Pax Neo-Tech And Nouveau-Tech

     Neo-Tech Publishing is a 35+ year writing company integrating philosophy, objectivism, business, and love. The Nouveau-Tech Society is a semi-secretive group emerging out of Neo-Tech correlating with the release of a massive writing project called Pax Neo-Tech.

Nouveau Tech is a major arm of Neo-Tech's mission to rid earth of mysticism and bring about the rise of a super-society, a world of super rapidly advancing new technology (Neo-Tech).

The Nouveau Tech Society has emerged out of the marketing tactics of Neo-Tech Publishing as a secretive society of power, romance, wealth and health.

While monitoring the day-by-day edits that Frank R Wallace published on as they happened, I watched the developments right up until his death. For 5 years I watched digital-dot by digital-dot every edit that Wallace made public.

I used services like Google Alerts to tell me precisely where and when changes throughout happened.

I noticed the styles of writing change into the style of Pax Neo-Tech. I saw the exact additions, amendments, edits, revisions and deletions that Wallace made for Pax Neo-Tech. The layers of integrations added.

That helped me to understand the process and development of the Neo-Think mentality and matrix that Wallace was cultivating via this strange batch of documents labeled Pax Neo-Tech.

Here is one example of one of the newest edits that were made to Pax Neo-Tech.

Exhibit 1 from my Google Alert 30 Jul 05.

"As attuned readers proceed through Pax Neo-Tech, their accurate predictions yield ever-increasing power and profits.
Such readers learn to think honestly, widely, independently.
They learn to think beyond biases, opinions, and faiths. They learn to neothink..." - Frank R Wallace, Pax Neo-Tech

That paragraph was edited into the following in my Google Alert 27 Dec '05. Just 2 months before Wallace's death. (compare it with above).

Exhibit 2

"As attuned readers proceed through Pax Neo-Tech, their expanding insights and understandings yield ever-increasing advantages -- Illuminati advantages of limitless power and profits.
Such readers learn to focus on essentials while simultaneously thinking honestly, widely, and independently.
They learn to think beyond biases, opinions, and faiths. They learn to neothink..." - Frank R Wallace, Pax Neo-Tech

"Focusing On Essentials Whilst Removing Anticiv Boundaries Delivers Limitless Neo-Think Power"

Pax Neo-Tech has been taken down from public access now; I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy of the later chapters of Pax Neo-Tech later this year.

Pax Neo-Tech was the publicly edited matrix that Frank R Wallace was working on at the time of his fatal traffic accident during his daily morning jog.

This new work explored modern day events whilst adding universally permanent insights about the nature of man's evolution and ascension into modern technological man. In places Pax Neo-Tech is an easy read, in others it's difficult, and sometimes entertaining, and sometimes stomach churning. I don't claim to understand it all, and I look forward to the day when I can plum it fully for all its life advantages.

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Nathan Shaw has begun a small site on the history of Neo-Tech and The ">Neo-Tech Discovery. Nathan Shaw is building an Organized Living web site based on Neo-Tech principles at ">Organized Living

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