The Secret To Hypnosis!

     The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed

When Harvard psychiatrist Claire Frederick, M.D., is adhered in a slow lane at the grocery store checkout counter, she doesn't get irritated. Claire gets relaxed. Very relaxed. Focusing her mind and still, she slips into concentrates and a brief trance on a knee she injured while skiing. "Lately I have been using hypnosis to alleviate the pain and encourage healing." Frederick says.

Preposterous? A couple of years past, most physicians thought thus. Now many doubters are convinced that hypnosis is powerful medicine. Now I am on something of a campaign."
When most folks consider hypnosis, they picture a mysterious figure swinging a pocket watch and repeating, "You're getting very drowsy." In fact, hypnosis is somewhat of a puzzle. But solid science is demonstrating it can improve your well-being in ways that are surprising: it is strong enough to help alleviate the often excruciation pain associated with serious burns, for example, and it can make breathing easier for people who have respiratory illnesses.

The most amazing evidence comes from research on healing. In a follow up experiment published last year, Ginandes and her research team found that girls who had had breast reduction surgery recovered more quickly after undergoing hypnosis. An independent team of nurses and surgeons later analyzed the girls and reviewed photos of the incisions that were taken 7 weeks and 1 week after surgery. The group's judgment: Patients who had received hypnosis were further along the road to healing. "We're not merely referring to folks merely feeling better." Ginandes says. "We're talking about structural tissue healing. Hypnosis, our results suggest, can affect the body to fix itself."

No one comprehends how - . Some researchers suppose that hypnosis alters levels of brain chemicals that influence the nervous system, hormone production, and the immune system Hypnosis may effect how particular genes in cells express themselves, turning specific functions on and others away. Current studies using brain scans and other imaging technologies may start to piece together an explanation.

Scientists have no shortage of prospective evaluation subjects, because virtually anyone can be hypnotized. Only about 5 percent of individuals are unresponsive, and roughly the same percentage are extremely so. Most score in the middle of a hypnotiazability scale developed at Stanford University. Carmody is running a study to see if hypnotherapy can help smokers kick the habit.

Hypnosis can't make people do things they don't need to do. Individuals can't turn into automatons. But it does make most people unusually receptive to ideas. "A hypnotic trance is actually just a form of deep relaxation, which allows folks to block out distractions and focus their heads," Carmody says. Patients who have problems with panic attacks can be encouraged to think of frightening situations in ways that were new and less alarming.

It's true that hypnosis remains a hard sell with many physicians because of the ongoing enigma behind it. "There is still lots of doubt out there," Harvard's Frederick acknowledges. Yet as more studies are published offering evidence of the gains, it is being embraced by an increasing number of physicians and psychologists as a healing tool.
Self hypnosis can be used, Frederick says, as hypnotic suggestions made by a therapist to relax and augment.

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