Tips For Better Work-Life Balance

     Each one of us strives to achieve it, but not many reach their goal of achieving work/life balance. Being able to attain a work life balance means changing one's life style and we can get only there with some practice and perseverance. We have to lay down certain rules in order to be in control of our life rather than act as puppets in the hands of everyday duties. It is essential to draw a line somewhere so that our personal commitments and professional duties do not over lap.

Ideally this can happen simply when we restrict our work hours and allocate quality time to family and friends. Easier said than done, right? Attending official calls when we are out with the family is not a good idea. In case the call is extremely important, answer it, but end it as soon as possible. It is rather essential to create a mindset where we know that when we are not working, spending quality time with the family becomes priority and when we are at work then we need to give our hundred percent there.

Mostly we are torn between the family and official responsibilities. Working extra might get us the promotion we have been working very hard for, but in order to enjoy that promotion we need to have a life where we can relax and enjoy some free time. Everyone has been given a different set of responsibilities from life and created different expectations. We are our best judge and should radically give enough thought and consideration to the fact that only we get to decide how much is too much!

When there is an onset of guilt we know exactly what is wrong, still we keep ignoring the fact that we are not managing our time intelligently. All of us know that ignorance is not bliss and that we cannot continue to ignore the issue of lack of quality in our life; we must take a bold step towards overcoming the guilt feeling. It is essential to enjoy the work we do and choose our career path according to what interests us. This way work does not seem like a burden and each and every minute spent working has the potential to be pleasurable. This satisfaction at work will reflect hugely on our personal life as we are happier individuals when we reach home. It is time now to hold the reins of our life in our own hands and strike a work/life balance.

Here are a few tips:

1. Create a life outside of work; create routines. You have them at work; you should have them at home, too. For example, you can create routines around checking the mail, catching up on news, breakfast, cleaning, "me time" and grocery shopping.

2. Remember wholesome moments from your childhood. Your goal is to remain in that calm and happy state of mind and to know that "everything is okay".

3. Become aware of anxiety. If you feel anxious, try to isolate your underlying fear/worry and 'deal with it' (talking to a friend or family member about your thoughts is a great way to process emotions).

4. If you are not excited about your personal life each morning when you get up, find out what is missing and make plans to change the status quo.

5. Take action. Have you been procrastinating things in your life? Doing anything is better than doing nothing. Let's say you have to mail off insurance papers, but are unwilling to go through them today. What you can do is prepare the mailing envelope, sign and date the papers, then lay them out for your review the next day.

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