Simple Tips To Make Espresso With Instant Coffee Beans

     It is amazing what a steaming cup of hot coffee can do to keep you revitalized and upbeat all day long. Espresso is that refined version of plain coffee that has fascinated our taste buds to no end. Brewing a perfect cup of espresso is an art that not all can master. It requires just the right amount of temperature, water and pressure to bring out the flavour right. You do not need to dash to your nearest coffee house every time you get a hankering for delicious espresso, nor do you have to splurge big in buying a espresso machine. Here are some simple tips that allow you to brew full-bodied espresso at home.

Step 1 - Select dark roasted coffee beans and grind them to fine granules. Finely grinded beans make for a potent espresso that is tout and strong in taste.

Step 2 - Espresso is nothing but a concentrated version of instant coffee. A lot of coffee and very little amount of water goes into brewing a perfect cuppa. Boil 1 cup of filtered water in a teakettle over a stove, until it comes to the boiling point. Refrain from heating the water for too long, as it causes the water to evaporate leaving very little to stir up an espresso.

Step 3 - Depending on how strong you want your espresso to be, add 1 ½ tbsp of grinded coffee granules in a cup. For bold and rich flavour, dark roasted coffee beans are the best.

Step 4 - Add boiling water into the cup and stir it incessantly until the coffee crystals visibly dissolve. Unlike espresso beans, instant coffee beans tend to be course in nature; you need to stir constantly in gentle strokes to melt down the last trace tiny granules. The end result will be a velvety smooth cup of delicious espresso.

Step 5 - As per your preference, you can drink the espresso plain or jazz it up with some milk or latte. During sweltering months of summer, you can drink your espresso chilly for instant boost of energy.

Handy tips

• While selecting your coffee beans, be careful. You will find both finely grinded and coarsely grounded coffee beans. Opt for espresso-blend coffees that are finely grinded and perfect for brewing espresso. If you are a true coffee connoisseur, then buy your own beans and grind them to desired perfection.

• To give the espresso a fuller body taste, brew it on low heat. Even if it takes a little longer to brew the coffee this way, the velvety taste will be well worth the wait.

• Invest in a good quality coffee grinder. You can grind beans fresh to the correct coarseness every time you feel like enjoying a hot cup of espresso.

• Remember, a cup of hot espresso should be always full-bodied and smooth, but never bitter or acidic in taste. If you find any trace of bitterness in your coffee, you have gone wrong in the brewing process. For further references or help, look up on videos where professional baristas teach you on how to brew delicious double espresso.

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