The Audio Production Process

     The audio production process refers to the different stages required to complete an audio product such as a CD or an album. There are generally three main stages to the completion of an audio product and we will look at the different phases in more detail.


In audio production, the pre-production process is what is known as the refinement of an artist's musical ideas. The first stage of this phase usually starts with the artist and the band getting together and coming up with ideas such as lyrics, or guitar riffs and rhythms. Once the band have a loose idea of what the lyrics and music are going to be for their song, they spend vast amounts of time refining the piece of music until they are happy with how it sounds. It can take weeks of hard work before the band achieve their goals, but this is one of the most vital stages of the production process, so it's definitely not to be rushed! Once they are ready, the band will move on to the next stage of the process which involves recording a demo or a rough copy of their song. This stage will give them a clean and unbiased version of their creation and allow them to listen for any potential dissatisfactions or possible alterations that could be made. By creating a rough copy, the band will also save time and money in

expensive recording studio fees.


Once the band are happy with their demo copy and have made all the relevant alterations to their music, lyrics or tone, they can then move on to the actual production of their song. This process is basically the final recording of a bands song or album with creative direction given from their music producers. Usually, the music producers of the band will give as much input as they feel is needed in order for the track to work under their music label. Once the producers are happy with the song or album, the band can then go on to record tracks of each instrument, ready for post-production.


This is the third and final stage of the audio production process. This stage is important when it comes to the timing, sound and tempo of the song or album. The first stage of this process, is collating all the relevant tracks, such as the vocals and guitar, and using computer software to time them correctly and make sure that they are all at the same tempo. Most producers will use a metronome to make sure that everything is perfectly on beat and will sometimes stretch audio to change the timing of certain tracks. Once everything is perfectly aligned and all the tracks are in time with one another, the next step is to add compression and any other effects that will help increase the volume or sound of the track. Sometimes, effects known as reverb or delay are added to the song at the end to give the track depth and dynamism. Once this is complete, the song or album will then be packaged for copy and sent to relevant retailers.

That is the end of the production process! We hope that this article has given you an idea of how audio production works and how each stage is vital for the completion of a new song or album.

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