Texas Recipe: Fries and Chicken Fried Steak

     Texas foods have a very wide range of traditional influences that enable them to come up with an equally exceptional hefty amount of distinct special Texas recipes. Among the many Texas recipes there are a fine selection of greasy delicacies composed of junk food. Junk food is a very significant part of the Texas foods that has made the Texas foods very popular with many people. There are a few Texas recipes of junk foods that will utterly astound you as a result of their rather overwhelming saccharine taste. One among the many Texas foods of the junk food class include the deep-fried chicken steak with tint of creamy gravy sauce and the relatively common home fries or chips.

Home Fries Texas Recipe

The first step of this Texas food is apparently a wonderful peeling of the potatoes. A potato peeler can be very handy in performing of this specific task. When you are done with the peeling process you should cut them into fine shaped square stick pieces which is the basic shape of the popular fries. If you feel like having some diversity you can slice the pieces of potato according to your desire. Take sufficient drippings of bacon and heat them up in a cast iron made skillet. After that, abundantly make use of the bacon grease, the more the grease you apply the zestier the flavour. After adequate heating of the grease, add the thoroughly dried pieces of potato and a garden fresh chopped onion. It is crucial to ensure that the potatoes are dry enough as wet potatoes will end up splattering the grease which can be a risk of burns and scalds. A keen eye should be kept on those taters occasionally stirring them around till they are ready. The end results of this Texas food are very crusty potato chips that will make your mouth watery.

Deep Fried Chicken Steak Texas Recipe

This particular Texas food takes quite some time to fully prepare. The first step is to nicely heat the steak of chicken to approximately 22 degrees which is roughly just the room temperature. Use a meat mallet to adequately make the meat tender by gentle pounding. After cutting the meat into sufficient pieces according to your preference, you can begin dredging the pieces. One by one, dredge them in an adequate container of flour with a mixture of pepper, garlic and not forgetting salt. Depending on your need for flavour diversity you can use a selection of seasoning ingredients then dip the chicken meat in a mixture of eggs and milk, then back to the flour again. The second floor coating should makes them ready for frying with enough oil until they are evenly brown. After frying and drying the pieces, empty the simmering grease from the pan leaving roughly two table spoonful. Thoroughly mix it with flour and about three cups full of milk then cook them to a broth-like thickness. This should be evenly poured on the chicken steaks and your meal is good to go especially if served with a side of homemade fries.

This blend of Texas food is especially great for garden barbecues or a special memorable family dinner.

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