The Greatest Punk Rock Band Of The 21st Century

     I've been a pro rock drummer since I was 14 (I'm 42 now), it's become too easy to like everything. People just go for whatever's rammed down their throats. I suppose the last time I saw a great, exciting new guitar band promoted on televison or releasing a professionally shot video was with the slight rock and roll resurgence we had in the early naughties with bands like The Hives from Sweden and The Datsuns and The D4 from NZ. I do still see a lot of promising guitar music out there, but it is pushed down the agenda by commercial TV and radio stations so much that it very rarely gets the exposure it deserves. Most young people today will only listen to music via these mediums, so anyone who wants anything that isn't rap, so called 'R 'n B' or dance friendly pop has to make a real effort to search it out to listen to it.

The live music industry is still actually brimming full of guitar bands doing what they do best, but it seriously lacks the coherence to create a real buzz that gets people really excited about great music again. It would be great to have a proper movement like what was going on in New York in the early seventies centred around CBGB's - with bands like The Ramones, The Stooges, Television, The Dead Boys, Talking Heads, Blondie; or even the Britpop movement; for all its disappointments and cringe worthy legacy, (except maybe for Blur, Pulp and a few others), at least it was better than the acoustic pseudo-rock bed wetting drivel which we are currently subjected to in the charts today.

I grew up listening to rock 'n roll, Hank Williams, Little Richard, early American garage bands - but became disillusioned with the music scene and dropped out of music for a few years. The reason was that the really good bands just didn't seem to be getting heard and there seemed to be no marriage of invention and communication across the commercial soundscape that makes popular music exciting. A couple of years ago however, I came back with a renewed interest and vigour due to a lttle known band I discovered...

Technology is great, but key things are being lost in the wider music making process. In the days before mass pc ownership, we'd be working on an album in the studio using quarter inch reel to reel and a 24 channel mixing desk, (I'm talking early to mid nineties here, so not that long ago). So basically you HAD to get the take right; and if you really couldn't, like after six hours, then the producer would get out the 'splicing kit', which consisted of an aluminium board and a scapel -- and proceed to operate on the quarter inch tape, no margin for error there! We would do take after take until it was right.

But now these days for the greater part, bands had become mindless tune machines, wearing someone else's trousers, going into ready-made "careers" aided by mindless money hungry promoters and press agencies. Comfortable in their smugness and really just demanding a musician with no ambition for anything other than copying what was done before. How can anyone compare a real rock and roll band like 'The Stooges' or 'Black Sabbath' to say, 'Arctic Monkeys' or 'Scouting For Girls'?? The only real musical innovation these days if you could call it that, (it's still just push button music made on computers), is in the hip-hop/electronica scenes...Sad really.

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Here is the band that re-ignited my passion for rock and roll... To listen to 'The Greatest Punk Rock Band Of The 21st Century' - CLICK HERE

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