Understanding Depression and Its Effect on Your Subconscious Mind

     Waking up from a dream does not always bring you good mornings.

Have you ever felt so tired from a dream? Or so sad and almost crying waking up from a dream? It will surely bother you whether you like it or not. Dreams comes in two forms, like the yin and yang, there are good and bad.

Waking up from a wonderful dream, you feel an unexplainable elation that brings joy in your heart; it’s as if you lived your dream for real! But if you woke up from a nightmare, you are surely pissed off. Because of this, dreams are only considered and defined as it is. But dreams are not only identified as good and bad, it’s not just something that pops out of our mind, it plays a big role in identifying your hidden or repressed emotions, desires, fears, frustrations, etc. This is because your subconscious minds works within your dreams. There would even be times, where you ask yourself, “Why does it seem that the people in my dreams are the ones I haven’t been with or the ones I am not close to, or even those I don’t know?” Crazy and creepy right? Well, it’s not creepy at all; it can be explained scientifically and medically. Your dreams are manifestations of what you cannot deal with in your real life. That’s why there are various behavioral programs linked to your dreams that makes you develop vast knowledge and understanding on things that you actually don’t know and understand in real life.

Your subconscious minds can either put an end to terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy and futility or it can be the cause of all these. What goes on in your minds whether unconsciously or consciously are after effects of a very dreadful past, or things that caused fear, threat, or hazard to your life. These are usually hidden in your subconscious, since these are the things you cannot seem to face at present.

Dealing with your issues through your dreams serves as a form psychotherapy from your subconscious mind. But it presents somewhat of a hazard at some point, because your mind can process so much, even beyond your capacity. And if you encounter episodes where your subconscious minds tells you of things that would require you to face situations that you are most scared of, you might have trouble. These are few of the reasons why people experience depression. Depression is caused by unwanted situations (painful, threatening, and traumatic) that you cannot possibly handle. People with less or no emotional stability will fall under depression’s trap.

Working around your subconscious mind is not an easy thing to do; it’s not like learning abc’s and getting a hold of it right away. It takes a lot of practice, patience and a deep understanding of things. Being open minded is what can count the most. Understanding your subconscious mind is not a thrill or an adventure, it’s the key to solving your inner issues and it could help your self evaluation that could lead towards self improvement.
As your first step, you can take down notes of your dreams every day, try to remember as much. But if in case it seems to come out in bits and pieces, its fine. Just take down whatever you can remember. In some of your dreams it might pop out again.

Sometimes silence speaks louder… and messages are heard well if it comes from within…

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