made many hearts melt with their custom made traditional attire!

If the wedding attire was one important aspect of their wedding, the traditional customs followed formed the other important aspect. "Rev. Deborah Dean made our Wedding Ceremony a truly memorable occasion. She had the congregation agree to our vows and salt/sand covenant which symbolized our union and life together. In that, when salt/sand is scattered you can't find it, you can't touch it. Therefore, our covenant is bounded by God and the salt covenant and our congregation, our host of family and friends witnessed our commitment to each other and in turn they are being held responsible to be there for us and help us through our times of need." states Keithlyn.

The other important African traditional wedding custom that was observed was "Jumping the broom" which is a popular African American bridal custom signifying the "tying of the knot". "Jumping the Broom was also an added entity which sealed our covenant and commitment to each other: To never divorce; to never go to bed mad; to agree to disagree; and to always put each other first before anyone else! We are now signed, sealed and delivered in the eyes of God as Mr. and Mrs. Brant Raymond Andra Simmons forever!"

This wedding of a lifetime was not just the union of two souls but also the union of culture, tradition and modernity. This was clearly demonstrated in the couple's choice of colors for the wedding attire, the dcor, location and even the cake and flowers. Earthy traditional rasta colors like red, green and yellow were incorporated to symbolize love, peace and happiness. The groom is Rastafarian and the bride has embraced it as well. Both the bride and groom wore their hair naturally and simply styled in dreads which is yet another traditional cultural aspect. Culture was also represented in their wedding especially when it came to the colors. For a touch of modernity and royalty, Gold was chosen as the predominant color. This was an excellent choice as they shimmered under the glorious Bermudian sun during their outdoor wedding ceremony before shining indoors for their wedding reception.

The indoor venue was also decorated in gold and white so that the background and the wedding entourage looked picture perfect. During the indoor wedding reception, the couple were finally able to spend a quiet moment together and share a toast to many more happy years of togetherness. Bermuda is one of the most romantic destinations in the world and many have found and renewed their love here. Mr. & Mrs. Simmons are living testimonial that love rules this exotic locale!

Article Source : TeKay Designs is an international fashion house with headquarters in Houston Texas. We design and manufacture unique bridal, formal, ethnic wear, accessories and fashion jewelry.

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