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     Although the research behind dyslexia has come on leaps and bounds over recent years, there are still people that are suffering in silence. When a child seems to mess around in class or is unwilling to learn then it can be easy to assume that either they are stupid or they are lazy. In all honestly a lot of the time it is probably down to the fact that they don’t really understand what it is that you are trying to teach them and they don’t want to appear stupid by letting you know this.

Dyslexia manifests itself in many different ways, from works being jumbled up to letters bouncing around the page. For a young child this can see confusing, after all you don’t really know if that is normal or not. You don’t understand why everyone else can read and you can’t and it can seem like a scary and confusing time.

As an adult it is important that you don’t just assume that your child doesn’t want to learn or is too stupid to do so. Of course it is the schools job to look into this but as a parent you can do your job by pushing for tests etc. to help. A dyslexia test can help to determine where your child is having problems and then fixes can be put in place. Did you know that you can even look at sitting a dyslexia test ? Although an online dyslexia test may not have all the answers for you regarding your child’s learning abilities it will at least give you an outcome on whether or not your child is dyslexic. Once you know this you can then research different methods to help your child.

There are several different ways that the symptoms of dyslexia can be treated and some of these work better for some people than others. That is an important fact to remember. The first method you try may not suit your child and may not help them to learn any better at all, this is not a reason to get disheartened. Instead you just move on to the next one and you keep doing this until you find the one that clicks into place with your child.

Once a child starts to overcome dyslexia you usually find that their learning comes on leaps and bounds. As an adult there is no real reason why you should let dyslexia run your life for you, many adults are in successful careers despite being dyslexic. This is probably down to research and finding the best coping methods for them. That is why you should look at doing a online dyslexia test as soon as possible, because as soon as you confirm whether or not dyslexia is the problem you can then start to look at what is going to be the best solution in helping your child to overcome it.

We have designed the online dyslexia test for persons 16 years and older. The great thing about this test is that you can run it in right in your browser, so you don’t have to wait for it to get shipped or pay shipping costs.

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