The World's Most Enjoyable Addiction

     It's 6 AM and that infernal alarm clock just won't stop ringing, so you hit the snooze button and roll over and go back to sleep. Then it starts ringing again. By now you have this routine down so well, you know that you can steal another few minutes of sleep before getting up. So after a few more minutes of rest, you slowly and reluctantly roll over, get out of bed half awake and begin to contemplate the day's activities. But before you can do anything, you experience that insatiable urge, and you've just gotta have it. With every fiber of your body, you crave it. Your nostrils sense of the smell of the aroma is so real that it is almost exhilarating. Your taste buds hunger for the taste. Like millions of people around the world who begin their day this way, you have a coffee addiction.

According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), 54 per cent of the American adult population drank coffee beverages daily in 2009. NCA's data further shows that the average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee each day. In the United States alone coffee is an $18 billion dollar industry, and globally the coffee market is valued at $80 billion dollars annually. The Association's 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends report reveals a "seven percent increase over 2011 in coffee consumption figures that now put coffee at a clear, 10 point advantage over soft drinks." Coffee is king of beverages. It is the world's most enjoyable addiction.

But, is that a bad thing? For years we have heard that drinking too much coffee is not good for our health. While it should be noted that coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that may temporarily increase heart rate and blood pressure in some people, coffee also contains hundreds of unique compounds and antioxidants that may benefit our health.

The results of a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine, which is reportedly the largest study of its kind, reveals some interesting facts. The study involved more than 402,000 men and women between the ages of 50 and 71, who were part of The National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study.

Among the revelations of the study was the finding that coffee drinkers in the study were "not as likely to die as those who did not drink coffee, in fact, men and women in the study who drank six or more cups of coffee per day were 10% and 15% respectively, less likely to die."

Although there are many more findings in this study, the good news for the millions and millions of coffee drinkers around the world is best expressed by the lead author of the study and investigator with the division of cancer epidemiology and genetics at the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland, Neal D. Freedman, Ph.D. Dr. Freedman states, ?There has been some concern that coffee might increase the risk of death, and this provides some reassurance against that worry."

Dr. Freedman, however, cautions that this is an "observational study so we don't know for certain coffee is having a cause and effect." Obviously, even though this is a very extensive study conducted over a period of 13 years, from 1995 to 2008, much more research needs to be done.

Since this is the case, the researchers involved, as well as other researchers who have reviewed the study, strongly suggest that coffee drinkers not come to the conclusion that drinking coffee will result in a longer life. We caution readers of this article not to come to the conclusion that you can drink several cups of coffee a day and you will live longer. That jury is still out.

So, if you are confused as to whether your coffee drinking habit is good or bad for your health, you are not alone. However, there has been another important development in recent years that may help coffee drinkers. This is especially great news for coffee drinkers who are concerned about their health. There is in fact a healthy coffee product being produced according to its manufacturers.

First I want to acknowledge that I have a vested interest in coffee consumption and this particular coffee product, because I am a distributor for the company. However, as a writer, I have an obligation to readers that is very, very important to me, to be objective in reporting, and it is for that reason that I have been very careful in researching the information in this article, and to present the facts accurately.

This new coffee product I refer to is infused with an herb, ganoderma, that has been used effectively in healing for a wide variety of ailments on the Asian continent for centuries. To learn more about the powers of ganoderma just Google it and do your own research, also you may want to visit the sites listed at the end of this article for additional information. Here are some facts about ganoderma that may be of interest:

It is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms in China,Japan, and the United States.

In ancient China, ganoderma was so rare and so highly prized that it was reserved for the emperors and called the "Elixir of Life."

Herbalists consider ganoderma an adaptogen, or natural regulator, suppressing the immune system if it is overactive and boosting it if it is underactive.

Ganoderma is used in Japan and China to treat cancer and to stimulate the immune system after radiation or chemotherapy.

Quite a few research studies on ganoderma extracts have been done at universities in Japan, China, and South Korea.

Ganoderma has recently attracted the attention of Western cancer researchers. A case study report from Columbia University indicates that a Japanese dietary supplement containing ganoderma as well as genistein, a soybean derivative, may be useful in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. (Source: Davidson, Tish; Frey, Rebecca. "Ganoderma." Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. 2005. 14 Jun.2012).

It should be noted that no major studies of ganoderma have been conducted in the United States. Based on existing studies in China, Korea, and Japan, there is no conclusive evidence to support the health claims made by some about ganoderma. However, there is a plethora of information from consumers in Asia who use and have been treated with ganoderma, who report positive results for a variety of different health issues.

In regard to customers of Organo Gold, although there is no medical evidence to substantiate any health claims, the company continues to receive reports from satisfied customers stating that drinking ganoderma infused coffee has helped them feel better and has had a positive effect with various health related issues.

The observational study in the New England Journal of Medicine should relieve some of the guilt for the millions of those who indulge in the world's most enjoyable addiction, and Organo Gold 100% organic ganoderma infused coffee products offers even more reason for coffee drinkers to rejoice.

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To learn more about 100% organic ganoderma infused coffee and how to get your free membership in the Million Healthy Coffee Drinkers Club, go to . Once you join and begin drinking our coffee, we would like your comments; good, bad, or indifferent. Comments may be posted at our WordPress Blog, . Also visit our website,

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