SereniGy Ganoderma Coffee - Science vs Experience

     People are skeptical when it comes to claims or testimonials made behind natural health based products. Although some individuals may make claims that are exaggerated or simply not true, others are having bonafide experiences that they want to share with people as it has impacted them positively in some way. So are these testimonials as important as the science that "proves it"? It all depends on your perspective and the source of the information.

Science - Cold, Hard Facts From A Lab

It's understandable that people want "proof" that a certain product like SereniGy ganoderma coffee has been proven in a third party lab so that there is some bipartisan evidence that it does indeed work. After all, with all the claims and scams out there, who doesn't want to do their research?

However, when looking at research material, you need to be also careful of the source you are trusting.

Some companies do their own testing, or fund the testing, and with that kind of money going into it they are very adamant that it turns out in their favour. Why risk a lot of money into research to churn out results that could be less than favourable? It doesn't make sense.

Studies or data that don't make the grade simply filter themselves out and are not reported in many cases. Few people realize that scientific studies are often "gamed" in favour of the company, so really aren't that scientific at all. This is what happens when millions of someone's dollars are on the line.

However, you can find true third party studies (PubMed, for example) that you can be reasonably assured that they are providing legitimate research results.

So is science a good way to determine the effectiveness of a product? Yes, IF those studies are conducted in a third party atmosphere with no connection to the results and are not funded by the company making the claims. If they are not, it doesn't mean they aren't legitimate, but your eyebrow should be definitely raised.

Testimonials - The Warm, Real Life Claims From Human Experience

For other people, testimonials are what they want to hear. After all, scientific evidence is nice but in the end what is it doing for people in real life? This is a dramatic leap for science based proponents, as testimonials to them aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

I say tell that to the person having the testimonial what means more to them, the evidence in the lab, or the experience in real life that is positively affecting them.

We need to be careful not to dismiss the human element of testimonials. This is the proof you can personally hear about, see, and feel for yourself. Sure, maybe it seems a bit exaggerated at times, but until you have had a life changing testimonial you can't fully understand the excitement. You just need to consider the source, and whether you trust them enough to look into it further.

So should testimonials be considered a legitimate way to know how well a product actually works? Yes, because the experience at the "human" level is really what it boils down to, and if you feel you can trust the source, it should prompt you to experiment on yourself because that's where the rubber really meets the road in terms of belief and confirmation.

SereniGy Ganoderma Coffee - Science and Testimonials

SereniGy has infused ganoderma (also known as Reishi) into coffee, tea, and other products due to the research on the "King of Herbs" and 2000 year history of use that is documented in many pieces of ancient and modern literature. Research articles can be found at third party sites like Pubmed and, and testimonials can be gleaned from customers who have had used the product.

However, nothing can replace the value of you own testimonial, and there is very little to lose when you are dealing with SereniGy coffee and tea. You have the 7 day challenge you can access to make a limited investment, and if you decide to buy a box you can always return the product one time if it doesn't suit your fancy.

It's not like stocking up on a supplement that provides no real enjoyment with the actual intake. At least with SereniGy ganoderma coffee or tea, you have a much higher satisfaction rate due to fact that it's not a regimen, but an enjoyable habit regardless.

So when gauging your interest for SereniGy ganoderma coffee or tea, or any other product for that matter, look at the third party documentation and investigate some of the testimonials, and conduct your own litmus test if you need to and try the product for a very low investment.

Based on my experience, you have very limited risk and huge upside potential. Anyone looking to invest in anything can't ask for much more than that.

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