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     I know, I know... For the most part link directories suck. But don't be fooled! As is always the case things are not exactly as they seem on the surface. A little paitence and a lot of looking around often reveals the unexpected. Not only are there good apples, there are jewels in this basket as well! But I digress. First, in case you're not a bottom feeder like myself, let me tell you about how Link Directories work. First there are the link farms or FFA (free for all) sites. Forget about them right now. In fact, forget I mentioned them in the first place.

Next come the Low to No PageRank Directories setup by the minions of wana-be webmasters that fall for some fly by night pricks sales pitch about making a fortune with Google AdSense. Just sign up for an over priced hosting account and setup a your very own Traffic Pumping Money Machine and charge people to add links to their websites while you rake in the Adsense Profits hand over fist. Forget about them too.

Finally the thousands of PageRank 3 almost there but never going any where else Directories. This is where we start to find some worth to their existence. I would like to say not much worth, but hey, I've been there too. These sites do have a little link juice and there is no reason to write them off as worthless. They serve their purpose in our bigger picture. That purpose is to help us hide the fact that we only bother linking with better websites than theirs. link directories, high PageRank,

And so that's where we start our SEO project, The PageRank 3 directories. There is far too many to bother keeping track of them so I just let them seep in with the rest of the directories I go after. I don't spend any time on them as far a recipcoal links or catchpas or anything else. When I'm submitting, I do the PageRank 3 directories all by them selves otherwise they would slow the whole process of submitting important directories to a crawl. Select a thousand set up the profile and let it run come what may. Half the submissions fail, who gives a fuck. As long as we nail enough to hide the fact we olny deal with PageRank 4 and above websites.

And that brings me to PageRank 4 and above directories. This is the meat and potatos of directories. Oh and let me say one more thing before I go on.If you have a very specific niche website, use caution submitting to everything there is. It does matter, but not as much as people like to make it seem like it does. So if you have a website about methods of venerail desise transmission in one eyed earthworms in the rain forests of Brazil, don't be submitting to link directories that cater to transvestites that changed their mind just a little to late and are telling their stories of regret and... well, you know what i mean. link directories, high PageRank, backlinks, reciprocal links

Now what was I talking about? Oh ya, PageRank 4 and above directories. There are probably a few hundred really quality directories in this range that are completely free with no strings attached. I have just started keeping track of them and they look promising. I have about 20 to 30 verified I think and the number is growing. Verified means I have laid hands on them and I can attest to their being what they claim to be. (unlike some websites I own!) backlinks, reciprocal links

Last but not least, the PageRank 5 and PageRank 6 directories. I have about 15 PageRank 5 directories and 5 or 6 PageRank 6 directories. And I'm sorry to say I don't recall if they are 100% free with no recipcol link requirement or not. I would guess they want a link back to them. After all, they did not get to where they are by spilling link juice all over. Not like it matters to the Link Master... Yours Truly with the Link Fusion magic solution to all this crap! backlinks, reciprocal links

Hey, maybe I should call myself the link magician? (joke!) Anyway, I got to run. If you want to blow this whole link building thing out the window and get back to having a life. The site is a mess and I don't know diddly about membership sites yet. Anyone who beats me to the payment gateway crap and registers can use the Link Fusion gig for free until the end of time or me, which ever comes first. Just do me one small favor and I will owe you forever, deep link into http://link-fusion.ods.org/ with 3 or 4 words anchor text that makes sense.

Take care and may your neighbors lead interesting lives

Be sure to visit http://link-fusion.ods.org

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Take care and may your neighbors lead interesting lives. Link Master link-fusion.ods.org/ The Black Hat Solution To Link Building email link-fusion@live.com

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