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     I believe that music is essential to healthy living. Like many life essentials, most people do not get enough, undervalue or overlook music as essential because they do not realize the overall, long term effect of it's regular absence. I believe music can increase, improve and enhance development in children, when introduced to music at a young age, and as a student matures, can be a powerful means of expression, collaboration, and even therapy. It is an emotional thing, and many people, including personal friends of mine, are able to deal with complex, oppressive and overwhelming personal issues in a positive way through music.

Regular involvement in music has been proven to increase the student's ability to learn and be better at taking tests. The earlier a student becomes involved in music, the more this ability will increase. In younger students this is manifest in the student being more comfortable with expressing themselves to others, which will lead to the development of emotions needed for musical understanding and most life situations. As the student matures to adulthood, these qualities become more nuanced and enrich the students musicality and musicianship. Many aspects of music also correlate with other subjects, such as math and science, making it a vital necessity to any educational program. My desire is to instill a sense of urgency to carry the legacy of music, to spread the news of it's positive and necessary effects, especially during this current period of time that is very unfavorable to raw talent if it lacks the right image, and while public ignorance and misguided focus is at an all time high.

Psychologist Jean Piaget discovered that interaction with other people is crucial to a child's development. Being that music is very often a communal art, I believe that improvisation can be very helpful to a child's interaction with others. This will allow the students to become more comfortable performing in front of others, and also teach them to listen to each other, which is also an essential life skill. In older students this will be manifest in improved stage presence and being more bold in front of an audience, or whatever the task may be.

I believe it is important for every student to learn how to teach themselves, being strict with themselves about improving their weaknesses. I know a lot of seasoned, successful professionals who still take private lessons, and this strengthens my belief that we are never too old or experienced to learn. Even when not actively studying with a teacher or in a class, the student must learn to teach himself.

This world needs passionate, kind, inspiring and patient teachers who will be able to instill good habits and give them the needed stepping stones with which to become the best they can be. To me, my father is the paramount example of what a teacher should be. I can tell that he loves teaching and loves what he is teaching. This is extremely important for a student to be inspired to keep practicing and learning.

My very life is bound up in music. It's what I do, and I see the importance of it daily. This world is headed in a dangerous direction if it continues along the path of cutting out music education. I seek to be an ambassador to those in whose hands the future lies, as well as to those who have experienced the long term effect of the absence of music. Just like exercise and good nutrition, although sometimes difficult to maintain because of selfish desires, I believe that through daily diligence, we can make positive change.

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Philip Kuehn is a father, husband, professional musician and outdoor enthusiast who uses his blog, as an outlet for his personal and professional experiences. He writes about the human experience, using his own as the basis with the hope that others will find comaraderie in the midst of their daily stress. He has performed worldwide as bassist with Harry Connick Jr.

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