Learn the Steps on the Way to Draw the Eyes

     The most fascinating and also beautiful part of the human body to draw would be the eyes. The eyes display feelings that we try to hide. Many of us look into the eyes of someone to see if he/she is actually true. In fact it is through the eyes that we determine if the person is unhappy or even completely happy. In drawing the human eyes it is important to capture the actual feeling of the subject to make it appear real. The struggle is to discover the steps on the way to draw the eyes that could show the true feeling of the subject. This will likely require a great deal of patience so that you can make your drawing as real as you possibly can. Allow the emotion reveal throughout your drawing by simply learning the procedures on the best way to be able to draw the eyes.

Let's begin by getting our drawing things ready. Have your pencil and as well as your drawing paper/sketch pad handy then we're going to get going with our drawing the eyes journey.

The first thing when it comes to drawing the eyes is always to study the subject's eyes. Take a look at the details of the eyes, the shape and observe the exact emotion of the person to capture it into your sketch pad.

At that point, after capturing the shape and emotion of the eyes, on your sketch pad create a light contour of the face with the eyes within it. Outline eyes simply by sketching two oval shapes or spherical shape all the way through the upper centre of the face, based on your subject's eyes, with a space in between (for your nose).

Immediately after you draw the structure of the eye, make 3 light outline circles within the contour of the eye for the purpose of the highlight of the eye. Do not forget to also incorporate a small triangular tear duct within the inner edge of the eye.

Begin then to sketching the eyebrows over the upper portion of your outline eye shape. You may use a single stroke when sketching the eyebrows until it thickens with reference to your subject.

Finally, you could start shading the pupil, the inner centre circle. Shade it as darker as it must to make it look realistic. Right after doing so, lightly shade the eyelids and the surrounding areas.

Begin the process of sketching the eyelashes the moment you are done shading the required parts of the eye that needs shading. Lashes are not all the same, to be able to come up with a real looking eye look at the subject and draw the lashes according to its curves and also thickness. Take into account that eyelashes on the upper eyelid tend to be longer and thicker whilst the eyelashes found at the lower eyelid tend to be shorter and also thinner.

As a final point perform the final touch to your drawing by adding details that will highlight the personality of the subject. Erase unwanted marks as well as traces immediately after doing the final touch.

The crucial approach in making the eyes appear real will be to understand the details of the subject by just paying attention to it and draw it correctly. It is somehow complicated to draw the eyes because we all have a unique pair of eyes. Emotions could as well impact your drawing. For this reason you must be keen to each details in which you will see while drawing the eyes.

Drawing requires a great deal of training for you to be able to obtain a real looking outcome. And so have a spare pencil and sketch pad ready to get more training. Study the ways concerning how to draw the eyes is going to assist you with your drawing training. Enjoy yourself drawing.

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