Love, Career and Complete Life

     Love and career, is closely related to one's life in two important aspects. Love gives people a better life, career gives a bright future. If we compare life to fighting waves of navigation, then the cause is the only ship of love is a ship's sail, the two will work together to bring you into the cause of victory.

An ambitious and aspiring young people should be treated as the cause of the sustenance of life to the cause as the greatest pleasure in life. Only link with the cause of love can shine with dazzling brilliance. The true meaning of love is not a long board to board is drawing near, sigh, never walk in the woods is both a romantic way. More importantly, the common ideals, common cause on the road hand in hand. Only the establishment of career in love is strong.

True love is forging ahead . Only when a love can make people feel more enthusiasm into his work and study, he will feel love, happiness. Moreover, the "first love" will lead to life Trek, love is an important part of life, but not all. The saying goes, well, "a love of life is happiness, for love to life is dangerous." If love is a flower, it only take root in the fertile soil in order to actually cause with an open, vibrant. If the love above all else, that will not only destroy love, and very easy to ruin lives and careers. Known as the "father of Russian literature," the great poet Pushkin, Moscow is in pursuit of first lady Nataliya, the final duel with a nobleman and shotgun wound to destroy a brilliant career and life. True love is the ability to evoke both the horn and drums charge attack can be condensed into overcoming the difficulties of the infinite life force.

Finally, I would say that each of us young people in love should be the full cause a rush to go to the battlefield, do not for a moment of romantic and confusing, what is romance, romance is slowly waste of time. We all should recognize that love can only be subordinate to the cause. Love and business ... ... What would you choose?

Do you think love has a stable future, will have a brilliant career, or have a brilliant career, the only love at all? If you give love, to pursue the cause, or should you give up the cause, maintain love, what would you give up? You may choose to build your feats, and give up all, or choose the only true love in life?

Some people say, this world, no more than fame and more importantly, Ren live in this world, in order to leave a glorious name, even asked to abandon everything to achieve the purpose , what love, affection in his eyes only blast from the past , can be indifferent!

Some people say that this world, affection, perception is the most important, only those successful people with happy families, they are the successful people and, instead, that the pursuit of material desires, chasing fame and fortune are normally lost its way , the greater right, the greater the greed, the last person in the chase at the top of the process, not a feeling, affection, love, going on to the abyss of evil!

Of course, everyone has their attitude towards life, we do not know the side right or wrong, but everyone will have their choice, if the most critical moments in your life, to give you the same, how would you choose? I believe the two can be reconciled.

Slight sacrifice in one area, so the two balance, is a successful person should have. Lack of success which is not complete and incomplete life. In reality, there are many such examples, but I do not think they are successful people: to give up true love is selfish, the end result is empty; to give up the cause, if from no contribution, in addition to love, nothing, that the final The result is two people to run around for survival, should be less romantic and sweet love addition, you have the heart to let her and you suffer it? Therefore, we should be more mature and wise, should be cause to win (no matter how successful, only to achieve self-enhancement) and the guardian should be with love (need not be the best, but it must be the most appropriate ) This is a complete life ...

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