Pisces Personality Traits

     Pisces (February 20th to March 20th) the twelfth sign of the zodiac is symbolized by two fish, one which represents Eros and the other symbolizing Aphrodite. To the ancient Greeks Eros was the God of erotic passion and pure beauty and Aphrodite the Goddess of love. Why the fish symbols? According to Greek myth they were both thrown into the deep waters of the River Euphrates by the 'Father of Monsters'Typhon, changing into fish and swimming down the river break free of Typhons violence.

So after reading through that little story you'll not be surprised to learn that Pisces is a water sign. It means that in the same way as water, men and women born under this star sign tend to be very adaptible and are flexible enough to cope with any crisis or problem that life throws at them. The Planet Neptune rules over Pisces and so they are often sensitive emotionally and have a caring nature, able to bring empathy and compassion to their relationships. So much in fact that they need to be careful not to ignore their own needs.

Pisceans are more often than not gentle and are some of the most caring people that you'll ever come across. It seems like their patience is limitless and their relaxed nature very easily attracts people to them.Because of this this means they can easily make friends, but can sometimes catch the attention of the wrong kind of person who will take whatever they can from them and never give anything back in return.

Due to this, their temptation to not take on a leadership role and to give such a lot to the other person can make them in danger of exploitation. At times their concern for other people isn't at all times in their interest.

An imaginative free spirit, Pisceans are drawn to the more spiritual side of life. Their imagination and inspiration will find an outlet in the arts, where they can find that they have a natural gift. Whether in music, painting or poetry the Piscean will have a gift for creation and artistic expression.

Their brilliant imagination and never-ending creativeness means that they're known as the daydreamers of the zodiac and they love escaping into a world of fantasy rather than dealing with the tough realities of life and watching other people suffer.

As the final sign of the horoscope, Pisces have some charcteristics from each star sign. This means that they are generally compatible in a relationship with many other star signs. They see sex as the expression of love and intimacy in a romantic relationship and not as pleasure for its own sake. They value most the sense of emotional connection that they can experience with a lover in a totally commited and long lasting romance.

You'll most often find a Pisces in a caring role and they tend to steer clear of the typical rat race involving the lust for power and money. They're not motivated by those things. In their heart they believe that their purpose is to make life better for other people, whether that's in a relationship, at work or with their friends.

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So, Pisces have a lot of truly positive characteristics and are the sweethearts of the zodiac. If you want to know more about Pisces, or maybe you have a specific Pisces guy or woman in mind, then a free psychic reading might give you you the answers that you're looking for.

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