Virgo Characteristics

     Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign. The Sanskrit name of Virgo is Kanya which means ‘The Virgin.’ Its type is Earth and its Lord is Mercury. The Virgo sign belongs to the people who are born between the dates August 23 and September 22. The Virgo sign is represented by the sign of a woman lying down with the moon in her hand. Virgo people have many good habits but are also called extremely fussy. Characteristics associated with any zodiac sign differ from person to person and depend on the up bringing and surrounding of each person as well.
Virgo Traits:
The traditional Virgo traits include:
Ø Modest
Ø Shy
Ø Meticulous
Ø Reliable
Ø Practical
Ø Intelligent
Ø Analytical
Ø Diligent

The negative Virgo traits include:
Ø Fussy
Ø Worrier
Ø Over critical
Ø Harsh
Ø Perfectionist
Ø conservative

Description of a Virgo:
Virgo people have a very strong relation with Earth related elements due to its sign coping along with it. Virgos are compatible to all kind of circumstances. The lucky numbers for Virgo people are 3 and 7. The lucky time and hours differ from person to person according to the date and time of birth in the Virgo quarter.
Virgos are compatible with Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn in comparison to other stars. Virgos are generally very sensitive people and they like small affection showing gestures like flowers sent from the lover or small wish cards sent on and off on special occasions. Generally sensitive but not very expressive about their feelings for others, Virgos are the best secret keepers.

Virgo Characteristics:
Virgos are very simple and loving by nature. They have a very charming nature and are perfectionists. The Virgo men and women have a perfectionist nature. They are cheerful happy go lucky people. Where ever they sit the atmosphere becomes light and people enjoy their company. Virgo characteristics include a beauty, an aura of their own. Virgos tend to be quite stubborn at many points. They are strong believers of themselves and a lot of effort is needed to prove them wrong. If there is some thing on which they claim that they are right, no one can move them from their point of view. You cannot expect them to be sorry on something that they themselves think that they are right on. They are a bit harsh with their attitude at times.
Virgo nature is very caring and loving but they cannot bear cheaters or liars. Virgo characteristics include the point of having a matter of fact nature. There are people who live in the fantasy world but they accept reality quickly. Very sweet and caring by nature but at the same time they are harsh with all those who show arrogance to them.
Virgo characteristics include the point of having concern with their own things. Virgo people do not interfere in others business. They do not give any kind of advice with out any one asking for it. They give the best advice when asked for.

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Virgo Characteristics

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