Tips to Manage Your Rage by Mr. Subhash Thapar, the Best Astrologer in NYC

     Anger isn't the most attractive aspect of the human condition and it can be managed it proper Vedic astrology guidance. Mr. Subhash Thapar, the Great Astrologer in New York City, offers practical and informative methods of Vedic Astrology to provide tips on healing your mind, body and soul, your horoscope, help in Self- analysis and spiritual journey. According to Mr. Thapar, “Anger is the astrological property of Mars who doesn't take kindly to being ignored. He is the sort of guy who demands attention and thus it is best to acknowledge his presence and give him an outlet”. Here are few tips by Mr. Thapar to manage your rage:

i. Mars in Aries: "Ares" is the Greek counterpart to Mars. Mars plus Aries equals twice the average daily dosage of anger. That sure explains why people back off whenever there's a remote possibility you might be less than pleased. Continue feeding a steady diet of outbursts, but only aim in deserving directions.

ii. Mars in Taurus: Taurus is the Bull, and Bulls aren't known for patience when pushed. You don't butt offenders immediately, but heaven help them when you do. If the horns don't get them, the force of the charge will. This is strong stuff in one dose. Try releasing it a little at a time.

iii. Mars in Gemini: You are waiting for your turn to put yet another verbal victim at a complete disadvantage. You bob, weave, and turn words around so skillfully that opponents eventually become teammates. Pay attention to their side, if only for the extra ammo.

iv. Mars in Cancer: Steam. Not the soothing hot-tub kind but the kind that scars you if you take the cap off while it's still scalding. In the meantime, you tend to pout, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, and beat yourself up, which is. Give them a five-minute warning and then feel free to talk it out.

v. Mars in Leo: The entire world's a stage, and when you're angry, there's no such thing as a non-captive audience. You tend to be dramatic and even theatrical especially if your pride is involved. Don't over-emote in the vicinity of fans.

vi. Mars in Virgo: Ninety-nine point nine percent of your opponent's anger may be justified, but once you identify that point one percent, they are toast. You turn slight defects into glaring errors by simply refusing to focus on anything else. There will be no discussion until the problem is corrected, and it's not your problem, so you win.

vii. Mars in Libra: The defense respectfully requests a recess, after which you will return with a closing argument good enough to convince any jury you have been unfairly accused. You are too nice to ever, ever do anything like that. Still, keep your list of character witnesses up to date.

viii. Mars in Scorpio: You can hold a grudge. Bet you have got a couple you just won't let go of, too. In your mind, anger equals unfortunate but necessary assassination, and you just won't rest until it's done. For you, revenge is the sweetest even if it takes decades.

ix. Mars in Sagittarius: There's no such thing as being a bit peeved, a little upset, or slightly miffed. You're either furious or apathetic. Your favorite tactic is nonstop ‘jokes’ at the opponent's expense. The Outcome is that you don't understand why they are so mad.

x. Mars in Capricorn: You have every right to be angry and the offender should be removed from your presence. Failing prosecution, exile will do, but only after a well documented, unemotional explanation of said offense, culminating in a formal apology.

xi. Mars in Aquarius: Point your anger directly at someone and it cause frostbite, the kind that removes fingers, toes, and egos. Be careful with this as there are only so many acquaintances in the world.

xii. Mars in Pisces: Anger confuses you, so you tend to retreat to a closet to mull over the offense. Once you're done, however, duck. That veritable ocean of anger is capable of drowning both you and your opponent. Let them catch their breath.

The best Vedic astrologer, Mr. Subhash Thapar can help you manage your rage and other different situations with services like ‘One-on-one consultation’, personalized Horoscope predictions, Hawan and Pujas for peace. For further information or to Request any of the services Contact at +1-718-785-5731or or visit

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Mr. Subhash Thapar is great Vedic astrologer and solution provider in New York City (NYC). website to offer fully professional Vedic astrology consultation and solutions to all your problems. As the best Vedic Astrologer in NYC , Mr. Thapar has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1980 and has a profound experience of 30 years. He aspires in enhancing positivity in your life and creating a better tomorrow by solving your problem

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