The Most Critical Aspect of a Brilliant Idea

     Everywhere you look these days, there are brilliant ideas that have been turned into actual things that make our lives easier, more enjoyable, or maybe just a little more entertaining. Smart phones, internet, social media, HD, Tivo, pre-shredded cheese, video games, bluetooth, GPS, and the zero calorie beer, just to name a few. (NOTE - as of this posting, the zero calorie beer has not been invented. But I expect the scientists to be working furiously to deliver the goods on that technology.)

We are living in the most rapidly advancing technological period of time that the human race has ever experienced. This is new Renaissance. We're in it. And with all of this ingenuity and creativity flowing through the planet, there is one constant that exists in every single breakthrough concept that is enriching our lives. While almost all inventions or advances go through a different creative process before culminating in the finished product, each and every brilliant idea that you see around you incorporated the most critical aspect of the entire process.


You can have the greatest idea, most brilliant product concept, funniest movie idea, coolest idea for an iPhone app, sharpest marketing strategy, or the single most transformational inventioin ever (re: the zero calorie beer), but it is completely worthless unless you act on it. You must take action. Ask Steve Jobs. Ask Mark Zuckerberg. Ask Bernie Madoff. Strike that - ask the genius that came up with the Snuggie. They all took action on ideas. The idea is simply a vehicle - the action taken on the idea is the fuel. YOU. MUST. TAKE. ACTION.

One of my ideas, which has proven to be a brilliant marketing concept, is a perfect example. Sitting around one night, having a few cocktails, I had moment of clarity regarding the ideal job for many people and created The concept was really simple - what if there was a way to make a lot of money, have all the free time in the world, and all you ever had to do was exactly what you want to do anyway - hang out drinking with your friends..?

So I thought it through, figured out how to make it work, created a little video presentation of my idea, and had some people look at it. Turns out that it is an idea that people really like. It resonates with them. They like the idea of having more disposable time and income to spend having fun with the people they like. And the name is cool. It's not as groundbreaking a concept as mobile internet or the zero calorie beer, but it is a really solid idea that is enriching the lives of a lot of people. Success!

But what if I had just thought about it a little bit, humored myself with it, dismissed the notion, and went back to goofing around on Facebook that night? What if I didn't take the time to see if the domain for was available? What if I didn't take the 2 minutes and $10 to buy the domain? What if I didn't make a very poorly produced video presentation of my brainchild and post it on YouTube? What if.?

Well, luckily I didn't discard my idea. I took action on it. And that tiny bit of action has turned a silly little idea that I got one night in my office into a movement that is helping people improve the quality of their lives. I don't claim to be any Mother Teresa or anything, but for the people that embrace my idea of creating an avenue to financial independence and happiness through social drinking - I'm making a difference. Because I took action.

So what about you? Do you take action? Are you in the game or watching from the sidelines? Either way is fine - that's your decision to make. But I can tell you this much - life is a lot more fun when you are in the action. So I choose to take it. Action, that is.

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Sean Richie is America's favorite Idea man and network marketing innovator. In addition to leading one of the fastest growing organizations in the home-based business industry and authoring network marketing strategies, Sean helps other entrepreneurs learn How To Make Money with their MLM business.

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