Sagittarius - How To Romance, Understand and Buy The Perfect Gift For A Sagittarius

     Life is a voyage of discovery to a Sagittarian and the more actual, literal, voyages you can cram into a life time the better for this centaur with perpetually itchy hooves. A Sagittarian is always willing to drop everything and gallop off at the drop of a bow and arrow - the centaur is also the archer of the zodiac. They are not the type, however, to fire off a random shot and follow where so ever that arrow leads. Sagittarians are not great explorers. Yes, it is true that they crave novelty from their own habitat and daily environs but you will find them treading well trodden paths rather than cutting a huge swathe through the untrammelled bush or the deepest jungle. You can rest assured, if you are off on a jaunt with a Sagittarian nothing will be left to chance and home comforts will not be lacking.

Scared of Solitude?
Another reason these centaurs make lousy explorers is that they cannot abide their own company for too long. These are no lone wanderers in the wilderness. They love holidays, mini-breaks and excursions but would never go alone. Sagittarians are scared of solitude. Chances are, if you have spotted a Sagittarian you would like to snare, you will have chanced upon your quarry far from his or her natural habitat and certainly in a pack.

If it is the Sagittarian who has you in his or her sights you can bet they are aiming that arrow straight for the heart. Sagittarians crave adoration anything less is unacceptable.

A Force To Be Reckoned With ..
Sagittarians, at their very best, are daring souls, spontaneous, exciting to be around and always willing to try new things, though they may insist you try them first. Make no mistake, Sagittarius is, perhaps the fieriest of the signs and the fun loving and care free centaur that shot arrows into your heart will stomp all over it if he or she does not get his or her way. Sagittarians do not like to be contradicted. If you want to expose them to a differing point of view, buy them a book! Like all fire signs the Sagittarian ego is a force to be reckoned with.

Travel broadens the mind, it is said, and the Sagittarian traveller will certainly put their travelling experiences to good use. These are creative souls. Sagittarians make excellent musicians, actors and artists. They are the kind of people who just seem to have a knack for those kinds of activities - Walt Disney typifies this characteristic of the Sagittarian. Their homes will be beautifully decorated emulating the very latest and finest magazine covers. They have the vision to turn a bedsit into a boudoir. You may not see where their ideas are going but, my word, the finished project will leave you speechless. Some how, a Sagittarian can make something seem much more than the sum of its parts.

Wooing a Sagittarian
No Sagittarian will ever admit it but centaurs are a very conservative breed. They measure themselves and others against very traditional yard sticks though they are more than willing to take short cuts and deviations to get to the top. In terms of style, interests and tastes, Sagittarians, for the most part, are followers not leaders. They pick up on trends and fashions very quickly, almost as if by osmosis - you won't find too many fashion or interiors magazines in the Sagittarian home. The music, films and literature of their friends is always a Saggitarian's favourite - useful to know if you are too shy to approach the Sagittarian you so admire directly.

If a Sagittarian has his or her mind set on you then it almost a matter of honour that they win you to them. These are, after all, the hunters of the Zodiac and they love to chase far more than being chased. As has been mentioned, Sagittarians hate to be alone so if you do not respond quickly or vigorously enough to their attentions - which are often none to subtle - your Sagittarian will find someone who will. Sagittarians love the exotic so, chances are, if a short, blonde blue eyed Sagittarian is transfixed by your charms, you are a tall, brown eyed brunette.

Sagittarians in Love
Loyalty is a big deal to Sagittarians but it is not a sword that always cuts both ways. They will expect undying loyalty from you from the word go but will want to be their flirty and alluring selves forever. Sagittarians can make overbearing parents at worst but at best are wonderful nurturers of creativity and will encourage children to be as adventurous as they and try new things and grasp opportunities. This is also something they can bring to a romantic relationship and they will inspire and support a partner in bettering themselves and fulfilling ambitions.

Gifts for Sagittarians
Sagittarians love adventure. A mini-break to a town or city they have never visited before will melt a centaur's heart, especially if you are both exploring it for the first time together. If you are planning such a break or a holiday then try to find organised tours you can join - Sagittarians love spontaneity but can't cope with chaos. Sagittarians have their itchy feet very much in the material world, so, if you are going to buy tickets to see a show (and it had better be one they're familiar with or starring someone famous) or a holiday, wrap up a gift that symbolises that adventure to be had - and here's a hint: the bigger the better. Designer luggage is always a winner with a Sagittarian or perhaps take your love to a restaurant specialising in the food of your future destination.

A Sagittarian's creative itch can be scratched by giving them craft gifts that they can use to show off their skills. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving: your Sagittarian will love the thoughtfulness of the gift especially if you make a big deal of recognising his or her creativity and they will love making items with which to demonstrate this blessing to others. Cookery lessons, wine tasting and all kinds of cultural courses will melt a Sagittarian's heart but only if you book two places.

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One absolutely fantastic gift for a Sagittarian is the Gourmet Trotter , an innovative hamper which reinvents the picnic. Another great choice is anything to do with cooking, so check out this wonderful Culinary Concepts range at MadMolly.

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