One Cup Coffee Makers

     Can a home coffee maker make a single cup of decent fresh coffee worth drinking?

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some helpful buying tips and consumer information to make the most of your single cup coffee maker purchase.

What is single serve coffee maker? - Let's start this article with brief overview of just what single-serve coffee maker actually is. There is a strong clue in the name of course, in that it is a coffee maker that serves just one cup at a time. By inserting the pod into the special chamber great tasting coffee can be made. Although you can only produce one cup at time, you usually have access to wide range of coffee types and flavours - which is what many consumers are attracted to.

Many people overlook the type of coffee they prefer. Sometimes in their eagerness to buy one-cup coffee brewer, amny consumers plunge blindly into the coffee machine market without thinking about the sort of coffee they prefer.

There are many different types of single cup coffee makers on the market, so knowing what kind of coffee you intend on producing will make your purchasing decision much easier. Basically there are only two different types of coffee machines: those that stick to regular coffee and those that make specialty beverages.

Regular coffee is pretty much what it sounds like - a standard pressure-filtered coffee that doesn't do frothy milk, or any of those speciality "add-ons" - however you can get flavoured coffee for most machines in a pod or capsule.

On the other hand, there are single serve coffee makers that can produce both regular coffee and specialty beverages, for example, machines like the Tassimo or the Dolce Gusto can produce beverages such as lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos. These have milk frothing units.

If you're looking to produce real cappuccinos or lattes, ensure the machine you are considering can both produce espresso and froth the milk. If not, then regardless of what capsules you get for that machine (even if they say "cappuccino" on them), you will not be able to produce the real thing.

Selecting machine for 'regular coffee' - Since machines that only produce regular coffee have a far simpler coffee brewing process, selecting one of these machines is not difficult task. There are several things to look out for: coffee selection, durability/functionality, and of course price.

Your friend the internet will likely be able to display many machines available locally or by mail order. Then search again to find out what the coffee selection is like for that particular machine, and pay special attention to the cost of the pods or capsules. Be wary of buying a cheaper pod machine if the costs of the pods themselves is very high. If the pods are good value then the initial cost of the machine is not so important.

However, selection is only one thing to consider. You must also find out how functional or durable particular machine is. Check online website and reviews and see if the machine has good ratings. A great website for these reviews is Choosing can be more complicated as you have to take into account how the unit steams and dispenses the milk.

A real espresso has a layer of crema on top of the cup that is extracted from the coffee, if this is missing then the unit is not a true espresso machine. This is easier said than done of course as unless you know someone with the machine you are considering, you are unlikely to be able to get a free demonstration - especially of course if you are buying on-line. Even so you should always try to get a demo before you commit yourself.

The next thing to consider is how well machine can froth the milk and a good idea if you can't get to see an actual demonstration is to look at coffee review sites and even YouTube. Whatever machine you decide on, remenber to enjoy your coffee!.

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