Short Story Ideas For Kids

     Kids capture and learn something from everything they come across…even the stories that they hear. Various short story ideas for kids will help you understand the elements that kids stories should have. Read on…

Nobody else loves reading and listening to stories as much as kids. They are in such a tender phase of life that everything they come across not only registers easily but also impacts their minds to a great extent. As the brain of the kid is very tender and at the learning and registering phase, one needs to be very careful when it comes to conveying something to them, be it through any medium. Keeping this in mind, short story ideas for kids should be such that makes their basic learning positively strong.

Short Story Ideas List

Considering the overall impact on a kid's brain and thinking, below mentioned are some interesting short story ideas for kids that include necessary elements of a short story, that will give them the necessary learning that is required for their overall development and growth. These ideas are a mixture of informational, educational as well as entertainment purpose.

Moral Based Short Stories
Morals are something which should be inhibited in the child's brain as early as possible. Moral values are of great importance and help a child to develop a decision making ability within itself. Although there are many famous short stories based on morals written already, you can write a new story presenting the importance of morals in today's world. For example, you can write about a girl who always skipped her homework and watched a lot of TV instead. Her parents were never there to check on her and so she neglected her responsibilities and later on she ended up in a big trouble…developing a story based like this definitely indicates today's times where the parents are too busy in their professional lives that they hardly are able to keep a track of their kid's schedule.

Short Stories Based on Overcoming Fear
We all tend to have fear from or towards something as kids. If the fear is left to dwell, it may have a negative impact over the lifetime of the kid. Constructing stories based on overcoming fears will help change the mindset of children and encourage them to fight their fears. For example, some children have the fear the dark which, when left unattended, leads to a fear that stays for lifelong. You can write a story like once a child was locked in the dark room and he was very scared of the dark. The child was all alone but when he managed to overcome his fear, he found surprising things… and so on.

Short Stories Highlighting Importance of Relationships
These days most part of the young generation doesn't give much preference to family and their relationships with their family. Incorporating the importance of relationships in a persons life is something that also makes an excellent short story ideas for teenagers as well. For example, you can write a story about a child whose parents always pin pointed in everything that the child did and the child absolutely hated this about them…or something like, there was once a child who never got a chance to spend quality time with her father he thought that the parents didn't love her but later she realized that the father is in the army and risking his life to protect the country and the family…ideas like these can help children understand things from a different point of view.

Decision Making Short Stories for Kids
The ability to take decisions is something that every child must learn as soon as they can, after all, their life will be as successful as will be their ability to take decisions. An example for the same would be, let's say a story about a child who had to choose between a friend who was poor but true, and a friend who was a liar but really fun to be with as he stole a lot of toys from others…build the short story ideas for kids in such a way that shows children that no matter how fun and nice the life of a cheater looks, the end is always a tragic one.

Logical Reasoning Short Stories for Kids
Logical reasoning consists of reasoning the Who, When, What, Why, and Where? These reasoning qualities are very important and should be included in the short stories for kids. This is an excellent stage of a child's brain wherein they can program their minds to analyze the unseen and unclear scenarios and understand the situations in depth. An example for the same would be to build short stories that involve a lot of riddles and puzzles that the characters in the story ask each other in the story to move on to the next stage.

Short Stories Based on Adjustments and Dealing With Differences
As parents and guardians, we give all the things that kids require and fulfill all their demands. But then, some day or the other, the kids have to come across situations where they will have to adjust and compromise. The fact that they can't always get what they want should be confronted to them through such inspirational short stories for children. An example would be the story of a child who had to take care of her younger sibling because mom was at work and how due to financial crisis she had to give up on her favorite room in the bigger house and move in to a smaller house. Don't emphasize on the sad aspects only, through the rhythm of your writing teach children the satisfaction one can achieve through sacrificing for someone you love.

Short Stories Based on Being Independent
Kids are usually dependent on someone or the other. But it is very important to teach them the importance and the necessity of being independent. Although it's a phase that they will learn automatically when they grow up, but then short stories which emphasize on being independent and not to depend on anyone as you might loose certain opportunities, is again among the good short story ideas for kids.

Short Story Ideas With a Twist
Just like life is never predictable and always surprises us with twists and turns. Short stories for kids with a twist in them is a great way to show children that life too is a story which can never have the same flow and is filled twists and turns. An example would be writing a story of a girl who was very rich and had everything that she wanted but suddenly…or you can take the flow of the story from that of a negative phase to positive phase, showing that bad times can always turn into good times.

I hope the above mentioned short story ideas for kids with different essential elements helps you in creating a good and inspirational creative story. Just write from your heart and words will follow…one after the other. All the best!

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