StarCraft 2 Review

     Game developers constantly try to reinvent or leave a unique mark in the games they develop. StarCraft 2 is one of those games with real-time strategy. Fans of this genre of games will find it familiar, fresh, and new. Gamers who are new to this genre will have some troubles in the beginning, but get their way through once things get familiar. Even though RTS are difficult to master StarCraft 2 balances the complex intuitive controls and the difficulty levels that eases you to use the complete control scheme. This fine balancing act works excellently.
The graphics in this game is as you have expected. It is solid and looks great. The fact that the game doesn’t blow you away in the graphics part is a bit disappointing after all these years of waiting. It may seem unfair, but still it has been twelve years since the last release. It does not mean that the game is not great visually - it does. The locations and maps are engrossing, character models are good, and it has an intricate detail.
It focuses on the multiplayer feature, which was not in the original StarCraft. Every race is unique with new units and game play mechanics. StarCraft 2 retains some races from the original installment and it has included some new locations and characters. This will be one of the largest PC gaming events in the recent years. StarCraft 2 features 2.0, dozens of unique missions, interactive mission hubs, upgrades, and new units.
StarCraft 2 does not have the LAN play feature. Players who love LAN parties will not find it interesting. Of course, you can recreate your online LAN party but you have to sign into the sever every time.
The quality of sound is very good. The original songs of this game will top in the jukebox’s frequently played songs. Little details like this will make you smile, however you may not remember it for long. The toughest competition for StarCraft 2 will be its expectations. If you do not have expectations prior to the game then you will get impressed. Some people say that the game play is faster with some brand new twists.
The top 10 Protoss race strategies of StarCraft II are 2 and 4 Gateway Push, Push Rush, Mass Stalker, Fast Void Ray, Colossus Tech, Warp Prism Techniques, Dark Templar and High Templar Rush, 3 Gateway and 1 Robotics push. Protoss lacks abundance of soldiers and compromises it with robots to support their forces.
Zerg Buildings and Units:
Hatchery is one of the important buildings of Zerg. It allows the production of overlord, queen, and drone. It requires 300 minerals and takes 100 seconds to build it. It grows creep to grow Zerg structures. Creep gives movement speed bonus for Zerg units. Spawning pool, Spine Crawler, Baneling Nest, Roach Warren, Evolution Chamber, Lair, Spore Crawler, Hydralisk Den are some of the buildings in StarCraft 2. Each and every building has its own units. This much awaited game will definitely fulfill the expectations of the gamers.
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