Mobile E-commerce Have Boundless Imagination

     April 27, global water challenge the Great Wall will the 3rd global mobile Internet conference (GMIC2011) in Beijing international conference center, begin. The conference theme of "new opportunities and new challenges, new leader". According to reports, 2011 global mobile Internet assembly consists of global mobile Internet CEO club Great Wall will host. Congress will bring together more than 2,000 industry high-end elite and more than 1,500 mobile application developers, and share best practices, innovative experiences and jointly promote the mobile industry of forward development.

The rapid development of mainland mobile Internet market prospects, and the broad is undoubtedly the mobile Internet the conference background, meeting, vice chairman of the Internet society of China HuangChengQing says, until 2011 quarter, China mobile Internet market size of 64.4 billion yuan. Erin released mobile Internet industry related data the same view, the report also erika analyzed to market segment, which first quarter, mobile e-commerce market scale reached -13.9 billion yuan, an increase of 358.7%, increasing rate in mobile Internet's major market segment is far ahead.

The high-speed growth, there is no doubt that main impetus comes from mobile phone taobao, send force in taobao started last year, leading to the whole mobile e-commerce market develop by leaps and bounds.
From today's many famous point of view, there is no doubt that all agree that mobile Internet development, however, who is the development of mobile Internet next big role?

Some say that game, good, from the current mobile phone applications were welcome extent, cellular phone game is everyone to see gold mine, the session, angry birds also fly, the9 also announced a wireless gaming platform on-line, entertainment is always people indispensable part of life, caught people's entertainment demand, mobile games bright prospects.

Some say that since last year, LBS LBS of the mobile Internet is hot spots, it is also a good understanding things, mobile Internet itself compared with the traditional Internet speaking is the biggest advantage of geographical mobility, equipment carry-on sex, these features will decide to use mobile Internet people have very clear landmark features, this feature contains commercial value remains to be more insight development.

Some will say mobile advertising, this also have data to support, erin report in the quarter, mobile advertising field and obtain the better growth, market size 520 billion yuan, an increase of 112.2%. But today mobile advertising operators much au when interviewed said mobile Internet advertising markets mature, still need 1-2 years.

Of course can't forget mobile e-business, the increase in the field in the first quarter it has competition, there is no doubt that the strength of the protagonist. In a sense, the piece instead of leading most hope the development of mobile Internet role.

We all know the demands of the people, outside notting have life and workload big field, in the life domain, shopping is everybody cannot avoid behavior, you may not playing games, maybe not, but can't not travel shopping, which is why e-commerce sites in the traditional Internet type, never is leading role, because this is our each person must.

In the mobile Internet field, the development of e-commerce is still worth focus, a mobile phone is one of the most commonly used tools we, and shopping is our every day activity, the combination of the two, can produce a kind of huge market, I want from taobao huge investment in taobao can see end phones.

Judging from the development of the Internet, information - entertainment process of electronic commerce, this order - evolution of demand, led the Internet's pace, in the mobile Internet field, we can clearly see the same evolutionary step, at present to mobile games, as a representative of the entertainment has very mature, explain mobile e-commerce age will open.

Since this year, has successively many jingdong mall, every guest, pd orchid diamond, baby tree, new egg released B2C sites such as its own wireless shopping strategy. Even just announced the comprehensive withdraw China, said best buy mobile platform does not exclude the future in the form of Chinese market. Gracing again However, these web retailers and network brands are just put the wireless strategy PC Internet business copy to mobile Internet, most join logistics real-time inquiry and shallow layers of paper, did not see the new application, function, i.e., "mobile" characteristics not obvious.

In contrast, cell phones while taobao beginning with the integration of dragons emphasized with the area is lain between, the stress from mobile Internet characteristics of itself up to consider and design business model, dragons vice President and general manager, said QiuChangHeng wireless division of future mobile phone shopping will show the seven opportunity, personalized ChuiZhiHua market, specific populations precise coverage, platform product integration, sellers covering, amination, cross-platform open and mobile seller independent stores. Mobile phone taobao will towards these directions to explore.

Meanwhile, so many enterprise and brand into mobile e-commerce market, too mean mobile e-commerce market will become the next mobile Internet protagonist.

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