Was Donald Trump the Emperor Magnus Maximus in a Past Life?

     Emperor Trump? Yes, the man we know as Donald Trump was once Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus. But wait, I'm coming to that.
I've been watching the news as the political and media establishment gradually realised they have to stop mocking Donald Trump and start taking him seriously – which in most cases seems to mean stop treating him with derision and start attacking him in earnest.
It suddenly occurred to me that it would make a lot of people very happy if he were got rid of. In a word, murdered.
I pulled out my tarot cards. Past/Present/Future: no sign of death there. On the contrary, the Future card was the Queen of Wands. Hm.
I decided to go deeper into this, do a Karmic Tarot reading, before attempting to interpret that Queen of Wands.
Before I do a Karmic Tarot reading I always like to get the bare bones from the relevant parts of the querant's horoscope.
(You can view Trump's birth-chart here.)
The Elements: In Donald Trump's horoscope, Air is preponderant, with Fire and Water evenly balanced, but there is a complete absence of the Earth element – which means he will tend to be ungrounded and off-balance unless we find some compensating factor elsewhere in the horoscope.
His Sun is in Gemini, emphasising the Air in his make-up, but we'll come back to that.
His Moon is in Sagittarius. On my website I say that the greatest asset of Sagittarius Moons is their capacity for positive thinking, for looking on the bright side. This means that no matter how hard life hits them, they never stay down but come bouncing back up grinning. On the other hand, it can also lead to a lack of caution, to being a big spender, a gambler and risk-taker – to impulsive acts they may, and often do, regret later.
His Rising Sign is Leo – another Fire Sign, like Sagittarius. The Rising Sign is often represented as as a mask, but it is more than that; it is the outward expression of the person's whole approach to life: Leo the Lion. And the Ruler of Leo (the Ruler of the Rising Sign may be considered the ruler of the whole chart) is the Sun, which in this case is in the 10th House and is in Gemini. So the whole Sun factor is boosted and emphasised. But – and it is a big "but" here, considering the overall lack of the Earth element – the 10th House is an Earth House, indicating action on a material level: ambition, the quest for authority to operate in the material world.
And this House, the 10th House, an Earth House, is where Trump's North Node is located, the direction in which he should be heading, his purpose, in this incarnation.
The Sun in Gemini also indicates being a born fixer blessed with a silver tongue and an intuitive ability to rearrange all the pieces in a new and unfamiliar pattern.
In Trump's 12th House, the House most closely associated with Karma, with what we are carrying forward from our past lives into this life, we find the two planets Mars and Pluto. Mars here indicates aggressiveness and assertiveness, while Pluto in this postion very likely means having been important, and probably having been associated with war as a king or an emperor or a pope or a general – the same as Mars!
So – back to the Tarot cards and the pendulum.
And it transpires that in his last life Donald Trump was a woman who, after a happy childhood, had a not-always-happy life being used and abused by men – a "bad" woman in the eyes of the respectable but quite clearly more sinned against than sinning. Engraved in his psyche is the determination never to allow himself to be used in this life, along with a "Fuck them!" attitude to the respectable and politically correct.
But prior to that, he had in several lives been a man and a leader of men, a petty king in one life, a sergeant in the army in another life, and so on – always subconsciously hankering after the power and glory he had known briefly when he was – yes! – Magnus Maximus (Latin: Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus, Welsh: Macsen Wledig) (335 - 388) Western Roman Emperor from 383 to 388 ruling Britain and Gaul (modern France). Ambitious for more, he invaded Italy and was defeated by Theodosius I in 388. His death in effect brought about the end of the Roman Empire in Britain and much of Gaul.
~ It seems that he will be elected. If he is, he will. so far as the silent majority are concerned, be a good, indeed magical, president, though he will upset many powerful people.
~ He will go charging into battle, though that may be an economic war; he is not likely to want to continue or repeat the kind of thing we have grown accustomed to under the Bushes and Clinton and Obama.
~ His life will end in tragedy. (This last seems certain.)
James Munro is a specialist in esoteric religion and philosophy who practises what he preaches by giving Karmic Tarot and Past Life Astrology Readings both locally (where he lives now, in Athens, Greece) and online through his site, Karmic-Tarot.com .

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James Munro is a specialist in esoteric religion and philosophy who practises what he preaches by giving Karmic Tarot and Past Life Astrology Readings both locally (where he lives now, in Athens, Greece) and online through his site, www.Karmic-Tarot.com .

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