Linux Web Site Hosting Compared With Other Hosting Options

     "It has been a trend for businessmen these days to create and maintain their own website for a range of sales and marketing benefits. The problem though is when they need to make decisions that can either make or break their chances of enjoying such benefits. A choice between a shared and dedicated web hosting is one of those tough decisions to make.

Shared hosting invovles maintaining a website with minimal to zero expenses. With this kind of hosting, the website is hosted by an external server which can only be manipulated by the owner of the server. This server is also shared with other business sites under a shared hosting plan. However, as one looks closer, it is clear that security is the main issue with shared hosting plans. Because business is going on behind that website, it is expected that vital information will be entered through it such as the business owner's clients' credit card information. The risk of hacking, credit card fraud are just a few of the risks invovled in this kind of hosting.

Web hosting is essential but sometimes a taken for granted aspect of running an internet company. Numerous site owners are aware of the fact that they need a web hosting company for their site to be seen online. But some aren’t aware of an important fact that not all web hosting packages are made equally, in terms of quality and security, that is. Some will do with free hosting; a few will have their own dedicated servers while others will use a shared hosting plan. But some may not be aware of this but there is actually a web hosting plan which is in between shared plan and dedicated plan – a hybrid hosting. Shared plans make use of a single server shared by many sites. A 4th web hosting option is with the use of a Linux VPS or Virtual Private Server. Up to now, this appears to be the best.

When you're on a free hosting plan, you can clearly save a lot of money but you will never be able to create a strong and well-known identity online as your site will be full of advertisements. Put simply, you cannot have full control of that space that is supposedly yours on the Internet and you can't even have a URL that is all yours as you will need to have your host's name on it as well. If you're on a dedicated server hosting plan, you will have all the control you need in hosting your site, but this is going to be a problem if your technical skills are limited. One more thing to think about if you decide to choose this kind of plan is the costs that you will be paying since this type of plan is very expensive. But if you have a really big business and using other options isn’t a good idea, then considering this might be an option.

The two web hosting plan, free and dedicated, are completely opposite. If you want to have more than a free hosting but less than a dedicated one, you can select a shared plan. This will give you more control over your site, although it will not be as much compared to a dedicated hosting. But the great thing about this is that you can have your own unique website url without having to put your host’s name. The problem with this kind of plan is that many will be sharing a single server. That means when that server encounters a technical problem, your site will get affected.

Your fourth alternative is using Linux VPS which is considered to be the most suitable web hosting choice for you. This plan will allow you to create your own virtual private server from a single physical server which may host other sites as well. Nevertheless, each site will get its own operating system and its own configuration capabilities without affecting each other. You can quickly liken this type of hosting to dedicated hosting, except that it costs so much less. Of course, when you have a large company, dedicated hosting is technically most suitable. But for small to medium scale businesses, VPS can efficiently provide for all hosting needs at a very affordable cost.

When you want an inexpensive web hosting that is also extremely efficient, Linux web hosting could be the answer."

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When you want cheap web hosting that is also highly efficient, Linux is the best web hosting that can help you in all your needs.

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