Many Examples of Astral Projection Stories

     There are many accounts of astral travel and travel. Astral projection stories are reported daily in the media, but astral travelling and projection is unquestionably nothing new.

Probably the most widespread astral projection stories is what's called an out of body experience. A thirty-nine yr old lady undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor reports of finding herself positioned beside the physician watching him or her shift areas of her brain aside and take away the tumour. The lady cannot interact or speak with the individuals focusing on her, however she can observe and move through her environment, actually the ones that may appear to be solid objects.

Recently, a study was performed at a British university by where placards had been placed on in an area of a surgery suite that could not be observed from above. It is advisable to understand that there is no chance that either the doctors or the patient could see these placards whilst entering the surgery location. Accounts tell us that some patients are able to observe these placards during surgical treatment although anesthetized from a vantage point that suggests they have left their body.

Stories of Astral travel seem to be etched in the walls of the caves of historic tribes in Africa and Egypt. Icons interpreted claim that these types of tribes might contact the ones that had passed on prior to them. It is thought that these types of designs are telling astral projection stories. It once again shows that individuals of those tribes had been making use of astral travel and astral projection for thousands of years.

Easy astral projection stories can be found in some other nationalities. Individuals in Asia for example regularly practice an ancient art referred to as Reiki. These exercises involve all of the identical abilities necessary that one makes use of during astral projection. The Japanese have a different name for astral travel, but they talk about departing their own body's going through walls or being able to pay a visit to past and future.

Individuals in present day South america also have story's of being able to depart their bodies and travel into outter space and visit the astral planes. The statement details of the planes, Mars, Venus and the Sun. The Inca's, the original tribes that were living where modern day South america is now have left enormous ancient monuments which were initially created to recognize the spirits they believed facilitated out of body experiences and astral travel.

Regardless of the skepticism, astral projection stories are both present in our modern day society as well as documented from ancient tribes. Throughout history evidence of astral traveling has been catalogued again and again. Through symbols over a cavern wall, the retelling of experiences and the present day study's, the data for astral travel is authentic.

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